Friday, July 3, 2015

Stay Where You Are and Grow

Transcendence is a word that invokes images of a rising above, passing the confines of the imprisoning nature of this reality. And we have no way of knowing if anyone has achieved anything approaching the desired end. Calling attention to Ken Kesey—the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest—his "Merry Pranksters" espoused the goal of Transcending the Bullshit, but in realizing that Kesey was a Taurus, we might speculate that his group was held together by the bullshit (and with the hindsight of time, we can say with certainty that none of them transcended anything). In my book I wrote about craziness substituting for transcendence; this travesty is still in evidence in the meetings of the evangelicals, but it attaches back to the primitive, tribal mind that tended to see mentally ill people as having a spirit of God. But how do I know? I'm going to play with the other side of the coin for a moment and speculate that (perhaps) the key to rising above this imprisoning, four-dimensional reality may indeed have something to do with a form of temporary insanity. This specialized path out of the norm is where normal human filters required to keep back all of the masses of vibrations and frequencies of the normal all of the universe are not there. The totality slams the victim at all times in a continuous "Satori" that the subject has no control over. As for the rest of us, over time we learn which of the doorways of our mind we can leave open, which are opened or closed upon receipt of key inputs, and those that we dare not open at all. But we should realize that there are categories of mental illness that are deficient in this ability and upon communicating with these people one may find out later that they weren't really blathering nonsense but were, in fact, talking about something else—something that our own internal restrictions forbade us to see at first. The mere form of our organization puts us in touch with segments of reality as it is—whether of the higher twenty-two or of the lower four dimensions—and thus, renders inoperative any ability to transcend for our very definitions stick us and hold us, right here.

In the Eastern religions a state of non-being is sought. But while I can see this as a vacation from the ties of this physical realm, any positive result is only a temporary gain. Also, those of the East are adept at physical control. But what good is it to them or anyone else? Are they able to extend their lives? Can they become wealthy?

In the examination of the past and the foreign elements I come back to a lack of positives; instead of any good to be found, there is only an absence of the negative, as if you are allowed a short period of time wherein the creation isn't stepping on your toes but when you come down to earth tomorrow you'll find that giant ogre squashing your tootsies again. Certainly peyote is like this, and the effects of opium and marijuana follow the same pattern. I arrived in Hawaii, fresh from Navy Radio School, in late '65. The service offered tuition assistance so I took my first night class at the university in early '66. It was Intro to Psychology and the professor was a PhD Clinical Psychologist; I thought the most interesting subject he got into was when he roamed a little off course and started talking about the experiments he was conducting with LSD-25. His theory was that most of his patients did not know there was anything wrong with them; they were in a groove, a routine of behavior that—no matter how strange to anyone else—they were used to, but when you slipped them a couple doses of acid suddenly everything became weird in an entirely different way, one they were not used to and one they were not in control of. He thought that this may give the patient the idea that there was, indeed, something wrong. Okay that's a specific category, but  I can just as easily extrapolate that outward to what was happening to the American society at large if I include all the ones who took hallucinogens during the '60s and '70s and came away with a feeling that something may be wrong with their previous mental organizational behavior. LSD-25 was a game changer; it threw many doors of perception open, it affected the area of the brain that has to do with DTs in chronic alcoholics, and it opened up the mind to the feelings of religion associated with the "God-brain." And, it also scared the crap out of a lot of my generation, "The Baby Boomers." But, no matter how proponents such as Dr. Timothy Leary presented it, the stuff did not cause a transcendence to occur.

My childish patience is worn out; I am tired of this quest that only results in what is not. Yet this past of non-positive outcomes has still provided a good result of sorts: One of the character traits that comes to us as refined and educated adults is that of being able to know when to change course. Or to lessen the force of an aggressive attack toward a desired goal, and to take what the defense gives us instead of attempting to knock down an immovable object in an act of sheer stubbornness. And those of us reasonable in our observances of life have learned that many—including us—have often been foolish in seeking after ends that were the wrong things to want. Better we should back up and punt; there are ends that are flat-out unattainable, the wrong things to want, and it looks to me like transcendence is one of them.

