Thursday, July 2, 2015

Some Rarely Acknowledged Variations

"In the small number of things we are able to know with any certainty. . . the principal means of ascertaining truth are based on probabilities." Pierre Simon de Laplace

Steve Quayle shows photos of alien-appearing remains with elongated heads; no one of any standing in the academic world voices an opinion, even though Pericles of Athens had the same sort of skull (he wore a helmet over the back of his head to cover his deformation). In his book The Third Eye T. Lobsang Rampa speaks of his initiation involving the revealing of dead giants, but not one word of refutation is presented as coming from any renowned archeologist. However, there are many people of science that disagree with the 9/11 Commission report's findings even as the government organs remain mum. And there are other people that refer to the most ancient artifacts recovered from the gold mines of California; these items indicate that there were advanced technologies in use, of a far greater antiquity than any authority will admit. Further, in the very few cases where statements have come down from the ivory towers on high they all have an atmosphere of stonewalling. In this category are all of the assassinations of the '60s and '70s: the official positions concerning the murder of JFK are something more than ridiculous, going instead to full-blown outrageous. Then, in the face of the mathematic interconnections displayed by the Monuments of Mars at Cydonia the position of NASA is untenable. In the case of each of these lies spewing like vomit from those drunk with arrogance there ought to be pickets stationed outside of their offices with but two words on their signs: "Stop Lying."

As I have stated in other places, there are no evidences connecting flying saucers to other dimensions or galaxies; but there are evidences showing a program in effect and used by NAZI Germany to build them. It makes sense to think that the angels seen at Mons in Belgium during the battle of August of '14 as being an early form of a hologram; ditto, that of the vision of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal in '17.

What makes all of this lying bullshit possible is the age of Jesus with his program of belief. The shadow government and the secret societies at the top are strictly amoral, they have no belief structure at all, this, at the same time that all those below are encouraged to seek the happy place, a fantasy land where God is all good. In this system of perversion truth, reality and God do not have any fixed meanings, the adherents of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are professed monotheists but in saying, "Behold, the man is become as one of us" the god of the bible disagrees; and in the first sentence of the Torah the word for god is stated in the plural, eem, signifying more than one. With all of this discombooberated nonsense in our faces the only ones who can lead are the ones who are dictatorial and brutal enough to force people to go against their own sense of decision making and be dependent upon the top dog in the animal network to tell them what to believe from moment to moment. Everything depends on who is beating on you (physically, mentally, or spiritually). If you are being bribed or blackmailed, the reality of God means nothing. In the words of Dustin Hoffman in The Marathon Man, "No, it's not safe. . . . It's safe; boy is it safe." Yet in a gentler, more pervasive, way it can be the threat of being blacklisted; your daughter may be able to get entrance to the university you have wanted for her; you could be banned from the country club you once belonged to, your wife may be turned into a drug addict, or your son may get a role in a film. The controllers are very expert at turning someone into a laughing stock or lauding him in the whore outlets of their media.

Look up Smedley Butler; check out how many times Barry Soetoro has lied; research how G. H. W. Bush's father was conducting business deals with the German state in the middle of WWII; look at the meeting at the Clint Murchison house held in Dallas on the night before John Kennedy was killed, and check statements made by one of the household maids along with that coming from LBJ's mistress; know that "In Hoc Signo Vinces" was made possible by the use of an advanced, for its time, technology; see PDD-51 as written by George W. Bush. Is it so far-fetched to think of Lyndon Johnson as being behind the murder of his own sister? It goes on and on: tons of drugs were brought into Arkansas while Bill Clinton was the Governor; and the ghost of Vince Foster still cries out. Who remembers? And who will test the DNA of the former president to either verify or refute any connections to Arkansas former Governor, Winthrop Rockefeller? And, in the midst of all of this rottenness, Laura Eisenhower is ridiculed for speaking about the colonies of Mars.

Just in time for the rubes to forget the last manufactured fear a new one is invented. We've gone through scores of them since the end of the great war, from "Duck and Cover" to Ebola. The ancient Gnostics and the followers of Islam agree: forgetfulness is a huge problem for mankind. The accursed methods of rule will step in with a new fad, a new fear/fashion before the average person has the time to connect this dot with the last one. Race divisions are a great tool for the monsters: when a white policeman kills a highly suspect criminal black man, the whore-media swings into full, overblown reaction, but when black violence happens to whites there is almost no coverage at all (in spite of the fact that the occurrences are far more in number). This is an example of roiling up the masses and making the less mentally capable among the majority take a stand when none should be taken at all. No matter which side you fall on, you lose in the face of the evil of the leaders and authorities, and especially as they are controlled by the money powers and shadow government of the secret societies. There is no left/right, Republican/Democrat, or Conservative/Liberal; it's all staged and acted out.

It was a hired and paid agent who fired the first shots at Kent State. He did this so as to get the ball rolling. Also, by the bizarre occurrences taking place at election times it seems perfectly reasonable to think that the process is moved by strategically rigged computerized voting machines; just enough of them are in place to swing elections. As in the case of Genetically Modified Foods, you have no say at all. And, as I have said before, the "Anarchists" at demonstrations are paid provocateurs.

But, all of what I am writing about, while pointing to the fallacies of the human organization—historically, and how it continues to be today—still has not touched upon the prime directive. It is true that almost everything here is false, but, "If you don't believe it, I'll beat it into you"; "Because I say so"; "What will people think"; "Might makes right"; "If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow." Animals have peer pressure; animals are born—people are born; animals learn enough for them to get along—people learn enough for them to get along; animals mate and have offspring—people mate and have offspring. For most humans, life is carried out in the trap of a squirrel cage. Without the abandonment of his wife and children we would have never heard of Siddhartha, the first Buddha. We can rise to the next level only if we can find the balance between the fecund and the sublime, between the material and the spiritual… And stop lying.

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