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The Cornerstone of Creation

Most of the traditional monotheistic drive is about an attempt to divert responsibility by way of having a plausible excuse. No matter, whatever you do, the highest authority says that you will be at fault. The God of the Bible says that it's not his problem; I guess I gotta hurt you again. There's always an excuse for punishment; there's always an excuse for not following up on any positive promises. And, at the same time, the adherent tells this god that it's his fault, his responsibility.

This gets everyone nowhere; the source of Aries war: (two six year olds in a playground argument: Is too. Is not. Is too. Is not.). To grow up, to transcend higher than a previous age of immaturity we need to conform to the universe as it is, not as how you would like it to be. (This may be a good place for a cornerstone, a beginning ethos for the sidereal month to follow.)

The rest of the powers do not know what good or evil is. Positives and negatives do not necessarily have any meaning outside of how they echo and reflect to the other powers. A kabballist knows this to be true: Power can be garnered using good, but (I would say that) in an age where the negatives reign supreme the attribute of the good suffers from a contrived, incorrect definition. And, going further, it probably is a manifestation of childishness that so many people are obsessed with the search for the good. This is a trap. Over and over the proofs have historically repeated: When it comes to finding any essence of God the good you can't get there from here, and if you try the outcome will be delusion caused by irrationality and wishful thinking. Of negative powers are the fake, the fraud and the phony. They require that the proponent live in a world of lying and thereby require the seeker to live in the same world. As an example of this, look to all of the radio and television evangelists. They may get people to feel better about themselves but this is what escaping from reality by the use of dwgs or alcohol or the invention of a fairy-tale world can do. As it is now, from the top of all establishment organs, lies are invented. Then new lies are concocted to cover up for previous lies. The ideal for the powers of darkness is an environment of pure torture. In that atmosphere people will run from the God of Reality to a contrived, happy-land. CoId truth: Ultimate truth doesn't care how you feel. At the end of this sidereal age of Pisces we are all in an extremely dark pit, a nadir that we have descended to over the course of the last hundreds of thousands of years. From this terrible place of darkness I think I can see a handhold here and there. So, even though what I write may be rank speculation, still I will tell of it since I know that nothing that comes from the top can be trusted in this age we are in. Not for me or mine—it is too late for most of us—but for others to check, test, and verify-or-refute.

There is a line from the easternmost monument at Cydonia, a line of the sunrise about four hundred and fifty thousand years ago, this line on mars was achieved as it reached on the day of the summer solstice from the tetrahedron on the crater rim (farthest to the upper right; known in its time as the House of The Rising Sun, or The First Circle) to the four, equidistant pyramids (Called the Red Cross, The Red Square, or sometimes, The Grinder or molar) at downtown, city center. The perfection of the powers of Cydonia pushed along the evolution of Homo erectus on earth at approximately the same time.

It's not a question of chicken or egg, of first or last; in this case both united and became one. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke introduced the idea of a large, stone monolith as the frequency-generating device. The basis is correct, but it is an oversimplification. Reality is like this: No matter where you start, you will always be in the middle. Complicated, but there are some paths to take.

Too much attention is given to emotional considerations. How you feel is the enemy of truth. The true voice to listen to is the one inside of you. It is the spark of divinity. Whenever you take someone's word for something you are placing them in a superior position to you; you are connecting to their vested interests and not your own. To find your inner voice you have to be placed in a very stressful situation, such as war, or you must spend much time alone. Warning: It's a minefield; there are many people that connect to the ability to penetrate your thinking process, aping your own thoughts with their own agenda; it may take years for you to recognize your own words. The only guideline I have is to say that your true voice has your own interests in mind. It does not tempt you to go to a tavern or to use drugs. And many cannot stand to be alone. They would rather do just about anything rather than to experience the possibility of loneliness. To live as a solitary internal seeker requires the subject to be comfortable in his own skin and to have not one ounce of self-hatred, and to be pure in the seeking of the internal voice, while being absolutely honest. Very, very few can do this. And, if that weren't hard enough, every relationship you have becomes your enemy; every person close to you has you defined within a certain set of constricting parameters. Humans do this. You do it too. We all confine each other. The reason why Siddhartha (the first Buddha) deserted his wife and family was he had to free himself of all constraints. There's no possible way to internally transcend to a higher level if you are in a condition of "Married with Children" or if you have friends. All you'll be able to do is parrot the acceptable viewpoints (serving to weld you to the matrix of man tighter) but you will never be able to know at the deepest level. You'll be able to repeat by rote all the religious or scientific or political or economic establishment gives you (groups of the accepted or the counter cultures do not matter) until you believe it. But that will not make it true; programming, indoctrinating. . . belief; the shortcut is almost never the best path.

