Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Myth of Osiris

I submit that the myth of Osiris is the tale of an ancient body of knowledge, one that united religion and science. In the mind of modern man science is over there and religion is a far-away something else, but that was not the case long ago.

It is understood that the equator of a rotating body has slightly less gravity than the norm but what lies beyond, as a next step in logical reasoning is not considered: this lesser amount than normal becomes an entity unto itself and to neglect the concept is equivalent to saying that negative numbers do not exist.

Each planet in our solar system transmits this phenomenon outward to all other rotating bodies in proximity. It becomes a ripple or weakness in the fabric of space/time. Even while this is an aspect of science that can be verified by measurements upon our own planet I have met with much resistance because along these geographic lines there are evidences that connect to religious incidents of the past. I personally answer the problem by saying that , from a place of weakness in our own four-dimensional world, can come an ability to bridge the gap and reach the higher orders of energy (or dark matter) using certain prayers, rites and rituals, in effect, to slightly influence the creation of matter from dark matter in ways advantageous to the seeker. Taking the simplified tribal view, yes, there are such places as sacred sites.

Anywhere along the two lines I mention there can be simple gravity measurements taken and in sophisticated computer labs the study can be computerized, perhaps leading to another branch of mathematics, but before anyone goes there I'd like to make public what I know and offer a rougher but simpler test.

The first curve to mention begins at the Giza Plateau in Egypt. The peaks of the three main pyramids form an arc of a golden-mean spiral. This line of a lesser-than-normal gravity caused the area to become a plateau. Because Cairo, in the ancient tongue of the area, means Mars, my attention is drawn to this planet. While the red planet is of a desert it seems right to think that it's transmitted influences upon another body would help to create desert climates. The hot and dry winds that sometimes blow up from the south and into Cairo are called Chamsin When they come in it is with ions in the air. This atmosphere can set many people's teeth on edge and can cause aberrant behavior. I know these winds as Sharav. While living on the Golan Heights our kibbutz used to experience them once in a while as they blew in from where this same line comes down through the land between the rivers, Tigris and Euphrates. Remember, Mars is the god of war. Connected to the bothersome nature of these times of the year is how, during the Turkish rule, certain punishments for crimes were relaxed somewhat if the infractions took place during a time of these hot, dry winds. Read the story of David's adultery and you'll see that he, first of all, neglected his kingly duties in not going off to war, and if you understand that it happened during a time of a Sharav perhaps you'll get a more complete picture than the standard biblical tale gives.

The golden-mean spiral begun at Giza traces out for a long distance; I could speculate about a translation to the fifth dimension but I really don't know why these lines take on the pattern that they do upon arrival on the earth. And this will seem strange to many: from their reference points the lines see themselves as straight and the curvature of the planet below as flat. This could be why some people still believe the earth to be flat. If a mind connection to any of these lines is achieved the person connecting could come to think this way.

As a next step in investigation I ask any and all people with the means to either verify or refute this hypothesis. The test requires a low-powered laser set to emit the pattern of a golden-mean spiral, and a large globe of the earth, the bigger the better. Aim the spiral at the globe and by turning, twisting, varying the distance and angle, see if you can get these following sites to line up: Ancient Babylon (with its gravity-defeating hanging gardens) the land between the rivers (where Nimrod built his tower) Mt. Ararat (where Noah's craft alit) the island of Santorini, aka Thera (that blew up during – I'm sure – the time of the Hebrew's exodus from Egypt) the area of Arcadia, over the sea to the peninsula near to the site of ancient Carthage (helped to form by the influences of lesser than normal gravity). Then the line bends toward the east and goes over a small mountain in NW Saudi Arabia, just after crossing the Red Sea. This mountain has landmarks nearby that connect to the biblical Mt. Horeb; on top, the rocks are burned black, mindful of the tale of the burning bush. From there it may go through the environs of St. Catherine's Monastery, where tradition says Moses went up to get the law, but actually, if you read your bible closely you'll see that he had to go up twice, the first set having been destroyed after the golden calf incident. On the way to Giza it looks like the line also passes over much of the northern coast of Egypt. And the closer it gets to the plateau of the three pyramids, look for temples along the way.

Appropriately enough, the second line I wish to point out begins at or near to Corkscrew, Florida. The Keys are an evidence of the lesser amount of gravity aiding in their formation. They are not perfectly on a golden-mean spiral due to local tides and currents influencing their placements. From the outside in start at Yellowstone National park. From there the line goes to the south and barely touches the headwaters of the Gulf of California; then it turns eastward to the monuments near to Mexico City; from that point the line transects at least more than one step pyramid as it turns northward to go through the Bermuda Triangle.

In this instance I believe we are looking at the influences of Jupiter. This planet presents a picture of a huge ball of swamp gas and it seems logical to think that it could affect the surface of the earth in a way mirroring that attribute. Such is the current paradigm that the majority of people can't see this as a physical something at the same time that its being there has an effect upon the human mind. Remember that little fellow that erected Coral Castle by himself (?) somehow cutting out and moving huge blocks with no special tools? Quite possibly he achieved a mind resonance with the power of the Florida line. And if you make a clear template of the Giza Plateau, showing the relationship of the sphinx to the line, when you overlay this template on the Corkscrew line in Florida you'll be able to see where the giant sphinx of Atlantis was. In the halfway state between awake and asleep, I had a vision of it one night. It was so large, between its front paws was a harbor that could be occupied by many sailing craft. I believe it to be between 300 and 600 feet under the modern surface.

But Šēṯ (read Seth, the son of Adam, the father of Gnosis, the founder of Sodom and Gomorrah—according to many Gnostics) cut up the body of Osiris and spread its parts over the face of the earth. So today, in each a small way, the Baptists and the Chemists are right; the Astronomers and the Hindus are correct too; each may have a tree of the Garden of Eden but the forest has been lost.

Once in a while, over more than six decades, I would hear someone say that humanity needs a new paradigm. This theory may bring light to many but it is not new. "There is nothing new under the sun."


The reason why the sun has not burned out, with the amount of hydrogen available for its usage, is because it is ever in the process of gathering in new fuel, courtesy of the stray quarks of dark matter coming together to form matter (as hydrogen) in our four-dimensional world.

The reason why not enough mass has been found to reverse the red shift of light coming from the outermost stars (and begin a long period of collapse) is because this mass has not been created yet.

The reason why 19.47 degrees repeats as an anomaly in a few places of our solar system is because it is the angle of refraction between the higher and lower orders of energy. We can see this angle's manifestation at the sunspots, the Hawaiian Volcano, Olympus Mons on Mars, and at the spots on Jupiter and Neptune. The dimensions of dark matter are rarefied, like air, while our world is made of thicker stuff, comparable to water. When you see a fish in water it is not where your eyes tell you, but is offset by a representation of this phenomenon of refraction.

A Transposition of Einstein's most famous formula, in this case written as E over C squared equals M, shows the relationship pertaining to the creation of mass from the coalescing, super-energized quarks of dark matter. In their realm these disconnected quarks travel faster than the speed of light, but when they organize to become quanta packets they become subject to the laws of light. Quanta packets are actually a half-way house or membrane between the higher dimensions and our world. Without resurrecting parts of the old aether theory we are left without a medium for the transfer of wave energies. In truth, the dark matter is the aether and the aether is the dark matter.

The reason why an individual electron cannot be detected as it flows from atom to atom in a conductor is because it explodes and returns to its previous state as a cloud of super-energized quarks, leaving our four-dimensional world for the barest of instants before coming together once again at the valence orbit of the next atom away from the electromotive force.

The universe is redundant: see an atom and the resemblance to a solar system; imagine a set of building block parameters that finds equivalent expressions in micro, in medium grades of expression and in macro—all based upon the same core principles.

The string theory that accounts for twenty-six dimensions is correct. The rabbis who say that the creation is an ongoing process are also right.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cycles and Personal Resonance

The end is the beginning is the beginning is the end: A millionth of a second after the big bang there is no matter at all, in the millionth of a second before the big bang all is held in mass. In connection to this recurring cycle we may read a variation of the first sentence of the Bible as, "In the bad fire station were created first the gods, second the heavens, and third the earth." These Kabbalistic alternate understandings can come about since the original Hebrew has no spaces between the words and no vowels; these only are added by the reader in accordance with how the overall meaning can make sense. Yet there may come other ways of translation that can merit consideration.

Extreme errors in understanding can result because the common mind wants answers that are simple, but in actuality the universe is not as easy as desired by humanity; and in this desire for simplicity a departure is achieved, one not in tune with the reality of God. From the micro of quarks and quanta packets and from medium grades of resonance (such as the vibes and frequencies of mankind) to the macro rules and universal laws of math that connect to the behavior of the stars, there is nothing that is disconnected from all else. In Kabbalah it says that the creator broke the vessels that held the light. This is related to the big bang, but it can also have meaning for our own lives: Like Abraham in breaking his father's idols, in our own lives sometimes we must destroy all previously held beliefs in order to be reborn (that is to say, if we aren't satisfied with how we have been fitting in the sociological systems of man as they are). We might also look to the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest. At least one time in their lives they were required to give everything they had away. This is termed "Potlatch" and after doing so the man would be allowed to wear a special headdress and for more than one time identifying attachments were added.