There is no shame in reassessment, especially when the efforts toward a desired goal have not produced any result that—when reasonably examined—have ended in smoking-gun, irrefutable finality that cannot be effectively argued against. The childish pride and arrogance we carry is the enemy. It'll try to get us to go down the same useless paths: Sure, where all of the sages of the past have failed I am actually more endowed with the necessary make-up than them. Right, you idiot; about all you'll do is lie to yourself until you convince yourself of your own lies. But for those of more intellect than pride, there is an answer of sorts. The suggestion is in my book: Instead of seeking after the good, it is a plan of action built around the elimination of the bad possibilities, and if perchance this system results in some kind of a transcendent framework for the seeker to dwell in then the applier should rejoice, even as that benefit was not really intended.

Seek the removal of wrongs, for the evidences of past successes—in terms of sages and adepts achieving a higher plane of rightness—are subject to systems of enforced belief administered by more powerful humans over the weaker elements. If they're repeated often enough a person can believe anything, especially if the programming is accompanied by painful indoctrination. But no matter what any being says, the reality of this world is God, and God is not a liar.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Some Rarely Acknowledged Variations

"In the small number of things we are able to know with any certainty. . . the principal means of ascertaining truth are based on probabilities." Pierre Simon de Laplace

Steve Quayle shows photos of alien-appearing remains with elongated heads; no one of any standing in the academic world voices an opinion, even though Pericles of Athens had the same sort of skull (he wore a helmet over the back of his head to cover his deformation). In his book The Third Eye T. Lobsang Rampa speaks of his initiation involving the revealing of dead giants, but not one word of refutation is presented as coming from any renowned archeologist. However, there are many people of science that disagree with the 9/11 Commission report's findings even as the government organs remain mum. And there are other people that refer to the most ancient artifacts recovered from the gold mines of California; these items indicate that there were advanced technologies in use, of a far greater antiquity than any authority will admit. Further, in the very few cases where statements have come down from the ivory towers on high they all have an atmosphere of stonewalling. In this category are all of the assassinations of the '60s and '70s: the official positions concerning the murder of JFK are something more than ridiculous, going instead to full-blown outrageous. Then, in the face of the mathematic interconnections displayed by the Monuments of Mars at Cydonia the position of NASA is untenable. In the case of each of these lies spewing like vomit from those drunk with arrogance there ought to be pickets stationed outside of their offices with but two words on their signs: "Stop Lying."

As I have stated in other places, there are no evidences connecting flying saucers to other dimensions or galaxies; but there are evidences showing a program in effect and used by NAZI Germany to build them. It makes sense to think that the angels seen at Mons in Belgium during the battle of August of '14 as being an early form of a hologram; ditto, that of the vision of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal in '17.

What makes all of this lying bullshit possible is the age of Jesus with his program of belief. The shadow government and the secret societies at the top are strictly amoral, they have no belief structure at all, this, at the same time that all those below are encouraged to seek the happy place, a fantasy land where God is all good. In this system of perversion truth, reality and God do not have any fixed meanings, the adherents of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are professed monotheists but in saying, "Behold, the man is become as one of us" the god of the bible disagrees; and in the first sentence of the Torah the word for god is stated in the plural, eem, signifying more than one. With all of this discombooberated nonsense in our faces the only ones who can lead are the ones who are dictatorial and brutal enough to force people to go against their own sense of decision making and be dependent upon the top dog in the animal network to tell them what to believe from moment to moment. Everything depends on who is beating on you (physically, mentally, or spiritually). If you are being bribed or blackmailed, the reality of God means nothing. In the words of Dustin Hoffman in The Marathon Man, "No, it's not safe. . . . It's safe; boy is it safe." Yet in a gentler, more pervasive, way it can be the threat of being blacklisted; your daughter may be able to get entrance to the university you have wanted for her; you could be banned from the country club you once belonged to, your wife may be turned into a drug addict, or your son may get a role in a film. The controllers are very expert at turning someone into a laughing stock or lauding him in the whore outlets of their media.

