Monday, February 10, 2014

"Belief Is the Enemy of Truth"

The created worlds we are in compare to the higher dimensions as lower-case letters to upper-case ones. This lower realm is not an illusion; instead, it is a reflection and an echo.

Whether the creative process emanated from being or a power it so follows that since all parts of this reality were made from ultimate forms of the same traits and attributes, prototypical and archetypical patterns, then it cannot be wrong to say that God is the ultimate reality and to come closer to the aspects of created reality here is to come closer to the forces that constructed them.

But we have a problem in that religious expressions cannot be checked and verified using our God-given abilities of reason and intellect. They are in emotional areas that are in tune with how people feel. Present religions serve a function of putting their followers in a state of perceptional alrightness, often, even as contrary evidences show a physical state of dire distress. (In the ditch the Jewish father pats his son on the head and says, "Don't worry, today we will see God.")

There is no greater twisted perversion than running and hiding from truth and reality so as to contrive a made-up, happy place and then terming it as a religious endeavor. This is, in fact, a direct opposition to the God of Reality. (The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy will not save you.)

I don't know; maybe it's because the arrogant and wicked people have been in power for more than six thousand years, but it could be just as true to say that people, as a whole, were not (and are not) equipped to handle the harsher aspects of truth. Merely to experience life is to know pain; over the last three sidereal months life, for the majority, has often been torture. It was bad enough on its own but it seems to me that the leaders and authorities worked to amplify the stresses and difficulties so the common folk could be more easily controlled. Here I am referring to Torture Programming.

Someone once said, "Belief is the enemy of truth." So, the Christians react by holding belief up to the highest station, something to be adhered to, and sought out. For many people, truth is not God; instead, it is the terrible foe.

Millions upon millions of prayers went up to God during life-threatening episodes. The Armenians of World War I, the Kulaks of the Soviet Union and the Jews of World War II begged and pleaded for rescue. One may take the position of Kurt Vonnegut Jr., as expressed in The Sirens of Titan, and see a future religion as worshipping at "The Church of God, The Utterly Indifferent"; another choice is to continue to beat our heads against a wall, or we may finally consider that something is terribly wrong with the way things are done today (in regards to this category) and then dedicate ourselves to the investigation of other paths that, in an end product, may actually work.

The true God will not be found and will not be influenced by lying, even if what is being disseminated are a body of nice lies. If there is no tuning into the universe as it is, if there is no common language there can be no communications. As it is now, the universe can't even hear us because we are in a mindset of gobbledeegook. Nature must be met on her terms, not ours.

Israel was never a land of milk and honey. It was always beset by strife and contention, warfare and poverty. (Also, factor in the plagues and famines that occasionally fell upon the people during their long  history in that land.)

For more than two thousand years the parasitic religious leadership has been pumping up people's fears about The End of the World. After Jesus left Judea there were many who thought it was the end. Since then there have been scores of sects that have prepared for it over the centuries. We need to come to a conclusion in all of this; we need to consider that this is an emotional game designed to amplify people's fears. (Besides being behind the curtain, The Wizard of Oz uses his fear machine to keep people at bay.)

"Blessed are the meek" (well, maybe) "For they shall inherit the earth" (and then again, maybe not). "Blessed are the peacemakers." Actually, I think they should be, but I've never seen them in any greater stead than a philanthropist (and quickly forgotten).

Radiocarbon dating is not based upon faith or belief; it can be checked and verified; you can duplicate and prove the theory by repeating the data. But, there is no way this can be done with some guy walking on water.

The second temple has a fa├žade of religious devotion but in truth it was a bank that sold stalls to vendors and money-changers, provided a place for the safe-keeping of valuables (for a fee), collected taxes (remember the half-shekel?) and made loans to foreign governments at interest.

"His wonders to behold," "Through a glass darkly," and "Christ-consciousness" have no meaning beyond being tactical buzz-words employed so as to bring about emotional control of one person over another. There is no such thing as a "Kingdom of Heaven," but there is a true, end-of-the-world scenario that surrounds us like a malevolent specter of impending doom. The threat grows daily: It was put in place by the God of the Bible when he said, "Be fruitful and multiply." (As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us.")

Will no one read of an alternative to this insanity? So far I am not seeing many who will investigate the recommendations in The Once and Future Age.

Part of the insanity can be illustrated by reactions that I have NOT received concerning the Golden-Mean Spiral. A few years ago I wrote to the MENSA club; they returned my letter with no comment. I also sent a letter to Richard C. Hoagland (the author of The Monuments of Mars) but received no answer. Then, as recently as six months ago I wrote a former acquaintance I knew while working at the Desert Research Institute of Israel, a PhD inorganic chemist. I'm sure that if he wanted to, he could get ahold of a large globe and also a laser set to emit the pattern of a Golden-Mean Spiral, but apparently he refuses to go there since, so far, he has not come back to me.

"We're not looking through that thing and we know it doesn't work." I'm paraphrasing. I don't know the exact words used by the notables of Galileo's time to put down his telescope. I refer to them as an illustration of the insanity and call the reader's attention to the evidences that show them still at work.

I'm sure the emperor of Austria could not write his way out of a wet paper bag when it came to creating music. But in the less talented audience of lowered abilities lies a negative reaction born of resentment and envy. The vast majority of humanity does not rejoice when the genius of creativity manifests itself. Most people would rather hold all those that they can, down, and render them powerless and impotent, than see any success come to the forefront. Hence, when Mozart made the mistake of asking the
emperor how he liked his music the great man replied, "Too many notes."

Insanity: When Newt Gingrich was campaigning a young newsman button-holed him and asked what he thought of the evidences that indicated that 9/11 was an inside job. "Oh, you're crazy," came the quick reply, with a vacuous display of programmed, smiling teeth. And, there is not one reporter that will ask the sheriff of Maricopa County about the evidences he has, showing Barak Obama's birth information as a fraud.

Maybe Lenny Bruce (if he were alive) might ask, "So, what's going on with all of this? Are all these people fucking nuts?"

And (projecting further) if I were allowed a reply it would be, "Many have learned that when O'Brien holds up fingers they had better see the right number."

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