In the examination of the standard translation of the first sentence, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth," we may also take note that for the word God "Elohim" is used. El is the term for god—with a small g—while the eem sound at the end makes for a plural-male meaning. This is why the alternate can be said as gods; and then after that the sequence tells of the heavens, and then the earth. But in truth there are actually four levels. Directly after the big bang there are only the twenty-two dimensions of super-energized quarks. In the past these have been termed "The Aether" but lately have been named Dark Matter. This is the uppermost level and is related to the use of the word for gods in the first sentence. Then come the heavens; this is the realm of all forms of light. Since there are twenty-two kinds of stray quarks, it so follows that the two quanta packet patterns are built of the ten, for the representation of the female principle, and the twelve quarks for that of the male. The understanding of the twelve quark pattern was lost, but the ten can be found in the essair speroat, the ten spheres of Kabbalah (also called the tree of life). Resonance finds male and female in that, first, the male has six spheres to one side and six to the other. It represents the all because there are six macro-ages in the expansion of the stars followed by six ages of collapse toward another big bang. These two sides are in vibratory resonance with the testicles of the male, and since the totality is accounted for we should understand this as a statement of neutrality; there are no more than twelve possible quarks to be found. In the act of creation from quarks to quanta packets the action becomes possible only after certain quarks have lost enough energy to be able to bind together to make quanta packets; and the same follows for matter creation from the quanta packets to mass. When enough energy is lost the patterns of ten and twelve begin to organize themselves: Without knowing how many are required I can still say that when the majority of them are of the pattern of the twelve and the neutral ten, a neutron will be the result. The pattern of the ten is two quarks short and as such can be charged positive, negative, or neutral. So if the majority of the organizing quanta packets are of the positive ten then a proton will be made and if they are of a majority of the negative ten an electron will be the result. Here we may look at the ancient positive-male-light and negative-female-darkness principles. The genitalia of the male is out in the open and therefore in light while that of the female is either on the surface or within, held in darkness. The pattern of the ten is that of an exposed woman: The center line begins at the top with clitoris and then goes downward to urethra, vulva, and then anus—while the three spheres left and right are resonant to the nerve packages of the labia in a female.

From the big bang onward this method of matter creation has been taking place. It will continue until the requisite amount of mass is available to stop the outward expansion of the stars and begin a long period of collapse toward another big bang. At this point in our observations not enough matter has been found to bring about the reversal (only a small percentage, in fact), but this is due to our being so early in this system.

On to something of our own resonances: When Jacob took a nap with his head upon a stone he saw what has been recorded as a ladder with angels ascending and descending to and from the heavens. This was a vision of the fourth creation, that of life. What he saw was a DNA molecule with the powers of the upper dimensions constantly tuning it. I submit that the life molecule is a parasite in a way: Without the assistance of the higher energies the life molecule would merely fizzle out. Now consider that this has a reference to the macro since without being constantly refreshed by the addition of newly created hydrogen our own sun would have exhausted its resources long ago.

All ancient monuments and temple buildings were designed to capture the most positive aspects of this transition from quarks to matter in the same way that the life molecule sparkled in the mind of Jacob. In knowing how everything reflects to everything else, micro and macro become one; the laws of vibratory resonance become applicable across the board.

Even as we have normal connections to the energies that tune our own DNA, we are not satisfied with a "natural" life-span of thirty or forty years. So from the earliest times of the primitives such things as dentistry were invented; we decided that living in a very restricted belt of savanna (as this was the only habitat that suited our fragile physical nature) was not desirable. So the created among us found fire, and began to wear clothing. It becomes confusing because on the one hand were the extremes of the created beings, while on the other was the body of the ancient ones, "the black-headed" or "black-footed ones," that were the creator beings. They practiced non-interference; for the most part, taboos were invented to minimize the mixing of the two main parts, i.e., "If you sail too far to the west, you'll fall off of the edge of the world."

In the overall aggregate you should see the period of time from the first arrival of the ancients (millions of years ago) until now as a long descent. They were at their absolute peak as they traveled here in a hollowed-out (perhaps) moon-sized space ship. Their levels of life technologies were fantastic.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Stay Where You Are and Grow

Transcendence is a word that invokes images of a rising above, passing the confines of the imprisoning nature of this reality. And we have no way of knowing if anyone has achieved anything approaching the desired end. Calling attention to Ken Kesey—the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest—his "Merry Pranksters" espoused the goal of Transcending the Bullshit, but in realizing that Kesey was a Taurus, we might speculate that his group was held together by the bullshit (and with the hindsight of time, we can say with certainty that none of them transcended anything). In my book I wrote about craziness substituting for transcendence; this travesty is still in evidence in the meetings of the evangelicals, but it attaches back to the primitive, tribal mind that tended to see mentally ill people as having a spirit of God. But how do I know? I'm going to play with the other side of the coin for a moment and speculate that (perhaps) the key to rising above this imprisoning, four-dimensional reality may indeed have something to do with a form of temporary insanity. This specialized path out of the norm is where normal human filters required to keep back all of the masses of vibrations and frequencies of the normal all of the universe are not there. The totality slams the victim at all times in a continuous "Satori" that the subject has no control over. As for the rest of us, over time we learn which of the doorways of our mind we can leave open, which are opened or closed upon receipt of key inputs, and those that we dare not open at all. But we should realize that there are categories of mental illness that are deficient in this ability and upon communicating with these people one may find out later that they weren't really blathering nonsense but were, in fact, talking about something else—something that our own internal restrictions forbade us to see at first. The mere form of our organization puts us in touch with segments of reality as it is—whether of the higher twenty-two or of the lower four dimensions—and thus, renders inoperative any ability to transcend for our very definitions stick us and hold us, right here.

In the Eastern religions a state of non-being is sought. But while I can see this as a vacation from the ties of this physical realm, any positive result is only a temporary gain. Also, those of the East are adept at physical control. But what good is it to them or anyone else? Are they able to extend their lives? Can they become wealthy?

In the examination of the past and the foreign elements I come back to a lack of positives; instead of any good to be found, there is only an absence of the negative, as if you are allowed a short period of time wherein the creation isn't stepping on your toes but when you come down to earth tomorrow you'll find that giant ogre squashing your tootsies again. Certainly peyote is like this, and the effects of opium and marijuana follow the same pattern. I arrived in Hawaii, fresh from Navy Radio School, in late '65. The service offered tuition assistance so I took my first night class at the university in early '66. It was Intro to Psychology and the professor was a PhD Clinical Psychologist; I thought the most interesting subject he got into was when he roamed a little off course and started talking about the experiments he was conducting with LSD-25. His theory was that most of his patients did not know there was anything wrong with them; they were in a groove, a routine of behavior that—no matter how strange to anyone else—they were used to, but when you slipped them a couple doses of acid suddenly everything became weird in an entirely different way, one they were not used to and one they were not in control of. He thought that this may give the patient the idea that there was, indeed, something wrong. Okay that's a specific category, but  I can just as easily extrapolate that outward to what was happening to the American society at large if I include all the ones who took hallucinogens during the '60s and '70s and came away with a feeling that something may be wrong with their previous mental organizational behavior. LSD-25 was a game changer; it threw many doors of perception open, it affected the area of the brain that has to do with DTs in chronic alcoholics, and it opened up the mind to the feelings of religion associated with the "God-brain." And, it also scared the crap out of a lot of my generation, "The Baby Boomers." But, no matter how proponents such as Dr. Timothy Leary presented it, the stuff did not cause a transcendence to occur.

My childish patience is worn out; I am tired of this quest that only results in what is not. Yet this past of non-positive outcomes has still provided a good result of sorts: One of the character traits that comes to us as refined and educated adults is that of being able to know when to change course. Or to lessen the force of an aggressive attack toward a desired goal, and to take what the defense gives us instead of attempting to knock down an immovable object in an act of sheer stubbornness. And those of us reasonable in our observances of life have learned that many—including us—have often been foolish in seeking after ends that were the wrong things to want. Better we should back up and punt; there are ends that are flat-out unattainable, the wrong things to want, and it looks to me like transcendence is one of them.

There is no shame in reassessment, especially when the efforts toward a desired goal have not produced any result that—when reasonably examined—have ended in smoking-gun, irrefutable finality that cannot be effectively argued against. The childish pride and arrogance we carry is the enemy. It'll try to get us to go down the same useless paths: Sure, where all of the sages of the past have failed I am actually more endowed with the necessary make-up than them. Right, you idiot; about all you'll do is lie to yourself until you convince yourself of your own lies. But for those of more intellect than pride, there is an answer of sorts. The suggestion is in my book: Instead of seeking after the good, it is a plan of action built around the elimination of the bad possibilities, and if perchance this system results in some kind of a transcendent framework for the seeker to dwell in then the applier should rejoice, even as that benefit was not really intended.

Seek the removal of wrongs, for the evidences of past successes—in terms of sages and adepts achieving a higher plane of rightness—are subject to systems of enforced belief administered by more powerful humans over the weaker elements. If they're repeated often enough a person can believe anything, especially if the programming is accompanied by painful indoctrination. But no matter what any being says, the reality of this world is God, and God is not a liar.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Some Rarely Acknowledged Variations

"In the small number of things we are able to know with any certainty. . . the principal means of ascertaining truth are based on probabilities." Pierre Simon de Laplace

Steve Quayle shows photos of alien-appearing remains with elongated heads; no one of any standing in the academic world voices an opinion, even though Pericles of Athens had the same sort of skull (he wore a helmet over the back of his head to cover his deformation). In his book The Third Eye T. Lobsang Rampa speaks of his initiation involving the revealing of dead giants, but not one word of refutation is presented as coming from any renowned archeologist. However, there are many people of science that disagree with the 9/11 Commission report's findings even as the government organs remain mum. And there are other people that refer to the most ancient artifacts recovered from the gold mines of California; these items indicate that there were advanced technologies in use, of a far greater antiquity than any authority will admit. Further, in the very few cases where statements have come down from the ivory towers on high they all have an atmosphere of stonewalling. In this category are all of the assassinations of the '60s and '70s: the official positions concerning the murder of JFK are something more than ridiculous, going instead to full-blown outrageous. Then, in the face of the mathematic interconnections displayed by the Monuments of Mars at Cydonia the position of NASA is untenable. In the case of each of these lies spewing like vomit from those drunk with arrogance there ought to be pickets stationed outside of their offices with but two words on their signs: "Stop Lying."