You and I do not know who the real guys were (and are). Buddha, Zoroaster, Mohammed and all those commonly referred to are not the true sages because they became co-opted and corrupted by having relationships with a human following. The closest may have been Fulcaneili, a specter or ghostly figure mentioned in occult and magical circles; he, of tremendous long life, showing up after decades to whisper in the ear of a great mind, assisting by giving a tiny nudge in the right direction. And, he is probably a fiction. Nevertheless, many of us (by way of hope) have to believe that there is an invisible college of wise men, a small number spread over the face of the earth form the highest point of humanness and, communicating by mind alone, spreading the light given to them from above. The paradox is that as soon as any adept spreads light in a conscious sense he corrupts himself by the fact of emptying his raindrop, Derdekia(s) of all of its stored light, communicating with humans of the fecund and earthly world, those that have never earned or deserved the light, and in most cases, are sure to misunderstand and befoul it in one way or another, attacking it with emotionalism, the enemy.

There are twelve spheres to reality: six that correspond to the expansion of the stars and six that tie to the long collapse. We are in the first set of spheres after the big bang, when the majority of the starts are yellow. Six of the twelve are more female in attributes and six are of the more male principle. The left side of the body of Osiris is female and is more about religion; the right side is male and its focus is a little more attuned to technology and science. Set (read Seth) cut up the body he spread its parts over the face of the earth, hence the state of divisionism today. The twelve is compared to an infinity sign scrunched up and turned into a lattice with six spheres left and right. Some of the attributes can be found in Deuteronomy 16-27, and in the order of their aging from the first being resonant to an infant in the womb and the twelfth connecting to the last age of the normal life of a human being. The first three spheres are of the tetrahedron and the color is yellow, connecting to the yellow races of the earth-- the direction is east; the second is the four-sided pyramid and is connected to the white people of the north; the third is of five sides and the people of the west, the red ones; and the six sided figure relates to the south and the black peoples. These directions can be seen in the twelve ruins of temples between Greece and Turkey, and they can be imagined in the pattern of the ancient Swastika as well as in the four projected entryways to the equidistant pyramids at "downtown" Cydonia. The emotional reference is to yellow—reticence or cowardice, white—fear, red—anger, and black—hatred. The lattice of the twelve can be understood as male quanta packets composed of twelve quarks. The four "Archons" (structures) are resonant to the mathematical angles in the four major nucleotides, with uracil being a fifth (sometimes used) one connected to the brown dwarf stars and an offshoot of the astrological sign, Virgo. The attributes found in Deuteronomy 16ƒ27 are (in order): 1) Aquarius 2) Gemini 3) Leo 4) Aries 5) Libra 6) Capricorn 7) Cancer 8) Taurus 9) Sagittarius 1O) Virgo 11) Pisces and 12) Scorpio. Some more of these stations of life are, Gemini—infant, Leo—Toddler, Cancer—adolescent son, Sagittarius—father, Virgo—mother, and Pisces—grandfather.

What has been forgotten from ancient times is a technology based upon resonance. Tap into the most micro to get a benefit to the medium and the macro, or do it in reverse. The 19.5 degree angle can be seen in the regular sunspots (at least it used to be seen regularly) and it can also be seen at the Hawaiian volcano, Olympus Mons on Mars, The great spot of Jupiter and the one on Neptune. That is an evidence of a macro influence, but the micro is like this: without the tuning constantly going on, provided to the DNA molecule by the energies falling in value from Dark Matter, life itself would not be able to exist. The idealized angle of descent of RNA or DNA is 19.5 degrees. This is what Jacob saw when he dreamed his dream of the ladder: a DNA molecule in the process of being tuned by the "angels."