Look up Smedley Butler; check out how many times Barry Soetoro has lied; research how G. H. W. Bush's father was conducting business deals with the German state in the middle of WWII; look at the meeting at the Clint Murchison house held in Dallas on the night before John Kennedy was killed, and check statements made by one of the household maids along with that coming from LBJ's mistress; know that "In Hoc Signo Vinces" was made possible by the use of an advanced, for its time, technology; see PDD-51 as written by George W. Bush. Is it so far-fetched to think of Lyndon Johnson as being behind the murder of his own sister? It goes on and on: tons of drugs were brought into Arkansas while Bill Clinton was the Governor; and the ghost of Vince Foster still cries out. Who remembers? And who will test the DNA of the former president to either verify or refute any connections to Arkansas former Governor, Winthrop Rockefeller? And, in the midst of all of this rottenness, Laura Eisenhower is ridiculed for speaking about the colonies of Mars.

Just in time for the rubes to forget the last manufactured fear a new one is invented. We've gone through scores of them since the end of the great war, from "Duck and Cover" to Ebola. The ancient Gnostics and the followers of Islam agree: forgetfulness is a huge problem for mankind. The accursed methods of rule will step in with a new fad, a new fear/fashion before the average person has the time to connect this dot with the last one. Race divisions are a great tool for the monsters: when a white policeman kills a highly suspect criminal black man, the whore-media swings into full, overblown reaction, but when black violence happens to whites there is almost no coverage at all (in spite of the fact that the occurrences are far more in number). This is an example of roiling up the masses and making the less mentally capable among the majority take a stand when none should be taken at all. No matter which side you fall on, you lose in the face of the evil of the leaders and authorities, and especially as they are controlled by the money powers and shadow government of the secret societies. There is no left/right, Republican/Democrat, or Conservative/Liberal; it's all staged and acted out.

It was a hired and paid agent who fired the first shots at Kent State. He did this so as to get the ball rolling. Also, by the bizarre occurrences taking place at election times it seems perfectly reasonable to think that the process is moved by strategically rigged computerized voting machines; just enough of them are in place to swing elections. As in the case of Genetically Modified Foods, you have no say at all. And, as I have said before, the "Anarchists" at demonstrations are paid provocateurs.

But, all of what I am writing about, while pointing to the fallacies of the human organization—historically, and how it continues to be today—still has not touched upon the prime directive. It is true that almost everything here is false, but, "If you don't believe it, I'll beat it into you"; "Because I say so"; "What will people think"; "Might makes right"; "If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow." Animals have peer pressure; animals are born—people are born; animals learn enough for them to get along—people learn enough for them to get along; animals mate and have offspring—people mate and have offspring. For most humans, life is carried out in the trap of a squirrel cage. Without the abandonment of his wife and children we would have never heard of Siddhartha, the first Buddha. We can rise to the next level only if we can find the balance between the fecund and the sublime, between the material and the spiritual… And stop lying.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sensing Through Inference

We could learn from the mental processes that have come to accept the existence of dark matter as a probable fact. Not that they are irrefutable, rock-hard evidences; the best that can be achieved are strong, circumstantial evidences that it is there, and coupled with that is a lack of viable alternatives. Again, I come back to the argument for the Aether as being the medium by which all wave energies propagate throughout the universe, and that the Aether is the dark matter. This fits well in my view.

But this methodology needs to be extended and applied to other areas. One of the beginning points is in the old saying, "If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, and it looks like a duck, then the chances are pretty good that it's a duck." So, unless otherwise proven, we need to take it for a duck.
In her works, Barbara Tuchman has shown herself to be a foremost historian. I ate up The Guns of August and Stillwell and the American Experience in China and will probably read them again as any opportunity allows me to do so. But if I have a disagreement, it is in the way in which she handled the subject matter in The March of Folly. Definitely this is a book that needed to be written; I know of no other researcher who tackled the idiotic blunders committed by the leaders in mankind's past. But in the conclusions and commentaries she comes to a statement that I find  rather childishly weak; one of, could they not see the error of their colossal mistakes? She is not alone. Far too many of us gaze in awe and wonder at the apparent flubs coming down from the top; it is one of the tactics that the sons of darkness use against us, and its systems remain workable because of the unwillingness to consider something of a circumstantial definition. Not in one place in her book does the writer speculate about secret societies, shadow governments, and (or) hidden cabals that can, and do, intentionally manipulate leaders and governments into no-win situations. The figureheads in the light are not without fault, that is to be sure, but the causes of such bizarre idiocy as Vietnam and the whacky behavior of the popes leading up to the Protestant Reformation could not have been made possible without the secret ones undermining the places of leadership from places of darkness. Connected to the statements concerning dark matter, this line of belief makes more sense; conversely, the alternative of a group of highly educated people causing the same sort of catastrophic flops over thousands of years makes no sense as a position to take.