As I have stated in other places, there are no evidences connecting flying saucers to other dimensions or galaxies; but there are evidences showing a program in effect and used by NAZI Germany to build them. It makes sense to think that the angels seen at Mons in Belgium during the battle of August of '14 as being an early form of a hologram; ditto, that of the vision of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal in '17.

What makes all of this lying bullshit possible is the age of Jesus with his program of belief. The shadow government and the secret societies at the top are strictly amoral, they have no belief structure at all, this, at the same time that all those below are encouraged to seek the happy place, a fantasy land where God is all good. In this system of perversion truth, reality and God do not have any fixed meanings, the adherents of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are professed monotheists but in saying, "Behold, the man is become as one of us" the god of the bible disagrees; and in the first sentence of the Torah the word for god is stated in the plural, eem, signifying more than one. With all of this discombooberated nonsense in our faces the only ones who can lead are the ones who are dictatorial and brutal enough to force people to go against their own sense of decision making and be dependent upon the top dog in the animal network to tell them what to believe from moment to moment. Everything depends on who is beating on you (physically, mentally, or spiritually). If you are being bribed or blackmailed, the reality of God means nothing. In the words of Dustin Hoffman in The Marathon Man, "No, it's not safe. . . . It's safe; boy is it safe." Yet in a gentler, more pervasive, way it can be the threat of being blacklisted; your daughter may be able to get entrance to the university you have wanted for her; you could be banned from the country club you once belonged to, your wife may be turned into a drug addict, or your son may get a role in a film. The controllers are very expert at turning someone into a laughing stock or lauding him in the whore outlets of their media.

Look up Smedley Butler; check out how many times Barry Soetoro has lied; research how G. H. W. Bush's father was conducting business deals with the German state in the middle of WWII; look at the meeting at the Clint Murchison house held in Dallas on the night before John Kennedy was killed, and check statements made by one of the household maids along with that coming from LBJ's mistress; know that "In Hoc Signo Vinces" was made possible by the use of an advanced, for its time, technology; see PDD-51 as written by George W. Bush. Is it so far-fetched to think of Lyndon Johnson as being behind the murder of his own sister? It goes on and on: tons of drugs were brought into Arkansas while Bill Clinton was the Governor; and the ghost of Vince Foster still cries out. Who remembers? And who will test the DNA of the former president to either verify or refute any connections to Arkansas former Governor, Winthrop Rockefeller? And, in the midst of all of this rottenness, Laura Eisenhower is ridiculed for speaking about the colonies of Mars.

Just in time for the rubes to forget the last manufactured fear a new one is invented. We've gone through scores of them since the end of the great war, from "Duck and Cover" to Ebola. The ancient Gnostics and the followers of Islam agree: forgetfulness is a huge problem for mankind. The accursed methods of rule will step in with a new fad, a new fear/fashion before the average person has the time to connect this dot with the last one. Race divisions are a great tool for the monsters: when a white policeman kills a highly suspect criminal black man, the whore-media swings into full, overblown reaction, but when black violence happens to whites there is almost no coverage at all (in spite of the fact that the occurrences are far more in number). This is an example of roiling up the masses and making the less mentally capable among the majority take a stand when none should be taken at all. No matter which side you fall on, you lose in the face of the evil of the leaders and authorities, and especially as they are controlled by the money powers and shadow government of the secret societies. There is no left/right, Republican/Democrat, or Conservative/Liberal; it's all staged and acted out.

It was a hired and paid agent who fired the first shots at Kent State. He did this so as to get the ball rolling. Also, by the bizarre occurrences taking place at election times it seems perfectly reasonable to think that the process is moved by strategically rigged computerized voting machines; just enough of them are in place to swing elections. As in the case of Genetically Modified Foods, you have no say at all. And, as I have said before, the "Anarchists" at demonstrations are paid provocateurs.

But, all of what I am writing about, while pointing to the fallacies of the human organization—historically, and how it continues to be today—still has not touched upon the prime directive. It is true that almost everything here is false, but, "If you don't believe it, I'll beat it into you"; "Because I say so"; "What will people think"; "Might makes right"; "If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow." Animals have peer pressure; animals are born—people are born; animals learn enough for them to get along—people learn enough for them to get along; animals mate and have offspring—people mate and have offspring. For most humans, life is carried out in the trap of a squirrel cage. Without the abandonment of his wife and children we would have never heard of Siddhartha, the first Buddha. We can rise to the next level only if we can find the balance between the fecund and the sublime, between the material and the spiritual… And stop lying.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sensing Through Inference

We could learn from the mental processes that have come to accept the existence of dark matter as a probable fact. Not that they are irrefutable, rock-hard evidences; the best that can be achieved are strong, circumstantial evidences that it is there, and coupled with that is a lack of viable alternatives. Again, I come back to the argument for the Aether as being the medium by which all wave energies propagate throughout the universe, and that the Aether is the dark matter. This fits well in my view.

But this methodology needs to be extended and applied to other areas. One of the beginning points is in the old saying, "If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, and it looks like a duck, then the chances are pretty good that it's a duck." So, unless otherwise proven, we need to take it for a duck.
In her works, Barbara Tuchman has shown herself to be a foremost historian. I ate up The Guns of August and Stillwell and the American Experience in China and will probably read them again as any opportunity allows me to do so. But if I have a disagreement, it is in the way in which she handled the subject matter in The March of Folly. Definitely this is a book that needed to be written; I know of no other researcher who tackled the idiotic blunders committed by the leaders in mankind's past. But in the conclusions and commentaries she comes to a statement that I find  rather childishly weak; one of, could they not see the error of their colossal mistakes? She is not alone. Far too many of us gaze in awe and wonder at the apparent flubs coming down from the top; it is one of the tactics that the sons of darkness use against us, and its systems remain workable because of the unwillingness to consider something of a circumstantial definition. Not in one place in her book does the writer speculate about secret societies, shadow governments, and (or) hidden cabals that can, and do, intentionally manipulate leaders and governments into no-win situations. The figureheads in the light are not without fault, that is to be sure, but the causes of such bizarre idiocy as Vietnam and the whacky behavior of the popes leading up to the Protestant Reformation could not have been made possible without the secret ones undermining the places of leadership from places of darkness. Connected to the statements concerning dark matter, this line of belief makes more sense; conversely, the alternative of a group of highly educated people causing the same sort of catastrophic flops over thousands of years makes no sense as a position to take.

In the Bible I'm sure there was much more behind Rehoboam's suicidal declaration. He knew that his father, Solomon, had overtaxed and overworked his people. This was a king, and possessed of the highest education that he could get for his time. Only if he were blackmailed or otherwise coerced would he have promised to make the burdens of his people even heavier. We can hop all about during the times of history: Harry Truman was a 33rd degree Freemason. For him to say that he didn't perceive how the CIA would become tyrannical and trample on the Constitution (years after he started its charter, much later when it was convenient to say so) should nauseate us. But, if he had been approached by a secret group, one that had—from the darkness—set him up as the Vice President, and one that had assassinated his predecessor so he could come into power—then it becomes logical to think that he was manipulated. And in an examination of Lyndon Johnson, if he participated in the conspiracy that killed John Kennedy, it follows that he could have been coerced by the threat of disclosure. If we consider this then it should come as no surprise that the military industrial complex was able to run wild in Vietnam. And the same goes for Nixon: if he was a participant in the Murchison house meeting in Dallas on the eve before JFK was murdered; the same group of people could have directed him as well. Further, Gerald Ford was (I believe) culpable in that he fudged some of the autopsy evidence but, by degrees, the situation had for the most part played itself out in Southeast Asia by the time he shut down that huge moneymaker. (Besides Ford becoming president, as another possible pay-off we have a minor lawyer, Arlen Specter, coming up with that weird and unbelievable "Single Bullet Theory" and then later becoming a United States Senator.)

We should thank the Freemasons for our American independence. Their organization clandestinely manipulated the powers of England, even going so far as to corrupt the king with their "Hell Fire Club." They are the ones who invented the term "United Nations," and they are foursquare behind the movement toward a "New World Order." They have no flags or country and have loyalty, first and most importantly, to their fellow members while having an agenda that probably stands apart from every country in the world. Besides France there could very well have been other governments that were sacrificed to their ideals.

I know that in America the masses tend to think of the leaders in unflattering terms. This is a trap; they need to get off of this perception of the higher levels of leaders and authorities as being somehow dumb or stupid. Those at the top are, in fact, brilliant; it's just that they are very adept at pretending to be dumb. In their education they learned how to be absolutely amoral in the pursuit of victory, and they learned how to be actors and actresses functioning in scripted roles, without once facing the fact that acting and lying are the same things. I guarantee that when any of them says that he doesn't know about something or that he doesn't understand something else, he is lying. The best course of action on our part is to believe that he knows and understands far more than you or I do. But it is precisely due to this continuation of theatrical duplicity that these people will, at times, step out of line and become prey to blackmail. It is part of the game that the power-brokers will only get behind a potential client if they can control him. This usually means some indiscretion in his past, something that the handler knows about but the wider public is unaware of.

