Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tetragrammation and the Alien Grays

For those interested, here's more information about the "exploding electron": Besides what I have said about this phenomenon already the magnetic lines of flux appearing around an electrical conductor should be seen as particles of quanta and (or) quarks that were previously electrons. I do not know how the problem is handled in university physics classes but as far as the US Navy was concerned, in the radio/electronics schools I attended nothing was said about the process of how actual waves are formed and then transmitted from an antenna. Of course what I have is speculation presented for the future investigator to either refute or verify, but with the tools of logic that I possess my theory is that when the electrons reach the outer edges of an antenna they cannot go back so they explode and organize themselves into peaks and troughs of waves (controlled by the frequency of the carrier wave). This is why, in some experiments they can be seen as particles and in others as waves, why both are valid understandings in the Quantum Theory. And in this same category, this idea is what is behind the operation of the Nazi Bell (see The SS Brotherhood of The Bell). The resonance is such that the exploded electrons cannot return to the conductive material of the bell. They are forced to remain in limbo and, as such, form a vortex that tends to draw more power from dark matter than it uses for its operation. The experiments using the bell preceded the building of flying saucers. The key to understanding is in the powerful force field surrounding the craft. It is strong enough to form a bubble. This keeps the normal laws of the universe at bay so that it can zip here and there without the law of inertia slamming crewmembers against a bulkhead. I'm sure that you know about the monks of Agarthi and Shamballah, how the Nazi party began to send ambassadors to their people in the early 1920's, and that they had in their possession writings that told of an ancient technology used to build a flying craft, one using mercury and iron as a basis for its propulsion. According to Trevor Ravenscroft in The Spear of Destiny Hitler's boys brought more than four hundred of these monks out of Tibet. They were called, The Green Men, for the color of the robes they wore. But toward the end of the war, since they were in the eastern part of Germany, they all committed suicide as the Russian troops advanced.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Most Holy Name

Mentally I can't sit still. This becomes problematic if I write something. Because mine is a life of learning I'm apt to be in a state of transition at a later date, changing to adapt to something, lately new to me.

There are a few errors in The Once and Future Age, e.g., there may be 24 facets on the surface of a tetrahedron and not 26 as I said in the book. Instead of a resonance with the #26 of the tetragrammation this geometric figure might be connected to the 24 hour cycle of time. Another mistake: Since I published I saw another piece about Julius Schreck. In this one he was reported to be Hitler's most trusted driver…

The main problem with a book is that it tends to affix the author to a stationary place. In effect, publishing sets the writers words in stone.

There is also something significant that I have discovered since I wrote the book. Two months ago I learned one of the greatest secrets of the Holy Name. Something I saw on TV made me think to try to come to an interpretation by looking at the four letters backwards. I don't think, even with all the hundreds of years of kaballists trying this, that, and the other, that any of them looked at the name in reverse.

Reading from left to right, instead of the normal, right to left, for Hebrew I came to

י    ה     ו      ה 

Ha       Vah                 ee

When I had my dream/vision of all those people's photographs scrolling across the sky the year was 1982, and in Israel. Just before I woke up my inner voice said, "It's Hawaii," and then the first conscious words out of my mouth were, "What the"…

The reading of the four-lettered name backwards can produce a name exactly as the local islanders pronounce Hawaii.

A few weeks ago, after gazing at this finding for a few minutes I recalled what the Big Kahuna said more than two decades ago. "Where we came from everything was red."

Of course Mars is red.

And then it occurred to me that the trek across the Pacific Ocean may have taken many hundreds of years. The migration might have started in the land between the rivers, Tigris and Euphrates at around 4000 BCE.

The most dominant feature of Mars is Olympus Mons at 19.47 degrees north. In the migration there may have well been a psychic attraction, drawing the travelers to the earth's shield volcano, in Hawaii at 19.47 degrees north.

And it surprises me that no one that I know of has ever drawn a comparison line connecting the biblical tale of the Garden of Eden with the grass skirts worn by the Pacific Islanders.

Reverse does matter. Often, when you record a speech, later if you play it backwards you can find hidden words that can communicate hidden meanings. For a better explanation of this phenomenon you must see the section of my book concerned with sleep and using dreams to refine yourself. Here I will only say that it has to do with how we record memories in reverse.

Actually it's a trick. The name is not a real name at all. it is an acronym with each of the four letters leading to the meaning of something else. Many sages spent their adult lives trying to cogitate it and arrive at something cogent. They did this believing that the one who arrives at a place of wisdom and understanding of the tetragrammation will gain tremendous power.

Sorry guys, especially for all your wasted efforts, but you see, that just isn't true.

The truth is that if I have $2.50 and know all the secrets of the Most Holy Name, I can go to Denny's and buy a cup of coffee.

There is a feeling of relief associated with learning and knowing enough to gain satisfaction, but this is related to the feeling one may get if someone stops standing on one's toes.

Actually, we should be prepared; in the course of examining religion from a stance where the sacred cows are non-existent we could come to a stark conclusion and realize that there is no one behind the curtain. The Wizard of Oz takes his place next to the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. It seems probable to me that there is only a mirror behind the fear machine and the curtain.

Further note: The scribal monkey-god of ancient Egypt comes to us spelled as "Thoth" but the pronunciation is Tahiti.