Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Lattice Structure of the Soul

The Crystal Ball of Atlantis discovered by a skin-diving doctor in the Bermuda Triangle, as told of in The Pyramid Prophesies, could have very well been a fulfillment of the prediction made by Edgar Cayce: That Atlantis would rise or be found in 1968. The symbolism of this artifact is that of the last, split second before the big bang, when all is matter (even the waves of X-rays have fallen to become one with the last black hole of black holes). The crystal is doped with a certain isotope of lead. Lead is what uranium becomes after it loses all radioactivity; thus, it speaks of death and inertness. And in symbolism it also communicates fullness. It can only transfer, such as was reported in the aforementioned book when, at a party, one woman holding the ball felt wonderful relief but the next to take it crumpled in agony. The previous woman had cancer and apparently its negative effects were passed on.

Of the twelve houses of Astrology the artifact is of Scorpio, the opposite of Aquarius, and its artifact of the Ark of the Covenant, with the space between the faces of the angels of gold, communicating an empty vase or hole in the fabric of space/time. (Remember the old trick of the eye? Is it two profiles facing each other or is it a vase between them?) And while the crystal ball is internally doped with deadness, the Ark was fabricated by pouring gold into a mold that had its internal surfaces coated with uranium. So, the opposite of the crystal ball is coated on its surface with a material symbolizing life. (Scorpio, Madam Curie became fascinated by radiation because it is of her opposite in the twelve houses of astrology, Aquarius.) The Ark tells the universe that it is of the first split-second after the big bang, when there is no matter at all, when there are only the higher twenty-two higher dimensions.

Within every pyramid is a circumscribed, human head. The crystal ball was formed in the area above and symbolized the light of an idea, such as that portrayed in cartoons. But the ark was fabricated in the lowest chamber of the pyramid, down where the vocal cords are and it represents the call sent out to the universe at large. The adage applies "Nature abhors a vacuum" but a further awareness tells us that when a hole or zero appears the laws of the universe will try to fill the absence with whatever seems to be the needed stuff.

When held up to the light the skin-diving doctor said that he could see myriads of pyramidal shapes in the ball, some small, some large and some in-between. The explanation for this is in the way a pyramid behaves like a greenhouse. While allowing many frequencies an entry, it traps some of them, causing an echoing effect within the construction. The lead atoms in the ball migrated to the lines of the force echoes while the ball was in a liquid state, but when cooled they became frozen. After fabrication both the Crystal Ball and Ark would tell the higher orders of energy that they were still inside of a pyramid, wherever they went, even though they were not. There are eight known crystals of ice; 8 X 8 = 64, the number resonant to all DNA (see DNA and the 1-Ching by Yan) but the way this doorway opens leads to the miraculous ninth crystal. In a humorous way Kurt Vonnegut Jr. touched upon this subject in Cat's Cradle, and after The Exorcist William Peter Blatty looked at this from a different angle in The Ninth Configuration.

Monday, February 10, 2014

"Belief Is the Enemy of Truth"

The created worlds we are in compare to the higher dimensions as lower-case letters to upper-case ones. This lower realm is not an illusion; instead, it is a reflection and an echo.

Whether the creative process emanated from being or a power it so follows that since all parts of this reality were made from ultimate forms of the same traits and attributes, prototypical and archetypical patterns, then it cannot be wrong to say that God is the ultimate reality and to come closer to the aspects of created reality here is to come closer to the forces that constructed them.

But we have a problem in that religious expressions cannot be checked and verified using our God-given abilities of reason and intellect. They are in emotional areas that are in tune with how people feel. Present religions serve a function of putting their followers in a state of perceptional alrightness, often, even as contrary evidences show a physical state of dire distress. (In the ditch the Jewish father pats his son on the head and says, "Don't worry, today we will see God.")

There is no greater twisted perversion than running and hiding from truth and reality so as to contrive a made-up, happy place and then terming it as a religious endeavor. This is, in fact, a direct opposition to the God of Reality. (The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy will not save you.)

I don't know; maybe it's because the arrogant and wicked people have been in power for more than six thousand years, but it could be just as true to say that people, as a whole, were not (and are not) equipped to handle the harsher aspects of truth. Merely to experience life is to know pain; over the last three sidereal months life, for the majority, has often been torture. It was bad enough on its own but it seems to me that the leaders and authorities worked to amplify the stresses and difficulties so the common folk could be more easily controlled. Here I am referring to Torture Programming.

Someone once said, "Belief is the enemy of truth." So, the Christians react by holding belief up to the highest station, something to be adhered to, and sought out. For many people, truth is not God; instead, it is the terrible foe.