As a power statement it still is effective to give the impression that "we" of the accepted higher level can do something, but you cannot. In the trial of Charles Manson, Vincent Bugliosi obtained a conviction based mostly upon circumstantial evidences. In effect, this is the same as saying that the prosecutor had a conspiracy that he was sure of. The spirit of evil will throw around the term "Conspiracy Theory" when it suits its purposes, but we must always remember that it is the establishment that stands to gain by keeping us away from the truth. Having no compunction standing in the way of lying as evinced by a modus operandi stretching back thousands of years, it is at them that we must aim the bullhorn and shout loudly, "Prove it!"

Thursday, November 13, 2014


A cornerstone must be put in place, the establishment of a paradigm that will serve the ages to come related to three attributes of God.

The first is built upon a postulated theory of six macro-ages in which the stars all expand outward after the big bang and six macro-ages of time that pass before the next big bang. (There is more said about this in my book.) Then, as all matter falls to the black hole of all black holes even light, frequencies, and vibrations are drawn in. Picture the last power standing: Just before it enters the ball of mass it says, "Let there be light."

We have no control concerning this; it is systemic, built-in, and so far removed from the human condition that "You can't get there from here" is the best way to understand it. Rites, rituals, and prayers do not reach it. It just is. And this carries over to the second definable trait that I wish to mention.

The examination of it is in how the invention goes on to dictate, require of, or otherwise control the inventor. Today computer technology is building a world of its own; and while we can say that the automobile serves mankind it is just as true to say that man serves the automobile. Take note of traffic-snarled cities plagued by gridlock and you are looking at created environment, a monster made by an invention. Then, in those cities witness all of the businesses that were put in place to serve the car.

As God creates, so too do we reach out to invent, albeit on a much smaller scale; so, in consideration of this fundamental behavior it should be understood that all of this four-dimensional reality we are in has to lead back to the one that brought it into being and thus, God is reality and reality is God. Further, directly related to this idea are all the basics of science: math, astronomy, etc. Pi, Epsilon, and Theta will always be there; no matter what a person believes, two plus two will always be equal to four.

Like the highest form of the creator, in causing the big bang this bedrock of scientific reality does not have flexibility. A dictatorial regime may torture you to the point where you can see variations, but that will only be irrational delusion. Our task is in acceptance, we must strive to be in harmony with these two manifestations of the Godhead. We get nowhere in going against these two precepts by inventing contrived notions of reality that do not fit with the proofs and evidences. Moving religion to a place disconnected from science is an act of lying.

And, lastly, the tertiary (third) attribute of God:

Many people have a spark of the divine within. But there is nothing uniform about the strength of this gift. The scribe could write that Adam was the first man and not be lying because the intent could have been to tell us that he was the first with a human soul. Souls are tiny sparks, and they can be seen as little seeds placed in our deepest recesses. Collectively those blessed/cursed with a small dose of a higher power can, and do, communicate with their like-fellows at all times, but this is especially true at night when sleep allows us to touch the higher worlds. Collectively souls are an essence of God. They form connections to the universal mind through the organization of their collective consciousnesses. I think that the mystics and alchemists of the Middle Ages referred to this system as "The Invisible College." It is in this area that mankind can have some positive changes brought about by methods of sending out calls to the higher orders; as the stray quarks in dark matter fall in energy value they first become quanta packets of light and they go on to organize tightly into protons, neutrons, and electrons. This is why there was a hydrogen generator aspect built into the pyramids of Giza. Hydrogen is the first element. This is what is created when quarks fall to become matter. From that the stars take over and by the pressures of gravity go on to make all of the other elements. Part of the Egyptian way of usage had to do with the sarcophagus. It was employed as a sensory deprivation tank. After three days or more in darkness the human body will send out calls as the pineal gland becomes activated. The frequencies and vibrations of the calls served to modulate the golden-mean spiral that passes through all three of the main pyramids. A radio works in the same way: a carrier wave is established; this is the frequency that is tuned to but mixed with it, or modulated atop, come the frequencies of voice and music, commonly termed audio. The information is in the modulator frequencies in the same way that the calls of the seeker in the sarcophagus attached themselves to the spiral. To the universe at large this is a language it can understand, and the fact that the golden-mean spiral is a line of lesser gravity means that there is a weakening in the fabric of space/time all along its course; this meant that the human calls could get through with more ease that anywhere else on the Earth's surface (except where there are other lines such as this).

If you wish to see proofs of the human spark, then visit an art museum or go to a symphony. Better yet, take a look at the evidences of ESP that crop up in people from time to time. The symbolic organization of human souls can be seen as branches of a huge, idealized weeping willow, while the trunk, figuratively, is the supreme being. This example comes from the animate world but there is also an illustration we can see in the inanimate by viewing what happens when raindrops fall near to a light. Our souls are akin to the raindrops and in our short little lives, like falling rain, some of us have larger raindrops, some have smaller ones, and some have no inner raindrop at all; some of us are close to the light and some are farther away, and some are too far away for the light to influence. We are not of the light but a raindrop can act as a prism, capturing light, and directing it to the most favorable place. In studying Kabbalah I came upon something that makes sense as according to what I have written above (paraphrasing): At the start the creator broke all the vessels that held the light (symbolic of the big bang) and the light went where it would; some souls have much, some have a little, and some have no light at all. The Talmud tells us that Abraham smashed all of his father idols before setting out on his quest. As we transition to a higher state of being, we may each be required to reenact this action, even if it is merely in a symbolic way.

And I must mention the way the Anasazi temple of Chaco Canyon was partially used: The people made pottery, ensconcing their individual calls within, and then they smashed them (probably at sunrise) on key days of the year so as to send out their calls. Hopi legends tell of a Golden Age. We won't know until we try.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Of the Chicken and the Egg

For the election year of 1972 I was able to get an absentee ballot because of my being in the Navy. I can't remember how I voted for the lesser offices; it was probably for the man and not the party though because at that time my focus had been on the race for the presidency. I had come to dislike the policies of Richard Nixon as much as those of his predecessor, but when I heard the views of George McGovern as an initial response I was shocked. As is the trouble with many Americans, we tend to let it go by when a spokesperson uses the words we, or us, when—in fact—we had nothing to do with it. As a beginning point we all need to realize this for a tactic designed to make us responsible for the blunders of the leadership. If we think in terms of we, then we will inadvertently take some responsibility for directions taken that are actually against our vested interests. As a serviceman in 1972 I was under the mistaken impression that I had a part in the federal government, so when the democratic nominee lambasted the direction that the Washington leadership had taken I took offense. At first I didn't know what to make of him: Here was a genuine hero, a pilot in the great war who did not just lean to the side of withdrawal from Vietnam but aggressively attacked the flawed reasoning that had put America in that mud-pit. After much consideration, however, I had to agree with his position; I voted for him and remain proud of the fact that even in the face of a vast majority I was able to choose the right man.

I start this essay by relating this incident since I see it as related, in a way, to the choice of the chicken or the egg. There are usually cloudy and smoky and gray areas that confront us when we have to make difficult decisions. The way the leadership of the sons of darkness have been able to win in these last (more than) six thousand years is to direct our mental processes to emotional areas; from there we can easily be jerked around. To the answer of chicken or egg, the answer is yes.

The creator endowed us with the powers of logical reasoning. To me these are sacrosanct and placed in a very high station, but without realizing it, there is a huge majority that is subliminally programmed to go along with what they are told and—thereby—go against their own vested interests. Their own proven systems of checking new data for flaws or proofs are subverted by emotional considerations. A good case in point is 9/11: "Oh no, I can't think that!" And, thus, we return to the choice of McGovern or Nixon. In large part, people that are the most susceptible to this manipulation are those that have a knee-jerk reaction of belief to anyone in authority. This is the basic step in the programming of the masses. Arthur C. Clarke introduced us to the insane computer, the HAL 9000, in 2001: A Space odyssey, but since it was a work of science fiction most people were entertained without their connecting the production to how the society of man is manipulated, directed and programmed by dark forces. No one wants to admit that he's been had, taken for a sucker. This is another one of the tools of the sons of darkness; that, and the feelings of shame attached to the telling of unpleasant truths, such as those stated by George McGovern.

Leading up to WW II, the dark powers were very successful in programming an entire nation: Germany. The country became so mentally ill they gave their military over to the control of a former corporal. But we must see that while this may be an extreme case, the string pulling and powers of influence by indoctrination and programming are just as forceful and powerful in the USA of the present time. We have a monopoly in that the reins of information dissemination are held by very few trusts; that hidden-in-darkness cabal decides what is fit for news and what is not, and the only difference between it and the controllers in Nazi Germany is that in America it can ignore you as long as you are marginalized, as long as you don't get a very large audience. But the end can be the same in that there are secret groups here that will MURDER you if you become too problematic for the leadership to put up with. Until then, we are put in our place by the tactic of arrogance. "They" exude confidence as they condescendingly behave toward us; this is in reference to our inner child as they take the role of the parent, and this is where the confidence game begins. Any of our positions may be ridiculed by name calling, talking down to us, shouting over us, and pooh-poohing. And one thing's for sure: They have us over a barrel because an open mind is not to be found with any of them and they have no problem with dishing out lie after lie until they get an inroad into our search for what is true, while they are only about winning at any cost. The reason Hitler was so successful is he was able to apply all of, and more of, these tactics of the sons of darkness; but if you have any closed areas of the mind then you won't be able to penetrate the game to the root cause. If you examine the traits of the Nazi leader, you may see bombastic arrogance with an absolute refusal to accept any responsibility. This spirit is never wrong. It is always about me, me, and me, and when things go bad it is your fault. Many promises are made; very few are kept. And sprinkled into all of this is a continuing series of threats.

