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The Lattice Structure of the Soul

The Crystal Ball of Atlantis discovered by a skin-diving doctor in the Bermuda Triangle, as told of in The Pyramid Prophesies, could have very well been a fulfillment of the prediction made by Edgar Cayce: That Atlantis would rise or be found in 1968. The symbolism of this artifact is that of the last, split second before the big bang, when all is matter (even the waves of X-rays have fallen to become one with the last black hole of black holes). The crystal is doped with a certain isotope of lead. Lead is what uranium becomes after it loses all radioactivity; thus, it speaks of death and inertness. And in symbolism it also communicates fullness. It can only transfer, such as was reported in the aforementioned book when, at a party, one woman holding the ball felt wonderful relief but the next to take it crumpled in agony. The previous woman had cancer and apparently its negative effects were passed on.

Of the twelve houses of Astrology the artifact is of Scorpio, the opposite of Aquarius, and its artifact of the Ark of the Covenant, with the space between the faces of the angels of gold, communicating an empty vase or hole in the fabric of space/time. (Remember the old trick of the eye? Is it two profiles facing each other or is it a vase between them?) And while the crystal ball is internally doped with deadness, the Ark was fabricated by pouring gold into a mold that had its internal surfaces coated with uranium. So, the opposite of the crystal ball is coated on its surface with a material symbolizing life. (Scorpio, Madam Curie became fascinated by radiation because it is of her opposite in the twelve houses of astrology, Aquarius.) The Ark tells the universe that it is of the first split-second after the big bang, when there is no matter at all, when there are only the higher twenty-two higher dimensions.

Within every pyramid is a circumscribed, human head. The crystal ball was formed in the area above and symbolized the light of an idea, such as that portrayed in cartoons. But the ark was fabricated in the lowest chamber of the pyramid, down where the vocal cords are and it represents the call sent out to the universe at large. The adage applies "Nature abhors a vacuum" but a further awareness tells us that when a hole or zero appears the laws of the universe will try to fill the absence with whatever seems to be the needed stuff.

When held up to the light the skin-diving doctor said that he could see myriads of pyramidal shapes in the ball, some small, some large and some in-between. The explanation for this is in the way a pyramid behaves like a greenhouse. While allowing many frequencies an entry, it traps some of them, causing an echoing effect within the construction. The lead atoms in the ball migrated to the lines of the force echoes while the ball was in a liquid state, but when cooled they became frozen. After fabrication both the Crystal Ball and Ark would tell the higher orders of energy that they were still inside of a pyramid, wherever they went, even though they were not. There are eight known crystals of ice; 8 X 8 = 64, the number resonant to all DNA (see DNA and the 1-Ching by Yan) but the way this doorway opens leads to the miraculous ninth crystal. In a humorous way Kurt Vonnegut Jr. touched upon this subject in Cat's Cradle, and after The Exorcist William Peter Blatty looked at this from a different angle in The Ninth Configuration.

There is interplay between the something of the ball and the nothing of the space between the faces of the angels. I wrote of this in The Once and Future Age, pages 63-65. Picture atoms lined up in a crystalline semi-conductor. This string has a full number of electrons in every other atom while the ones in between are lacking one electron in the outer, or valence shell. Imagine that electron flow is begun
from left to right. As they all shift they leave spaces behind where they used to be. In effect, this causes the appearance of a flow of the spaces to the left even as the electrons are moving to the right. This marriage can be seen also in macro if you think of the sun as the body of Scorpio while the earth is of
Aquarius: If you heat the earth, even a small amount, it will cause the sun to go into a period of over activity, thereby causing the entire solar system to heat up (which has been happening).

The lattice structure of the uranium atoms on the skin of the ark cannot be detected but there are indications in Jewish lore that can lead us to believe that it was radioactive (warnings about hair falling out, etc.).

There is something to follow the statement, "nature abhors a vacuum." The reaction to the presentation of a hole in the universe is that the fabric will try to fill it in with whatever seems to be the need: The reason why the people's clothes and shoes did not wear out during the long period of wandering in Sinai is because the ark read their worrying and provided for it. (This aspect is akin to the reported sharpening of razor-blades in a pyramid, and to The Shamir, a stone-cutting chisel of old, that never became dull.)

But here is a very dangerous aspect of the ark: Whatever you are fearful of, it will give an answer. It all depends upon you and what you are asking for. As an example of its destructive potential look to 720 BCE when the Assyrians carried off the ten northern tribes: At this time they also surrounded Jerusalem and the two remaining tribes thought they were doomed. So, King Hezekiah poured out his heart before the ark and the next morning thousands of Assyrian soldiers were lying dead on the ground. And further, I believe that this is what happened to the "First Fruits" or elite of Egypt as the tenth plague: Moses prayed before the ark, expressing all of his fears that he had concerning his own class.

Bluntly put, the ark was not fabricated in Sinai by a bunch of former slaves with a stuttering prince as their leader. Both the crystal ball and the ark were made inside of a resonant pyramid.

The ball was taken to the island of Santorini (AKA Thera) and placed atop a ziggurat; the ark was placed on its resonant spot in the area we know of today as northwest Saudi Arabia, near The Red Sea. Both were on the Golden-mean Spiral that begins at the Giza plateau. (A line drawn between the two sites may show a displacement of the critical angle of 19.47 degrees, from due north.)

