Thursday, November 13, 2014


A cornerstone must be put in place, the establishment of a paradigm that will serve the ages to come related to three attributes of God.

The first is built upon a postulated theory of six macro-ages in which the stars all expand outward after the big bang and six macro-ages of time that pass before the next big bang. (There is more said about this in my book.) Then, as all matter falls to the black hole of all black holes even light, frequencies, and vibrations are drawn in. Picture the last power standing: Just before it enters the ball of mass it says, "Let there be light."

We have no control concerning this; it is systemic, built-in, and so far removed from the human condition that "You can't get there from here" is the best way to understand it. Rites, rituals, and prayers do not reach it. It just is. And this carries over to the second definable trait that I wish to mention.

The examination of it is in how the invention goes on to dictate, require of, or otherwise control the inventor. Today computer technology is building a world of its own; and while we can say that the automobile serves mankind it is just as true to say that man serves the automobile. Take note of traffic-snarled cities plagued by gridlock and you are looking at created environment, a monster made by an invention. Then, in those cities witness all of the businesses that were put in place to serve the car.

As God creates, so too do we reach out to invent, albeit on a much smaller scale; so, in consideration of this fundamental behavior it should be understood that all of this four-dimensional reality we are in has to lead back to the one that brought it into being and thus, God is reality and reality is God. Further, directly related to this idea are all the basics of science: math, astronomy, etc. Pi, Epsilon, and Theta will always be there; no matter what a person believes, two plus two will always be equal to four.

Like the highest form of the creator, in causing the big bang this bedrock of scientific reality does not have flexibility. A dictatorial regime may torture you to the point where you can see variations, but that will only be irrational delusion. Our task is in acceptance, we must strive to be in harmony with these two manifestations of the Godhead. We get nowhere in going against these two precepts by inventing contrived notions of reality that do not fit with the proofs and evidences. Moving religion to a place disconnected from science is an act of lying.

And, lastly, the tertiary (third) attribute of God:

Many people have a spark of the divine within. But there is nothing uniform about the strength of this gift. The scribe could write that Adam was the first man and not be lying because the intent could have been to tell us that he was the first with a human soul. Souls are tiny sparks, and they can be seen as little seeds placed in our deepest recesses. Collectively those blessed/cursed with a small dose of a higher power can, and do, communicate with their like-fellows at all times, but this is especially true at night when sleep allows us to touch the higher worlds. Collectively souls are an essence of God. They form connections to the universal mind through the organization of their collective consciousnesses. I think that the mystics and alchemists of the Middle Ages referred to this system as "The Invisible College." It is in this area that mankind can have some positive changes brought about by methods of sending out calls to the higher orders; as the stray quarks in dark matter fall in energy value they first become quanta packets of light and they go on to organize tightly into protons, neutrons, and electrons. This is why there was a hydrogen generator aspect built into the pyramids of Giza. Hydrogen is the first element. This is what is created when quarks fall to become matter. From that the stars take over and by the pressures of gravity go on to make all of the other elements. Part of the Egyptian way of usage had to do with the sarcophagus. It was employed as a sensory deprivation tank. After three days or more in darkness the human body will send out calls as the pineal gland becomes activated. The frequencies and vibrations of the calls served to modulate the golden-mean spiral that passes through all three of the main pyramids. A radio works in the same way: a carrier wave is established; this is the frequency that is tuned to but mixed with it, or modulated atop, come the frequencies of voice and music, commonly termed audio. The information is in the modulator frequencies in the same way that the calls of the seeker in the sarcophagus attached themselves to the spiral. To the universe at large this is a language it can understand, and the fact that the golden-mean spiral is a line of lesser gravity means that there is a weakening in the fabric of space/time all along its course; this meant that the human calls could get through with more ease that anywhere else on the Earth's surface (except where there are other lines such as this).

If you wish to see proofs of the human spark, then visit an art museum or go to a symphony. Better yet, take a look at the evidences of ESP that crop up in people from time to time. The symbolic organization of human souls can be seen as branches of a huge, idealized weeping willow, while the trunk, figuratively, is the supreme being. This example comes from the animate world but there is also an illustration we can see in the inanimate by viewing what happens when raindrops fall near to a light. Our souls are akin to the raindrops and in our short little lives, like falling rain, some of us have larger raindrops, some have smaller ones, and some have no inner raindrop at all; some of us are close to the light and some are farther away, and some are too far away for the light to influence. We are not of the light but a raindrop can act as a prism, capturing light, and directing it to the most favorable place. In studying Kabbalah I came upon something that makes sense as according to what I have written above (paraphrasing): At the start the creator broke all the vessels that held the light (symbolic of the big bang) and the light went where it would; some souls have much, some have a little, and some have no light at all. The Talmud tells us that Abraham smashed all of his father idols before setting out on his quest. As we transition to a higher state of being, we may each be required to reenact this action, even if it is merely in a symbolic way.