To rise to the next level we shall have to disconnect all the memory modules of the biblical HAL 9000. (Hitler had the requisite stuff, the right stuff to play God.) Much of monotheism's success over the last six thousand years was due to its offering a sense of the erasure of responsibility for those adherents who could sublimate their own selves for the sake of continuing an interpersonal relationship attached to a religious template of behavior. It is much easier to surrender one's will, much simpler, and since one's confidence is lacking in this affair the drawing power is strong. (But by following in this path only the ones without a true soul are the beneficiaries. The rest of us, the ones who do have a spark of God get it shoved into the mud.)

According to the sons-of-darkness definition, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed due to their wickedness. This comes from the leadership that denies any sixth-sense power existing in man, the ones that are against the discovery of the light in any of us. Again, it is about responsibility. If the inner powers of man were acknowledged, then the lesser ones among us might realize that we have many psychic weapons and our interactions with one another pose risks of all sorts of maladies, accidents, or diseases being brought to bear. They can't handle the knowledge that they might do something terrible with their minds, so they flee to a childish fantasyland. If anything, I would like to establish a school of "The Alternates"; in this body we would take all of the generally held opinions about everything and examine them from different angles. For one: There is another explanation that can serve to shed light upon what happened at those twin cities near the Dead Sea. This interpretation begins with something that Stephen King wrote: He mentioned that full commercial airplane carriers do not crash. Conversely, however, if cancellations start coming in and a few of the passengers don't show up, that's when there may be a disaster on the way. Any reasonable person may consider a strong possibility of precognition at work here. But this will not occur to a conventional, closed-minded believer because, in his arrogance, he already has all the answers.

On to a point I wish to make, toward a consideration not yet mentioned, the attention of the reader is directed to the lowly cockroach. Exterminators know that when a colony is sprayed, even as they are dying the members will indulge in an orgy of sex. If we take into account a sixth sense of precognition in man we may see that there was a sizable part of the populations of Sodom and Gomorrah who knew a disaster was on the way. They didn't know what it was. Most of them moved away in the years leading up to the actual catastrophe, but the remainder indulged in acts of perversions and removed all barriers to aberrant behavior. We might view the evidences of corruption found in the ruins of Pompeii and wonder about the same sort of premonitions possibly leading to the eventual destructions. Then, when we review what certain psychics have written about the last days of Atlantis, this alternative explanation may also be considered. We are back to chicken or egg. I tend to think of the psychic answer as the most correct one. The sensitive among the people could not pin down what was coming, but they knew it would be terrible. So convention was cast aside and an atmosphere of eat-drink-and-be-merry became the norm.

Still though, a question must be asked: In the face of all the decadence of Las Vegas and Hollywood, has the God of the Bible taken a vacation rather than engage in any act of retribution? Or, have times changed to the point where this sort of behavior just doesn't matter anymore (that was then, this is now). Where responsibility is absent, dependence upon an expected reaction based upon a past experience produces no result at all. In short, while I'm sure that it did actually take place, the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah is a fear-mongering tactic, a parental fairy tale designed to manipulate us by instilling a chilling effect. The truth is that (as Zecharia Sitchin leads us to see) the ruling secret societies of Ur of the Chaldees decided to get rid of those two settlements, and Abraham was an agent in their service. The two men who visited him at his tent were there to check him out as to how he had been able to implement the Sefer Yetzirah program. They certainly were not angels.

In Inherit the Wind Spencer Tracy played the role of Clarence Darrow. He explained his views on religion by equating it to a pretty hobby-horse that he once desired as a child. His parents took note and actually bought it for him, but when he tried to ride it the thing fell apart, being held together with not much more than spit and polish. The bottom line is undependability and unreliability.

Again I turn to the unrecognized powers of humanity: In the cases where prayer, rites, rituals, and supplications work, it is not due to the reactions of the Godhead as is commonly understood; the truth is that these communications go outward to the rest of the human members in the universal mind and yet no credit is given to the collective consciousness of the body of man. In fact, in a horrible travesty the ones who have the greatest power to do the best are denigrated by the wicked and evil leadership from their powers of darkness.

As of this time the majority of humanity sees this as too difficult to grasp, that, in an overall unity, mankind rather influences reality as it goes along. The masses do not want to acknowledge the powers held my many of us for fear of the onus of responsibility.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Misplaced Veneration and Misunderstood Technologies

In terms of symbolism the figure of a Japanese pagoda communicates the same message, as do the slabs of stone above the King's Chamber at Giza.

Like a greenhouse a resonant pyramid will slow down some energies when they enter and trap them inside. This causes an echoing effect within the structure and this characteristic phenomenon can be used to create a ninth crystal of ice. In Pyramid Prophecies by Max Thoth (probably a pseudonym), the tale is told of a doctor diving in an area of the Bermuda Triangle. He claimed to have found a crystal ball in a capstone chamber of an underwater pyramid. It was about the size of a softball (give or take), it was very heavy and when held up to light, and countless different-size pyramids could be seen within it.

I am sure that the ball was made from powered glass and doped with a certain isotope of lead. There is a circumscribed human head within each pyramid; the crystal ball was melted within a chamber of the area known as the capstone. The statement is that of a light of an idea, such as which can be seen in cartoon characters above their heads. The ball was melted during the highest point of the sunspot cycle. The inner pyramids were caused by the energy echoing effect in the structure. One way to see this artifact is as a physical representative of the Greek letter omega; this ball is a statement of the last split-second before the big bang, when all is matter. It also resonates with the twelfth sphere (in the lattice structure of the twelve spheres that I have discovered) of Scorpio-Sol, the Sun, which presents itself to the universe as a body that is dying. The last split-second before the big bang is a time of complete and total fullness. The Scorpio can be (blah-blah-blah) full of it, so it is that the crystal ball cannot hold anything for long before transferring it. Returning to the doctor; he said that he used to pass the ball around at get-togethers but at one certain time a woman obviously felt a grand sense of relief after holding the ball while the next woman after taking it crumpled to the floor in agony. Later it was discovered that the first woman had terminal cancer.

Besides the suspected false name of the author, the story has a certain feel about it; not that it is apocryphal so much that it has a sense of a plant, a disinformational concoction. More likely is that the ball was discovered during a super-secret operation involving a deep-diving submarine, and that the occult agency that performed the operation wished to go to a "Limited Hang Out Route," releasing just enough information to add to the quandary that is always being spread so as to keep the common folk in a state of question marks, a place where the elite inner core of secret societies can manipulate them. The liars at the top will often forge or fake a document or book and while the medium is false, the brunt of the information contained within will be largely true. From what I already know the description of the internal pyramids, the heaviness and the ability for the ball to pass on attributes or transfer them fits perfectly with the opposite of the Alpha in this arrangement.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Two Witnesses

Morning, Bill. You want to hear something off the wall?

Well why not. You're pretty off the wall anyway.

Nostradamus used the name Mabus in a few of his quatrains. Many folks have interpreted it as the name of the, so-called, third antichrist. Well, Ray Mabus is the Secretary of The Navy. Of course now that we know of one with the name, nothing will happen with him or anyone else even close to the same name.

Yeah. And blah, blah, blah; we're supposed to be in the rein of the last pope too, according to some monk named Malachi. So, it's 2014; wasn't WW III supposed to start sometime in the late '90s? Yeah, it's all  that "Boy who cried wolf" stuff, fear programming.

And then there was Y2K. That was a big whoop-dee-do nothing.

I'll say. I do think there is a matrix of man, but it's all so connected to the wrong. There was that "Harmonic Convergence thing in the late '80s that came to nothing again. Anyhow, this matrix thing is managed from the top. Whenever you see those people wearing masks at demonstrations they are not anarchists. Those are paid provocateurs. They are there to cause as much violence as they can. That way the police will have an excuse to use the nightstick, and the viewer of television will see the otherwise peaceful demonstrators as a mob bent on destruction.

Now I got another: What about the tabloids? They are owned by some of the secret societies, lodges, very wealthy elite, and intelligence-gathering organs. And get this: They do not make money; there is no profit to be made and even though they lose money still, in a capitalist society they remain on the shelves. The reasons being, they spread disinformation, they can provide a place for secret codes, and they can also be a threat to anyone in the limelight: Either you play by our rules or you'll get exposed.

I'm thinking of how everything gets twisted, perverted, or corrupted by the authorities: The true meaning of the "Occupy Movement" could be found in South America. Originally it was about laid-off factory workers taking over their old plant and running it, effectively and for a profit, with no management. Definitely the elite can't abide by anything thought up by commoners so they perverted the meaning and corrupted it into The Occupy Wall Street Movement, with no goals and no achievable ends in sight. They are experts at mass manipulation; over time they knew that the thing would lose steam.

We can't ignore the big dog in all of this. What about all the hoopla that was made over 12/21/2012? Dude! I was hoping and praying for something to actually happen – anything to overturn this mess. Hey, honey, how about a refill? Thanks.

It makes sense to think that the reason Joe Stalin blew up the Tsar's oil fields in 1905 was because he was ordered to do it by the big powers, such as John D. Rockefeller. And, referring back to how they always ruin any movement of the people: It was Charles Manson's job to destroy the Hippie Movement, and he did real well. And the street revolution in St. Petersburg in March of 1917 was genuine, so to nip it in the bud they called on Lenin to ride the train. He could be handled.
Hey man, did you ever notice how a great prognosticator comes into the limelight(?): There will be many who build him up; they'll cite the instances of the past where he was spot-on. Okay, so you start paying attention to him and what he is saying about the future only to find out over time that nothing the fraud has said has come to pass.

The Zippo lighter company.

What's that got to do with anything?

Yeah; I just remembered that my dad had an old Zippo lighter. Supposedly they had a lifetime guarantee so he sent in the one he had from way back because it had a broken wheel or something. He sent it in; they sent him back a new lighter. And the reason I bring this up is because it's an example of a very rare instance of something working "as advertised." It is extremely difficult today to find something that is not a fake, fraud, or counterfeit in some way.