The vibes of the spiral line are of Aries/war. The ancient Egyptians wanted to stop the transit of the line at Thera and re-route it back to Mars ("Go back where you came from") so as to keep it from influencing the people of Turkey and those of the land between the rivers and making them more warlike. There was a very critical factor in the alignment of the ark and the ball; they both had to be aimed just right, on top of being stationed perfectly on the proper site. If you look up this small mountain in Saudi Arabia you may see that the tops of the stones are burned black. This brings to mind the tale of The Burning Bush. Again, the resonances of this method had to be close to perfect; one of the life-totems of the Aries house is that of the camel; in ancient times this system—I believe—was known as passing "A camel through the eye of a needle." Here we are looking at a way of burying truth: the shadow leadership will always invent new terms so as to do away with historical truths. George Orwell called it "Newspeak." In this same vein of explanation "The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships" was the face at Cydonia, on mars, and the "Shock and Awe" program was originally a psy-op put in place after World War II; UFO's and (lately) cattle mutilations and crop circle making technologies were (and are) used in order to keep the masses in a state of quandary, where they can be more easily manipulated.

The overall mathematical expression of the Aries, Golden-mean Spiral can be understood in a picture of an inverted ziggurat in the sky, approaching the earth with its point downward. Again, in order to influence the higher dimensions man must deal with them in their own language and terms of reference. Thus, if you choose to build a wall you must build a ziggurat in the path of the line of power as it passes over the face of the earth. Its size must be an exact sub-harmonic, e. g., one millionth of the size of the original; the angle of the slope of the downward spiral sides must incorporate the letter pi into it in the same way the Giza Pyramids do; and the curve must be opposite to the power line; as the line from Giza grows it turns in a clockwise pattern, so the wall must have its outside size edges turning in a counter-clockwise manner. If done in this way the power line will see the construction not as a ziggurat but as a wall because of its equal and opposite nature. For the original purpose the wall would stop the line from continuing on its course and would be directed to the crystal ball above where it would then be transferred back to mars. But what Moses and Jethro did was to get some of their men to move the ark from its resonant spot. After that, all they had to do was waiting; eventually the power built up at Thera to such an amount that mars left its orbit and drew close enough to this planet to allow an arc to be sent back. This exploded Thera and contributed to the large hole at the base of the D&M five-sided pyramid at Cydonia, on mars. (In a close, fly-by the lighter body will give up much of its air, water and topsoil to the heavier one.) This happened three times between earth and mars: the first was the Atlantis Catastrophe; the second was the flood of Noah's time and the last was when Moses and Jethro caused "The Ten Plagues of Egypt."

I can't say what fell out of balance that caused the Atlantis disaster but I can point to evidences found along the west coasts of Alaska and British Columbia. As Emmanuel Velikofski reports in his books, there were piles of animal parts of corpses found, all mashed together. My interpretation of this is that there was a gravity war that drew these creatures skyward and then slammed them back down again. I wish to direct any future investigator to the ruins of the pyramids of China and the possibility of there being a Golden-mean Spiral transiting over the Aleutian Islands (there may be a connecting mathematics that will bring into a better understanding of how and why the earlier civilization fell). Mars lost quite a bit to earth. There were survivors after the first catastrophe at Cydonia but they had to dig in. The next two major incidents would serve to cover up any evidences showing previous life on the red planet.

A further note about symbolism: Flame is the Aries; war can be seen as the ultimate in criminal activity; in the Dark Ages an arch-criminal would sometimes be drawn, his innards taken from his torso and then burned before his eyes; because the crystal ball and ark were fabricated within a pyramid of the Aries line they represented innards, and to place them along the Golden-Mean Spiral had them symbolically burning along the line representing the flame of war.

The time for the building of The Tower of Babel—as given in the bible—is wrong. It was built before the Great Flood, not after. The first transit of pilgrims from mars to earth happened at about 4200 BCE. The oar-lines below the Face of Mars came together at a resonance (again, see The Once and Future Age) just above and to the left of the face. Those who could leave mars somehow rode this point through to the Aries line that begins at Giza in Egypt. In many ways these pioneers served to resurrect civilization but there was a huge problem in that they had the power to do ANYTHING they wanted.

So, after about a thousand years Nimrod was given the task of building his tower by whatever secret society was in charge at the time. I'm sure that upon its completion it didn't have to work very long before another disaster happened. On mars there were a few people in the know; Noah was not the only one. They built their craft's on high places that they were sure would face the earth when the time came. Of course there was no gathering of animals. What Noah and the others carried to earth was the knowledge of the life-totems and their connections to the twelve astrological signs.

When something happens that is far beyond the norms of human experience a primitive mind will think of it as a God-created Miracle, or define it as magic. The Talmud passes Jesus off as a magician. It also says that if the ancient world were divided up into ten parts, then nine of those ten would have been found in Egypt. BUT, it does not go on to connect those views with their deliverer's background: As a prince of Egypt Moses received the finest education available and much of that learning had to do with what would have been termed as "Magic."

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