And I must mention the way the Anasazi temple of Chaco Canyon was partially used: The people made pottery, ensconcing their individual calls within, and then they smashed them (probably at sunrise) on key days of the year so as to send out their calls. Hopi legends tell of a Golden Age. We won't know until we try.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Of the Chicken and the Egg

For the election year of 1972 I was able to get an absentee ballot because of my being in the Navy. I can't remember how I voted for the lesser offices; it was probably for the man and not the party though because at that time my focus had been on the race for the presidency. I had come to dislike the policies of Richard Nixon as much as those of his predecessor, but when I heard the views of George McGovern as an initial response I was shocked. As is the trouble with many Americans, we tend to let it go by when a spokesperson uses the words we, or us, when—in fact—we had nothing to do with it. As a beginning point we all need to realize this for a tactic designed to make us responsible for the blunders of the leadership. If we think in terms of we, then we will inadvertently take some responsibility for directions taken that are actually against our vested interests. As a serviceman in 1972 I was under the mistaken impression that I had a part in the federal government, so when the democratic nominee lambasted the direction that the Washington leadership had taken I took offense. At first I didn't know what to make of him: Here was a genuine hero, a pilot in the great war who did not just lean to the side of withdrawal from Vietnam but aggressively attacked the flawed reasoning that had put America in that mud-pit. After much consideration, however, I had to agree with his position; I voted for him and remain proud of the fact that even in the face of a vast majority I was able to choose the right man.

I start this essay by relating this incident since I see it as related, in a way, to the choice of the chicken or the egg. There are usually cloudy and smoky and gray areas that confront us when we have to make difficult decisions. The way the leadership of the sons of darkness have been able to win in these last (more than) six thousand years is to direct our mental processes to emotional areas; from there we can easily be jerked around. To the answer of chicken or egg, the answer is yes.

The creator endowed us with the powers of logical reasoning. To me these are sacrosanct and placed in a very high station, but without realizing it, there is a huge majority that is subliminally programmed to go along with what they are told and—thereby—go against their own vested interests. Their own proven systems of checking new data for flaws or proofs are subverted by emotional considerations. A good case in point is 9/11: "Oh no, I can't think that!" And, thus, we return to the choice of McGovern or Nixon. In large part, people that are the most susceptible to this manipulation are those that have a knee-jerk reaction of belief to anyone in authority. This is the basic step in the programming of the masses. Arthur C. Clarke introduced us to the insane computer, the HAL 9000, in 2001: A Space odyssey, but since it was a work of science fiction most people were entertained without their connecting the production to how the society of man is manipulated, directed and programmed by dark forces. No one wants to admit that he's been had, taken for a sucker. This is another one of the tools of the sons of darkness; that, and the feelings of shame attached to the telling of unpleasant truths, such as those stated by George McGovern.

Leading up to WW II, the dark powers were very successful in programming an entire nation: Germany. The country became so mentally ill they gave their military over to the control of a former corporal. But we must see that while this may be an extreme case, the string pulling and powers of influence by indoctrination and programming are just as forceful and powerful in the USA of the present time. We have a monopoly in that the reins of information dissemination are held by very few trusts; that hidden-in-darkness cabal decides what is fit for news and what is not, and the only difference between it and the controllers in Nazi Germany is that in America it can ignore you as long as you are marginalized, as long as you don't get a very large audience. But the end can be the same in that there are secret groups here that will MURDER you if you become too problematic for the leadership to put up with. Until then, we are put in our place by the tactic of arrogance. "They" exude confidence as they condescendingly behave toward us; this is in reference to our inner child as they take the role of the parent, and this is where the confidence game begins. Any of our positions may be ridiculed by name calling, talking down to us, shouting over us, and pooh-poohing. And one thing's for sure: They have us over a barrel because an open mind is not to be found with any of them and they have no problem with dishing out lie after lie until they get an inroad into our search for what is true, while they are only about winning at any cost. The reason Hitler was so successful is he was able to apply all of, and more of, these tactics of the sons of darkness; but if you have any closed areas of the mind then you won't be able to penetrate the game to the root cause. If you examine the traits of the Nazi leader, you may see bombastic arrogance with an absolute refusal to accept any responsibility. This spirit is never wrong. It is always about me, me, and me, and when things go bad it is your fault. Many promises are made; very few are kept. And sprinkled into all of this is a continuing series of threats.