The process of matter creation is all around. The stray quarks become quanta packets and then they become electrons, protons and neutrons. When a particle is formed, if it has a majority of the patterns of the positive ten quanta then it will be a proton; if it has a majority of the negative ten it will be an electron and if it has a majority of the neutral ten and of the neutral twelve it will be a neutron. Through resonance a certain tap can be inserted in the system, and by influences using human (acted out) rites and rituals this natural process can be slightly influenced for the positive betterment of mankind. "Said R. Hizkiah: 'Assuredly it is so, the lower and the upper world are interdependent; and
since the destruction of the temple there are no blessings, either on high or below, which proves their interdependence.' R. Jose said: 'Not only are there no blessings, but there are everywhere curses, as the supply of sustenance is now drawn from the sinister side.'" from the Zohar, Noah.

I do not know much about the period of the first temple but I suspect that, while it may have been a bit better—with the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies—whatever good was dispensed by its presence fled when it was carried off to Babylon during or after the reign of Manasseh. (Think! Babylon becomes indestructible in warfare, then after it is carried to Persia that kingdom is unbeatable, then on to Greece and Alexander, and then finally on to the plain [In Italy?] of Acadia or Arcadia, from where the Romans are assisted in their wars of conquest. Finally, I think, the guild buried it. In Holy Blood Holy Grail a hint is given by way of the painting of shepherds and the inscription on the tomb, "Et in Arcadia Ego." If I'm on the right track it will be found along the line that begins at the pyramids at Giza. Yet the time of the first temple, while on a high level, it was not of any pinnacle. The ages of resonance between mars and earth, of Cydonia and Atlantis, were thousands of times more beneficial and they probably lasted for at least hundreds of thousands of years.

As we look upon the Face of Mars from above the right side, facing the sun, is of the female and the left side is male. Richard C. Hoagland in his book The Monuments of Mars shows each side folded or doubled and points to the feline, right side, and the simian left, but if you cover up the upper three fifths of the left side you can see the picture of a weasel or hyena staring front-face back at you with a huge grin. The Face of Mars is resonant with spheres three, seven and nine. In Gnostic literature it is termed "The Thrice-Male Barbello" since all odd spheres are male. The upper left is of the Cancerian missing link and the metal is silver, of the silver-backed gorilla. The metal of Leo is gold and the metal for Sagittarius is copper or bronze; these three form the basis of all wealth. The weasel/hyena is of Sagittarius, and of course the feline is Leo. Here we have father, Sagittarius; son, Cancer; and holy ghost, Leo. On the negative side they are 666 (the father has resonance to the universal language of numbers while his opposite, Aries, has power over names and naming), the false prophet (read Jonah to see how the god of the bible turned him INTO a false prophet) and the beast. The three parts of maleness are Cancer, testicles; Leo, shaft of the penis; and the Sagittarius is the head of the organ. In Argentinean slang the Cancer is a Bolludo (taken from Bluto of Popeye cartoon fame), a guy with all balls and no brains; The Leo, in Yiddish, is a Schmuck; and the Sagittarius is a Putz or Dickhead, in American. In disinformational humor they are Moe, Larry and Curly of The Three Stooges. Never hire these guys to do anything. That's the point: all of the monuments performed a call by the way of an opposite; in showing three aspects of stooges that do not work the call was sent out for what actually does. If you look at any of the iconography of ancient India you may notice that, if a male elephant is portrayed, a rainbow may be seen where the penis should be. On the Face of Mars it is the arc from the testicles of Cancer to the head of Sagittarius.

In terms of sexual attraction: the Cancer is very interesting and deep, the Leo can be wonderful and the Sagittarius may be fascinating.


                              Cancer                           Leo                           Sagittarius      
                                 id                                ego                             superego
                             thought                          word                              deed

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