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I wish to present the following as corrections to my book, The Once and Future Age.

1) In the preface at page XV, change the quote of Hal 9000 to read: "Just what do you think you're doing, Dave."
2) Page 23, third paragraph from the top, second line: delete 1885 and insert "the late 1800s."
3) Page 28, after the first paragraph: "Correction: David was an eighth son, but there still exists a mystical something accorded to the number seven; the name Bathsheba can be seen as Seventh Daughter, while the later Queen of Sheba may be rendered as The Queen of Seven.
4) Page 30, second paragraph, second line: after "This model has twenty-six facets," insert a parenthetical aside (Could actually be twenty-four, representing the hours of daily time.)
5) Page 44, middle of second paragraph: scratch out "In Omaha, Nebraska."
6) Page 59, third paragraph from the bottom: scratch the word "outside" at the end of the sentence.
7) Page 104: change bottom sphere to read "Female, Nov."
8) Page 111, at end of first paragraph add: "Yud-Hey plus Vav-Hey backwards can be sounded out as Haw–vah–ee (and this fits with the theory of memories storage in reverse)."
9) Page 114, third paragraph up from the bottom: in the second line, first word, it should read "I saw in a."
10) Page 127, fifteenth line from the top: change "Judeain" to read "Judean."
11) Page 131, second paragraph from top, second and third lines: the letter of Aristas should be in italics.
12) Page 137, in lines twelve and thirteen from the top, the words "And the souls they had gotten in Haran" should be in italics.
13) Page 148, fourth paragraph from the top: the first word in the quotation should be "yet."
14) Page 149, top paragraph, second line from the bottom, the words "rouge" should be "rogue."
15) Page 152, in the sixth line from the bottom, "pastas" should be "past as."
16) Page 155, second paragraph from the bottom: in the second line the word "Fantasia" should be in italics.
17) Page 161, eleventh line from the bottom: "there turn" should be the return.
18) Page 177, on the left side of the pattern under Leo, the word should be "religion," not "military."
19) Page 197, fifth line from the bottom where the sentence begins with "It is the numerically related…" scratch out "the."
20) Page 221, second paragraph from the top, second line: where it says "end of the war," insert a comma and take out the period.
21) Page 223, bottom paragraph, lines three and four from the top: take out both parentheses.
22) Page 227, second paragraph, second line: delete "psychological."
23) Page 230, second line from the top: change "rouge" to "rogue."
24) Page 261, second paragraph from the top, fifth line: where it says "in others but the," delete "the."
25) Page 292, fifth line from the top: where it reads "waited in Sinai as the" delete "as."
26) Page 302, second paragraph from the bottom, fifth line up: where it says "off their left breast," delete "their left" and replace with "a."
27) Page 335, go to quote from Emerson above and in the second line from the bottom change "faint" to "fain."
28) Page 346, in the third paragraph down from the top at the end of the first sentence add: "Note: Shortly after, Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick began working on what would become 2001: A Space Odyssey, a film featuring a trip to Jupiter.

I want to extend my sincere apologies for these mistakes. But an even greater goof was when I speculated on Davidic connections to the house Richardson. This is (at least) as patently absurd as the end times predictions that have and will come to nothing even as millions keep track.

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