To rise to the next level we shall have to disconnect all the memory modules of the biblical HAL 9000. (Hitler had the requisite stuff, the right stuff to play God.) Much of monotheism's success over the last six thousand years was due to its offering a sense of the erasure of responsibility for those adherents who could sublimate their own selves for the sake of continuing an interpersonal relationship attached to a religious template of behavior. It is much easier to surrender one's will, much simpler, and since one's confidence is lacking in this affair the drawing power is strong. (But by following in this path only the ones without a true soul are the beneficiaries. The rest of us, the ones who do have a spark of God get it shoved into the mud.)

According to the sons-of-darkness definition, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed due to their wickedness. This comes from the leadership that denies any sixth-sense power existing in man, the ones that are against the discovery of the light in any of us. Again, it is about responsibility. If the inner powers of man were acknowledged, then the lesser ones among us might realize that we have many psychic weapons and our interactions with one another pose risks of all sorts of maladies, accidents, or diseases being brought to bear. They can't handle the knowledge that they might do something terrible with their minds, so they flee to a childish fantasyland. If anything, I would like to establish a school of "The Alternates"; in this body we would take all of the generally held opinions about everything and examine them from different angles. For one: There is another explanation that can serve to shed light upon what happened at those twin cities near the Dead Sea. This interpretation begins with something that Stephen King wrote: He mentioned that full commercial airplane carriers do not crash. Conversely, however, if cancellations start coming in and a few of the passengers don't show up, that's when there may be a disaster on the way. Any reasonable person may consider a strong possibility of precognition at work here. But this will not occur to a conventional, closed-minded believer because, in his arrogance, he already has all the answers.

On to a point I wish to make, toward a consideration not yet mentioned, the attention of the reader is directed to the lowly cockroach. Exterminators know that when a colony is sprayed, even as they are dying the members will indulge in an orgy of sex. If we take into account a sixth sense of precognition in man we may see that there was a sizable part of the populations of Sodom and Gomorrah who knew a disaster was on the way. They didn't know what it was. Most of them moved away in the years leading up to the actual catastrophe, but the remainder indulged in acts of perversions and removed all barriers to aberrant behavior. We might view the evidences of corruption found in the ruins of Pompeii and wonder about the same sort of premonitions possibly leading to the eventual destructions. Then, when we review what certain psychics have written about the last days of Atlantis, this alternative explanation may also be considered. We are back to chicken or egg. I tend to think of the psychic answer as the most correct one. The sensitive among the people could not pin down what was coming, but they knew it would be terrible. So convention was cast aside and an atmosphere of eat-drink-and-be-merry became the norm.

Still though, a question must be asked: In the face of all the decadence of Las Vegas and Hollywood, has the God of the Bible taken a vacation rather than engage in any act of retribution? Or, have times changed to the point where this sort of behavior just doesn't matter anymore (that was then, this is now). Where responsibility is absent, dependence upon an expected reaction based upon a past experience produces no result at all. In short, while I'm sure that it did actually take place, the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah is a fear-mongering tactic, a parental fairy tale designed to manipulate us by instilling a chilling effect. The truth is that (as Zecharia Sitchin leads us to see) the ruling secret societies of Ur of the Chaldees decided to get rid of those two settlements, and Abraham was an agent in their service. The two men who visited him at his tent were there to check him out as to how he had been able to implement the Sefer Yetzirah program. They certainly were not angels.

In Inherit the Wind Spencer Tracy played the role of Clarence Darrow. He explained his views on religion by equating it to a pretty hobby-horse that he once desired as a child. His parents took note and actually bought it for him, but when he tried to ride it the thing fell apart, being held together with not much more than spit and polish. The bottom line is undependability and unreliability.

Again I turn to the unrecognized powers of humanity: In the cases where prayer, rites, rituals, and supplications work, it is not due to the reactions of the Godhead as is commonly understood; the truth is that these communications go outward to the rest of the human members in the universal mind and yet no credit is given to the collective consciousness of the body of man. In fact, in a horrible travesty the ones who have the greatest power to do the best are denigrated by the wicked and evil leadership from their powers of darkness.

As of this time the majority of humanity sees this as too difficult to grasp, that, in an overall unity, mankind rather influences reality as it goes along. The masses do not want to acknowledge the powers held my many of us for fear of the onus of responsibility.