This is not new, though: You should realize that lying is the mainstay of civilization. Without it there would be no entertainment, politics, economics, or religion. Remember all the stories of youth? The truth is that the Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy are still with us in many different guises. Really, when I think about it I can't find much of anything that is not lying.

Now you hit the nail on the head. This is why I want the Book of Revelation to play out. But this is part of what I mean by this screwed-up matrix we labor against: When you want something really bad, you'll never get it. And here's another sort-of "Murphy's Law" to consider: No matter what is said about the future, most of the time if you have heard and considered it then it will never happen. It's like quantum mechanics: The mere act of observance will cause it to change.

Well for sure, of the people, by the people, and for the people is a lie. It was and is all about special interests. And getting back to Old Murphy again, if voting machines can be rigged, then they are rigged. Does it seem that every president from Clinton on is dedicated to destroying America? Now they have little kids coming over the border. Most of them are from Central America, which means they had to cross over the thickest part of Mexico. They are being escorted, helped to become illegal immigrants to this country.

You have to ask the man with the alias about that, and while you're at it, you might throw in a question about "Fast And Furious." But deeper than that, just who is it who put this programmed Manchurian Candidate up for election in the first place?

Okay, okay, all these things we're talking about are important but there is one overriding problem that trumps them all: The fact that we're nearing the figure of Seven Billion people on this planet, and together we are all burning up the natural resources. Now, while we all know about this, who is going to be the one to hit the stop button? Most of us try not to think about it, or invent facts such as everybody can fit in the state of Texas. So, other than a madman releasing terrible diseases in airports, we're left with Pray to Jesus, or God, or The Virgin Mary. But I think that if I had the means I would hit the button, knowing that there is no one else who could pull the plug.

Yeah, dude, but it's easy for you to say since you don't have the means. We're just two old farts drinking coffee in a restaurant.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Saying Goodbye (After the Fact)

Would that I could shut it all out somehow: I feel as though I am the victim of a process of shunning, one that has left me alone to experience the sensory awareness of impending danger even as the rest of the accepted group of humanity remains unaware. Hillary Clinton has a book out; a new photograph of her shows those wide and invading eyes, with that smile that's just a little too affected. As I gazed, a comparison came to mind: I recognized it as the same sort of headshot as the one taken of Jared Loughner, the shooter of Representative Gabrielle Giffords; by way of definition, a psycho on Krank. The categories of psychopathology and sociopathology find representation in their shared traits when the patterns of behavior for politicians and the worst sort of serial criminals are compared. Somehow Barry Soetoro dropped out of the sky and became Barak Obama. Now he's saying that he had to issue so very many presidential directives due to the blockage of congressional gridlock. ("I'm sorry," says Caesar, but I had to take charge because of that do-nothing Senate.) Every dictator has used this sort of excuse.

In this paper I am starting with things afield. You see, I had to be away for a few days and, as such, I became vulnerable to the rottenness and filth of television ("Don't touch that dial"), courtesy of my own curiosity and due to my having to be near  a few elderly TV-watching relatives. And referring to hard drugs again, on the way back I awoke in a motel room in Tucumcari and saw the "people" of the early morning shows. My thought was, "Behind every smile lurks a potential lie." (What's new? Just about everything here IS lying.) Okay, that's peripheral information. It could be a tad relevant; some future historian may want to know, but it's not the principal reason why I'm putting fingertips to keyboard.

Two photographs: the first came by way of a professional. It showed Anna and a man at a table, having a daytime beer in a bar. Back in the forties and fifties sometimes a pro would snap a pic of you and you'd give him a little dough. The thing came out like a work of art and it made my eldest sister look like a lovely Italian movie star. But the second picture was not of beauty. It was a bit stark (I don't remember where I saw it), and the circumstances around it were not nice. She was standing on a sidewalk in Sioux City with the woman who had married my dad's brother, Uncle Lowell. He had worked on the first transcontinental highway of Canada and had sent most of his money home, to his young wife. She spent it all and demanded a divorce when he returned. Later, he hanged himself.

Anna Marie married but did not have any children of her own. Her husband had three from a previous marriage but his first wife had been declared insane. After he died in a strange motorcycle accident she became like the deteriorated character played by Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her.

There's a part of me to talk about here as well; first I have to return to The Beacon Theater that used to be at 29th and Ames, in Omaha: the year was 1961 and our little gang was walking past the front. Some older guys were there and Lyle gave off a very aggressive "Fuck You" to them. We took off running. I ducked down an alleyway and successfully hid in the middle of three or four trash cans but the next day Lyle gave me hell for breaking away from the group. I remembered this as I sat in – but did not participate in – the Catholic funeral for my eldest sister. The word mass is taken literally: people form a single body as they respond to the liturgical promptings of the priest. The all-together unity of it made me think of huddling for protection as against a too-wild and unpredictable, a too-cold and unforgiving world. Sometimes it's good to have the memory refreshed; some of it came back but in my youth I was performing as a kid, obeying my parents. In contrast, during and after my conversion I can recall synagogues that sounded like a cacophony of auctioneers, each man trying to get his own prayer in (and to heck with mass). Even though it didn't stick with me, I found myself more attuned to the "Currahee" aspect of the Jews. (This is an American Indian word, maybe Cherokee, that means, "We stand alone together.")

The church was a small one off of the old downtown area of Omaha. When I was a twelve-year-old kid I had hawked Sunday morning newspapers on its steps (for a quarter each) some fifty-five years earlier. It was beautiful inside, albeit somewhat cluttered and busy with its too many statues, too much stained glass, and in its symbolism overload. (I pity the one doing the dusting.)

I think it was 1954: she visited us when I was seven. I remember that Anna Marie made a big spaghetti dinner but there was something about that, and the grape juice she had bought, that didn't sit well with me. Later, outside, I threw it all up.

The day before the funeral was the viewing. I cried, not so much for or about her death but the sight of those paltry, pitiful and cheap clothes disturbed me greatly. (From what others told me, our mother had treated her terribly.) Years after her husband died another brother and sister went to visit and ended up taking out about fifteen huge plastic bags filled with trash, junk, and garbage from her neglected home. Her first words to them were, "Welcome to the house of death." In later years she lived with another sister and her family in Omaha. Every time I saw her I would ask if there was anything I could do (and I meant it – if she would have asked I would have tried), but she would always reply that she was okay and didn't need anything. In the last ten years or so even talking sounded like hard work for her (I found myself wondering if she had had a lobotomy); her verbal skills were almost gone, and now (goddamn it) she wasn't even going to be buried in a nice dress.

My private prayer was for her to have something better, no matter where she may go. She paid dearly while she was here.

I sat in the pew with the pallbearers and giggled to myself when I remembered that Jack Kerouac had his first sex in a confessional. Of course with my views and considering what I have experienced I qualify as an apostate and a heretic. I looked up at those wonderful stained glass windows and imagined them imploding inward in a contrived vision of something akin to what may have happened in The Omen. One reason why I broke away is because I feel that if there really is a judgment, then I will have to stand alone for it. When Brian said, "You're all individuals," the ovine gathering below intoned, "Yes, we're all individuals," collectively, but that's not me. I actually try to live as one, and besides that, there's all that mystical stuff about me that my family doesn't want to go near. A feeling of superiority is not where I'm at; I don't see myself as anything but normal while the majority of others want to remain at a lower state where they may feel more secure (plus, couple that with the absence of the pain required as a necessary part of learning and changing). It might be more correct to say that I have to remain a free agent, ready to go wherever I am called (if I get a call). I could not and cannot attach myself to someone or something, at best equal to me or at worst of a lesser makeup. Sorry, Lyle, and I apologize to the Jewish people as well, but I had to be on my own and I could not stop seeking, learning, and changing to fit whatever I found.

Dad and Mom were Aries and Capricorn, two leader houses; their first four surviving children were male-Libra, female-Capricorn, male-Aries, and female-Cancer, covering all four of the leader signs.

Anna was the second one. She was eighty-two-and-a-half when she passed away, the same age as her older brother when he died.

The funeral was followed by my brother-in-law, Tom, taking me to the zoo on my birthday, the day after the services. It was a great time: the Omaha zoo is (for a city of that size) quite exemplary, and an all-day project to take in. My childhood was not pleasant; I cannot bring up a truly good memory. So I find myself thinking of other kids in this town, the ones who will not know of anything good or positive in their youth and it doesn't matter if all the children at the zoo were happy. Even in the middle of my good time I couldn't help but think of the children sitting on a run-down apartment stoop with nothing to do and no money to do it with.

So, after an (almost) heart attack–inducing trip back, I am once again back on Route 66. I wear a wet T-shirt in my repo trailer, with an indoor temperature above 92 as shown on the thermometer. It has been windy (as per usual) but has since died down; tonight I walk and look up at the cloud cover, hoping that it will rain…praying for the rain of John Fogerty and Bob Dylan, a biblical cleansing.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


There is a behavioral pattern that unites just about all the naysayers to the archetype of The Cowardly Lion: to those having something over him he is yellow, but if he is behaving at the behest of controllers, he becomes to us a lion. Which university professor will bite the hand that feeds him? Which member of the press will ask difficult questions if they aren't backed up by strong powers? Sometimes, though, one is different than that. For example, in the case of The Amazing Randi, because he has made a career of tricks and bamboozlement he assumes that anyone introducing something out of the norm must be in the same boat. However, include him in this: the people of this grouping will only attack that which is an easy target, one that is safe just as a lion in the wild preys upon the weak, the young, the old and the infirm. There are ruins of undersea civilizations at many places on the earth but they won't go into this category because it may lead back to Atlantis. And, if they seem to go into a sensitive area (such as 9/11), the deck will always be stacked, the game will be rigged; almost always there will be a stooge as opposed to the debunker who will bring up divergences that will be easy to refute. Think of the scoffers in this light: they rose to a high level by playing the game as it is; they excelled in the established system so, consequently, they have loyalties that bolster the present framework. Another unifying attribute is that there is no such thing as an open mind here. They live in an animal sort-of hierarchy; the only way they'll examine anything fairly is if it is somehow accepted by the upper levels of society – if the roosters standing over them in the barnyard mentality say it's okay then it must be so.

