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The Problems of Man and This Planet

The problems of man and this planet are not difficult to recognize. They are many and appear to be coming together to an end possibly resembling something between an earth-wide denuded Easter Island and the ecological disaster area that is Guam. Still though, even with the evidences being what they are, the vast majority of people go about their business, figuratively digging into a hillside for the resources they can get. Collectively they know, the better part of humanity fully understands that what they are doing is unsustainable and will eventually result in a huge collapse, but the digging continues. And even as there is a highly educated minority trying to find a solution, because they are opposed by numbers far greater than theirs and especially because a real cure will involve taking some drastic actions, only stop-gap measures of a temporary nature are applied.

Man tries to mitigate his negative impact on the earth but this is rather like an addict taking an array of pills rather than going cold turkey. Here's a fundamental law: When man seeks to add to his efforts in an attempt to help or assist nature, in the long run everything will only get worse. Collectively, humans are the uneducated and inept sorcerer's apprentice. In our present zeitgeist the evidences seem to be overwhelming: nothing is working toward a positive for Homo sapiens; he continues to operate in the same mindset, even though its systems show themselves not able to offer any other ideas. So programmed is he that he will attack revolutionary ways and will reject them out of hand without testing, checking or verifying any proposal that might be even slightly out of the box. Insanity. But added to that is a metaphysical and religious evil that is welded to the veneration of darkness. The practitioners know of no caste; those of orthodox religion and the ones of science fit right in with the masses. In Platoon Chris cites a quote: "Hell is the impossibility of reason." I would add that it is now a place where emotionalism overpowers logic. The enemy is exasperating because of the tactics and tricks employed instead of a desire to implement the truth. The people of darkness find it easy to attack the light with a negative set of how people fee/.

In this paper I want to present a possibility based upon the biblical holiday of Succoth, or Feast of the Booths. A booth can be a resonant cavity and, therefore, can be tuned in size so as to communicate with other, more powerful and useful frequencies. The microwave oven works by tuning the size of its waves to the water molecule and then vibrates it, producing heat in the material placed inside. This is an example of vibratory resonance. Another is the piano tuning fork: if you vibrate a b-flat one and then put it in close proximity to another of the same size, you can then put the first one down and hear the same tone out of the second one because of its passive resonance to the first vibrating one.

For a unit of measurement I wish to draw your attention to the cubit and handbreadth, also known as "The Royal Cubit." This was used as the basis for the building of the first temple of Solomon (understood to be a large, resonant structure). But right away we are faced with a problem in that, from ancient sources we can get many different lengths for the cubit; the sizes are too many to consider. However, I'm going to take the position that there was an "Ideal Cubit and Handbreadth" length that was only known among the innermost core of secret societies, and that Hiram Abiff was one of the elite.

To research some phenomena that can be caused by the bombardment of materials by powerful frequencies see the experiments of Prof. John Hutchinson. I hope to extrapolate, and show how vibrational influences can effect much more than these experiments indicate. But, first of all,
understand that there are great differences between those of light and those of darkness. The darkness seeks to cleave to the nothing or to come to a negative by the tactic of divisionism. Where divisions exist they will either leave them alone of play them off against one another for profit. In this, Christianity serves as a great paradox for even though the founders words about a house divided seem right, as we objectively look at the religion that came from him we can see myriads of divisions and yet the overall edifice is still intact. "Behold, I bring a sword of division" are words attributed to him, and from Daniel we get the phrase, "Divide the land for gain." In other words, making hay from a state of disunity, perfectly going against Moses' words, "The Lord is One": understood as a unity of all in the
universe. Today all elements of the establishment make their home in darkness. Like Hitler in his bunker, they would choose suicide rather than disclose anything.