In the Bible I'm sure there was much more behind Rehoboam's suicidal declaration. He knew that his father, Solomon, had overtaxed and overworked his people. This was a king, and possessed of the highest education that he could get for his time. Only if he were blackmailed or otherwise coerced would he have promised to make the burdens of his people even heavier. We can hop all about during the times of history: Harry Truman was a 33rd degree Freemason. For him to say that he didn't perceive how the CIA would become tyrannical and trample on the Constitution (years after he started its charter, much later when it was convenient to say so) should nauseate us. But, if he had been approached by a secret group, one that had—from the darkness—set him up as the Vice President, and one that had assassinated his predecessor so he could come into power—then it becomes logical to think that he was manipulated. And in an examination of Lyndon Johnson, if he participated in the conspiracy that killed John Kennedy, it follows that he could have been coerced by the threat of disclosure. If we consider this then it should come as no surprise that the military industrial complex was able to run wild in Vietnam. And the same goes for Nixon: if he was a participant in the Murchison house meeting in Dallas on the eve before JFK was murdered; the same group of people could have directed him as well. Further, Gerald Ford was (I believe) culpable in that he fudged some of the autopsy evidence but, by degrees, the situation had for the most part played itself out in Southeast Asia by the time he shut down that huge moneymaker. (Besides Ford becoming president, as another possible pay-off we have a minor lawyer, Arlen Specter, coming up with that weird and unbelievable "Single Bullet Theory" and then later becoming a United States Senator.)

We should thank the Freemasons for our American independence. Their organization clandestinely manipulated the powers of England, even going so far as to corrupt the king with their "Hell Fire Club." They are the ones who invented the term "United Nations," and they are foursquare behind the movement toward a "New World Order." They have no flags or country and have loyalty, first and most importantly, to their fellow members while having an agenda that probably stands apart from every country in the world. Besides France there could very well have been other governments that were sacrificed to their ideals.

I know that in America the masses tend to think of the leaders in unflattering terms. This is a trap; they need to get off of this perception of the higher levels of leaders and authorities as being somehow dumb or stupid. Those at the top are, in fact, brilliant; it's just that they are very adept at pretending to be dumb. In their education they learned how to be absolutely amoral in the pursuit of victory, and they learned how to be actors and actresses functioning in scripted roles, without once facing the fact that acting and lying are the same things. I guarantee that when any of them says that he doesn't know about something or that he doesn't understand something else, he is lying. The best course of action on our part is to believe that he knows and understands far more than you or I do. But it is precisely due to this continuation of theatrical duplicity that these people will, at times, step out of line and become prey to blackmail. It is part of the game that the power-brokers will only get behind a potential client if they can control him. This usually means some indiscretion in his past, something that the handler knows about but the wider public is unaware of.

As a power statement it still is effective to give the impression that "we" of the accepted higher level can do something, but you cannot. In the trial of Charles Manson, Vincent Bugliosi obtained a conviction based mostly upon circumstantial evidences. In effect, this is the same as saying that the prosecutor had a conspiracy that he was sure of. The spirit of evil will throw around the term "Conspiracy Theory" when it suits its purposes, but we must always remember that it is the establishment that stands to gain by keeping us away from the truth. Having no compunction standing in the way of lying as evinced by a modus operandi stretching back thousands of years, it is at them that we must aim the bullhorn and shout loudly, "Prove it!"