I can't cite an instance when any of these people introduced an original thought or presented an idea of something new. In their education they become performers, but a savant can – at the same time – be an idiot. They are against originality because this is an area of lack. If you try to introduce something new you're liable to get your words twisted; because of an overblown ego they'll try to ignore what you have come up with and, instead, talk only of me, my stuff, and me. What I suspect here is they have a nagging, background fear that eats at them: someday people may discover that they aren't real, that they are actors – therefore paid liars – merely playing a role.

Remember the high-school "in crowd"? These are the kind of people who have considerations other than the quest for truth and reality. Instead, they hold in high esteem acceptance and popularity.

In the shadows, away from our public eye, they are often whores, selling themselves to agents who remain unknown to us. This is one of the tools of the "Sons of Darkness." In the study of Roman history you'll come in contact with the system of Patron/Client; this is known as a cornerstone of their ancient civilization. This is not to be understood as being of that time only; in truth, it has been going on since Akkad and Sumer and it still is very much in operation today. The most useful tools for the handling-patrons are almost always bribery and coercion, such as blackmail, but the threat of the loss of something of value is also something that can be brought to bear. "If I get off the boat in this I could lose my job and be blackballed, and never be able to work again."

On the way to a specific case I want to say that the reason why Reich was so viciously persecuted was because he was getting too close: His Orgone theory of sexual energy touched upon rites and rituals involving orgies employing sexual magic that have been in use for thousands of years by the elite of the Earth. Forget Aleister Crowley; he was a disinformational agent, and there's a rule here: if a so-called antiestablishment person gets a lot of publicity it usually means that he or she is being handled and controlled. Suspects from my generation include Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Gloria Steinem, and Jane Fonda.

In the film Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick opened the curtain a little to show the public just a touch of what the elite sometimes do… And then he died. Now examine two of the films made by Roman Polanski: Rosemary's Baby and The Ninth Gate. The first is about bringing a spawn of Satan into the world, and the second is about a book that Satan, supposedly, co-authored. Realize that he was conveniently away when the murders occurred. His wife was Sharon Tate. The rumor is that the police found pornographic films in the house that featured (among others) Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner. After the event McQueen went abroad. This has to be taken in the context of the times; in the late '60s and early '70s pornography was exclusively controlled by underground elements, and in particular, the Mafia. During the trial it was said that at one point Manson turned and said that the La Biancas were purveyors of child pornography.

The young man murdered in the driveway, Steven Parent, was just in the wrong place at the wrong time; the hairdresser, Jay Sebring, was a drug dealer to the stars. (Again this goes back to underground criminal elements.) Abigail Folger was among the idle rich; she was there with her lover, Wytek Frykowski. In the world of filmmaking sometimes there is a disagreement, a falling out that can get people killed. See the strange cases of George Reeves and Marilyn Monroe.

Who benefits? There was a good reason for ordering Manson to have these people killed: Charlie was a fraud hippie, but if his gang did these things and got caught the media would see to it that the flower children would be given a bad name. The common people would associate the real hippies with this fake. The establishment could breathe easier now that they smeared all the gentle people.

A few years ago the prosecutor at the trial published a book about the JFK assassination. In it, for the most part, he debunked the critics and whitewashed the Warren Commission. After having him on his program Alex Jones said that he was a "know-it-all." I would add that this is a mentality not unlike that of cartoon character Eric Cartman on South Park. If you try to present any information different from his he may stick his fingers in his ears and say, "Yada-yada-yada, I can't hear you." It is not out of the question to strongly suspect that he had been approached by an agent who presented Mr. Bugliosi with an offer he couldn't refuse: if he would be a good boy he would get help with the writing and publishing of the book, but if he didn't go along a lot of damaging information would come out about the Tate/La Bianca murders, information that was damaging to him.

So be wary, be careful. Filter the presented information. Remain suspicious.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Half a Century Ago

Half a century ago:

There was hybridization and selective breeding, but no GMOs.

I was part of the largest demographic this country had ever seen; after WW II our forefathers really got down on it and produced The Baby Boom Generation. We had a strong influence upon American culture but were unaware of the fact, being caught up in our own world. Bombarded by sales pitches, often we were coaxed down incorrect paths that would lead to nothing, or to ends that would serve others. We were brainwashed into thinking that love was the answer for all of our ills when I was seventeen, but the radio in our barracks sometimes played songs that made me wonder if there weren't other parts of life at least as important if not of a greater meaning. Granted, one of my favorite ones in that summer of '64 was "Sealed with a Kiss" by Brian Hyland; it was a very romantic ballad that had a line I could identify with because of the impending date of our completion of training: "…meet in September, and seal it with a kiss." But there were other songs that did not toe the love line. In "It's All Over Now" Mick Jagger put out a message in keeping with those four words while Gale Garnett did a reprise of the Paris Cabaret scene of the late 1930s, wistfully singing, "We'll sing in the sunshine." Looking back, I'm glad that I had no one waiting for me. Strange mixture, in this de facto physical prison of the Navy I found feelings of emotional freedom that would have been diminished by having a girl on the outside.

With the Internet, today, many different versions of the truth can be quite a bit easier to find than they were in 1964, but I'm not sure if it's better now because there are scores of paid debunkers, whores who have as their employed task the job of ruining and destroying any and all evidences of establishment lying.

In that time of the summer virtually everything over the airwaves was A) the wrong stuff to want; B) lying; C) twisted; D) disinformation; E) deflections to something else; F) or focused in on some (safe) useless crap. And then came the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, the excuse to snuff out the lives of about 58,000 American kids (and a whole lot more Asian ones). We had been brought up in the age of "duck and cover," and the experience of the Cuban Missile Crisis was fresh in the minds of every one of the recruits in company 366. We had H-bombs over our heads; the Cold War was raging, and America had a very powerful sense of raison d'être. Each of us had to deal with this atmosphere as best we could individually. If one of us were to think about these influences too much it would not lead to any positive pattern. Concentrated on too much, the result could lead one to cynicism and even nihilism; I'm tempted to characterize this negative in the words of Mel Brooks, in what he said about the time in England when the tales of Robin Hood became popular: "When things were rotten." But there was also a negative we all knew about. It was conveyed to us by our parents, who told us, by their experiences, that what they had gone through in the Great Depression had been terrible. Things could be worse – by far. In 1958 the U.S. had gone through a mini recession. Vietnam would be the eventual answer, but at a great cost. "Okay junkie, I'll get you the dope" (and he would only need more later).

A package of cigarettes cost twenty-once cents at the Navy exchange and a little more than thirty cents in town. A cup of coffee at most diners was a quarter but at the same time my pay, as a Seaman Apprentice, was in the range of thirty-two dollars every two weeks (so what the hell). And as another economic comparison, the minimum wage back in Omaha was a dollar twenty-five an hour.

When I left my family there were three television stations there; baseball was much more popular than it is now, and reefer was something that those nasty Mexican gangs smoked out in Los Angeles. The lid was still very much on the specific details of the assassination of John Kennedy. It wasn't just me: I can't say that in following a lack of knowledge that bliss results, but in checking alcohol consumption statistics for Omaha I found that in the sixties the locals consumed a lot of booze. It was, perhaps, a sign of the times that a few kids I knew weren't totally sure that pro wrestling was faked.

Most of the people I knew attended religious services at least once in a while. And in the years leading up to the millennium (not just the sixties), to be labeled a homosexual was a terrible stain to have on one's character. One of the recruits in our company was that way for sure: sometimes, on Sundays he would decorate himself with pinned handkerchiefs and dance on our center-table. How he got in, I'll never know, but I do know that the straight sailors were gnawed at by unspoken fear, and I was one of the ones who were scared of being turned over.

In the summer of that year San Diego was overrun with young men in uniform. The atmosphere of the Hollywood Theater was marvelous; it allowed this green bunch of swabbies an opportunity to harken back to the burlesque entertainment of the '30s and '40s, when sexual inferences and slight nudity, with suggestions, were considered to be at least slightly dirty. I looked around at the rest of the audience and saw nothing but sailors in white. Then, some weeks later, while at my next duty station, I went down to Tijuana where the hookers taught me that there is such a thing as bad sex.

In the early part of the decade Newton Minow had coined the term "a vast wasteland" to describe television in general. The words were accurate. But even during this period of drivel there were at least two exceptions: I thought that Naked City and East Side/West Side brought to the home a few excellent presentations of drama. Taken as a block, in TV there was not much for me to miss while at the Naval Training Center, however reading was another matter. During training there was no time for this, except for the manuals whose content we were tested on. But when I got to the air squadron after training once again I dove into my personal study program by checking out John Updike and John Steinbeck books from the base library. Also, in town I bought a book written by Henry Miller. It was total garbage from cover to cover but as a seventeen-year-old, I liked it that he used the word fuck a lot. Cool, during this time I learned the correct pronunciation for vagina too. As I look back at myself I see a horny, lonely, and uneducated kid, usually a little pissed off about the whole thing.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Full Range of Music

It's impossible to appreciate the full range of music if one has a tin ear or is tone deaf in a frequency or two.

In other places I said that Libras tend to go through life with blinders on. I meant that in terms of the collective senses and not just the eyes. I also said that Isaac was a Libra and he was the tone setter for the sidereal age of Aries, approx. 2100 BCE – to sometime during the life of Jesus. And I pointed out that the book of kabballah called The Zohar says that Isaac was a harsh judge. Traditionally, the image for this house is of the statue of justice with scales or balances in one hand, but this is also the mind of the 8 to 9-year-old and the psyche is childish. Maybe the quote from Jack Nicholson is somewhat appropriate here: "You can't handle the truth" (at least not in totality).

What you become depends upon your focus. The proverb, "As a man so thinketh so is he" comes into play. I would say also that the better the mind is organized, reflecting the world as it truly is, the higher the intelligence. And high degrees of performance do not necessarily indicate intelligence; if they did we would all strive to become idiot savants. Carrying this out further, one thing all of us need to keep in mind is that you become and how you operate in your day to day determinations and judgments depends upon your focus, and at base root this first step of your innermost focus is akin to your own cornerstone; think of it as a first step in a long line of theoretical logic and realize that if any step of logic is incorrect in a string, everything after that becomes more wrong.

The spirit of Isaac produced the thinking process that resulted in the Jewish Torah. The system of sacred law was a work in progress (largely) up until the completion of the Babylonian Talmud, sometime after Mohammed came on the scene. Today there are still refinements but as a general rule they are minor adjustments.

Obviously a judge thinks enough of himself to believe that he can make judgments concerning people and situations. Childish or not, this attitude is a very necessary component in the make-up of human civilization. But this way can cause one with a set of deficient background data to think that he knows, when, in fact, he doesn't. And it is also problematic in that, if his base focus excludes related information the outcome of judgment can be skewed. Plus, we need to add: by the very nature of Law there can be no one pure. If a policeman were to observe you and I in our daily routines (without us knowing he was there) he would find a few misdemeanors and perhaps a felony or two every week. Rabbis will openly tell you that for a person to follow the Torah is impossible.


After the period of the Libra leadership Jesus the Capricorn came along. Every sidereal age comes in a beginning tailored to alleviate a problem that grew up toward the end of the last one. He brought a cure of sorts that added something while allowing for, still, a religious primacy to be afforded for the category of Sacred Torah. The problem of Torah carried out is that being under the law could mean being ever at fault. And, as the following gnostic passage indirectly relates, when you get in a category the definition will come as it excludes aspects of the wider truth and reality. Also, the defining spirit of the box will force you to accept the bad with the good; it'll restrict and limit your freedom and the choices that you may decide to make. (Which is basically okay for the childish mind; they want others to take the responsibilities while they may complain and gripe like little children.) The reactions to any constrictive philosophy are endemic in nature: what goes up must come down; for every positive there is a negative.

From The Testimony of Truth: "As for the Pharisees and the scribes, it is they who belong to the Archons who have authority [over them].

"For no one who is under the law will be able to look up to the truth for they will not be able to serve two masters. For the defilement of the law is manifest; but undefilement belongs to the light."

As I said in my book, most of the physical maladies mentioned in the new testament were probably psychosomatic, brought about by the people living in an atmosphere of harsh judgment, of others and themselves: if you "believed" you were guilty you may exact punishments upon yourself, but when Jesus presented the doctrine of the forgiveness of sin, if you "believed" you were forgiven then there was no need to punish yourself.

I find the basis to be amazingly wrong; this whole mess of the leadership of the white archon (of fear) beginning with Aries at about 4,200 BCE and ending with Capricorn at the beginning of the month of Aquarius can be summed up with the phrase, "If you ask the wrong questions it becomes nigh on impossible to get the right answers." Small minded and childish systems of naming, pigeonholing and labeling are easy to adhere to for the immature mind but they do a terrible disservice: while they had power to exert themselves during the periods of their rule and could force the rest of us to believe it or else, there was no place for amorphous change. With Jesus this is true also: its either (barn) this, or it is (barn) that, defined, fixated, unchangeable and set in stone with no compromise (I'll beat you up first).

Now take a look at the swirling atom, or our own solar system; the galaxies are ever in motion as is the blood in your own veins. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE THAT IS PERMANENT!

The reality of your life is like this: you may be a fireman, for example, but you aren't that – even in the years of your active employment – all the time. In fact, the majority of your time is spent in other activities than what your work requires. Rather than the small-minded box definition of what you are, there are many other descriptive terms that could be applied to you as well and they would be just as valid. And as far as the law goes, the mature mind KNOWS what is right and what is wrong. It is only the unlettered and less intelligent, or those that hold themselves back to an easier (professionally dumb and stupid) level to deal with in life. The normal rest of us should not have to suffer for the three or four kids in class that are of lesser abilities.

I have to think that there is a deeper level of this: behind it is a fear of having to learn because learning requires a period of adjustment in order to incorporate the new data; it hurts to find out that you are wrong (and admit it) and then comes the discomfort of changing yourself to make yourself more correct. But the standard, believing monotheist doesn't have to do this: he is right no matter what.

The answer that Jesus provided was wrong too but it went down a different path of wrong. It involved Capricorn trips to fantasy land using belief as an escape from a tortuous existence. (We're looking at a result of torture-programming and the Stockholm syndrome here.) His was a fractured personality, even in the face of the true God of oneness. Statements involved with not letting one hand know what the other is doing are indicative of darkness, not light. "In my father's house are many mansions" is another showing divisionism, and if that's not enough how about, "I bring a sword of division?" At the least this is a multi-faceted being but with that comes many separated parts. At the least this is Dissociated identity disorder and at the worst we are looking at Schizophrenia. I take it that it was the latter, but controlled enough to become a figurehead for a religion that extolled mental illness, much as tribal man usually views the crazy man as having a spirit from God. Actually there is another category, that of a schizophrenegenic, that probably fits, in that these are the rare kinds of people who can actually cause others to hallucinate and see things that aren't really there.

So in the face of what I perceive to be wrong, how should we conduct ourselves? This starts with a self-evident declaration: In the overall scheme of things we are as insignificant as an ant. To put on a cloak of arrogance and think that the actual creator of the universe would heed anything about us is pure blasphemy. And in the same mindset is that of the less able among us who latch onto some religion or philosophy and, thereby, think they know all that they need. Your blessings mean very little and your curses mean (perhaps) even less. Your systems of categorization are contrived lies made up so as to make a (true and real) very complicated universe conform to your notions of how it all should be so as to serve you and your childish mind. But a good place to start is with each other: be ready to extend to each other the freedom-to-be in all dealings that you are able. We all need to take each other as we appear to be, moment to moment, at face value without stuffing the other guy in some block definition. And give room for improvement; there is none of us that are the same as when we made our last mistake.

In conversations with believers I find that they will always try to drag us into how they define things. In the Navy once I said to a Libra, Christian sailor that carbon dating shows the bible to full of beans (I had not learned the alternate explanations related to the infant in the womb at that time) but he countered with, "Okay, so that's what you believe." I didn't get the tactic at first. It took me years to figure out that in this case "belief" is not the right word. It is a misrepresentation because radiocarbon dating can be checked, tested, proved, compared and verified – but you can't do any of that with some guy walking on water. About five years ago I tried this explanation on another Christian, Libra man. He made a face of displeasure as he held his hands out, palms down, in a symbolic act of trying to push the distasteful information down. From this I came away thinking that (once again) truth and reality do not matter to the monotheistic believer. Everything is a continuous stream of tactics designed for them to not to have any reason to learn anything else. Everything is a game, they live within a lie so as to make it seem that they win and you lose. The know-everything arrogance is a ploy they use so as to be parasites sucking off of you; you get stuck in a position of having to prove yourself right (while they don't have to prove anything) and when you do they may adopt what you have it but only after handing out much grief and insulting arguments; the game is that it is they who stand in superiority, behaving as the establishment Morlocks do: hanging back in their caves, sucking in real people and then devouring all they have while (usually) misunderstanding and getting all they gain wrong. Real and normal people have nothing to gain in this lopsided, unfair game. It is you who will take the responsibility of change upon your shoulders; in that way the lower grades of humanity can rise without having to actually learn (and take on the pain and discomfort of change).

The most important point of my overall presentation has to do with the resurrection of temple observances conducted at sacred sites. The spiritual matrix of mankind has many tactics that it can use to prevent change. If what I have to offer does become more widespread there is no doubt that any and all of their tools will be used against it. As an example, they will bribe and (or) blackmail their whoreagents that will do or say anything they are ordered to do or say, e.g., Paul of Tarsus. Then, down the line, if they can't out-and-out destroy it they will co-opt it and (or) corrupt it in any way they can. (I do fervently hope that temple observances that I recommend will allow for a milder, more understanding mindset between people. To come to the ancient understanding of Osiris means a wedding of science and religion. It's quite possible that the present-day human is unable to do this. But in opposition to this concern, however; it seems that I am surrounded by people that think they are, at least, like (and equal to) me, if not superior, while I must be a moron. In terms of Apocalypse (no, I still haven't given up hope for this; maybe I should) I certainly hope to organize a true weeding of the garden so all of this ilk will have the opportunity to prove their higher abilities (of course Samson knew he was going to die too; it's just that, out of his hatred and anger, he didn't give a damn). We've all heard the expression, "You can't get there from here;" perhaps by the use of the temple rites we will find an intermediate path that will allow us to actually "get there." Maybe the future will find people beyond permanent boxes of uncompromising branding. But in the meantime the normal is surrounded by parasites.

We all need to learn this: l am all those things you have called me, and I am none of those things you have called me.