For years, I kept Dr. Hutchinson's efforts in mind as a possible something that might be employed at a later time. Then after I heard that the main frequency used at the Philadelphia Experiment was four hundred and fifty Megahertz I was able to put something together: The physical length of one cycle at that frequency is exactly two-thirds of a meter, or just a touch above twenty-six inches. This is tantalizingly close to what could be the idealized cubit and handbreadth and in fact, in the face of the lack of any other suggestions I am willing to accept it as so. Connected to this, maybe what we have for an inch is not the perfect one; it could very-well be that the true measurement was lost over time. So I propose to change the inch to fit this: for .6666 of a meter, there are exactly 26 inches. The connector here is that the numerical value of Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey (mistranslated as Yahwea or Jehovah) is twenty-six.

There are harmonics of frequencies that, even though they are multiples, will sympathetically vibrate with a source, and there are sub-harmonics that are fractions but will also vibrate, so I recommend that a seeker's booth be built that has 4 x .6666 of a meter along it's outside edges (the internal measurements aren't so critical) and with a height of half as much. A ladder could be used to get in or out with this height but to gain full effect of the vibrations the occupant would have to be below the upper edge.

In radio we know that first a carrier wave is established and then it is modulated by the information the sender wishes to convey. The booths will be a resonant container for the human vibrations within, and for a carrier frequency I propose that sites traditionally considered to be sacred be used. There are many of these. Some examples are the megaliths at Carnac in France; the ruins of twelve ancient temples between Greece and Turkey, hundreds of kilometers apart, that forms a perfect, Maltese Cross, and the area of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, as well as the Red Rocks of Sedona in Arizona. Wherever there is a tradition of native specialness, such as Ayer's Rock in Australia, you can be certain that there is also a power.

Here's another kind of modulation: Observe the Native American mother of the Southwest as she performs parts of the Blue Corn Ceremony. When she pours her batter over her own personal stone she is putting her own positive thoughts into the cooking. This is an example of a "conscious call". In earlier times, when the young men of many tribes went on a vision quest they would not sleep until the visions came; this is an example of the unconscious call that is a result of the stress of going without sleep or being in total darkness for three days or more. The Pineal Gland activates and its call is not controlled by any conscious thought. When I saw my first documentary about Chaco Canyon I noticed that there were buildings with rooms, within rooms, within rooms and I thought that, with a thick roof, the person inside could have been in total darkness. Further, in terms of the conscious call, I saw that there were piles of broken pottery to be found just over edges to wadis. I know that in Mexico the potters will make a mark on each pot that they make so the part of their soul encased within will not be trapped. This ties to kabbalah in that there is a theory that says that the universe was created by God smashing the vessels that held the light, and this was acted out by Abraham when he broke all the idols of his father before setting out on a monotheistic quest (told of in Talmud). Here, when you make a piece of pottery you put part of yourself in it, so that when you smash it at the proper time and place you send out your own conscious call.

A good place to start: There is a wall at the south of Pueblo Bonito at Chaco Canyon. Its alignment corresponds with the path of the sun as it occurs during the times of equinox. First, we could set up a line of booths that abut against the wall and with only three sides being necessary outward from that point. There would be an equal distance from booth to booth along the wall and the outward pattern becomes a checkerboard. This means that a resonance will be achieved in the spaces between the walls as well as within. There will be no facilities for staying in darkness at first; something along this line will have to be figured out later. So anyone that wishes to activate his pineal gland will have to do it by staying awake for around three nights or even longer. This is not for the faint of heart or for anyone of middle age or older. I suggest you start some two nights before being in the area; allow for travel time.

When my own pineal gland opened up I had been drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes to stay awake. I don't think that this kind of activity will negatively affect anything (but at the same time I do not recommend cigarettes; it took me decades to quit) but whatever you do, do not ingest any psychedelic drugs. Peyote use is the reason why this earlier civilization collapsed. They people sought out shortcuts and the result was mass hysteria and panic. (Gigo means garbage in—garbage out.)

Okay, so you make two pots at home, thinking of whatever call you wish to send. You stay awake the first night after you fire the pots and then begin to travel on the second day or night, timing your travels to arrive before the third night. You stay in your booth throughout the day, waiting for any vision that might come and you paint your ceramics, again thinking of whatever you wish to send. Then at the first rays of sunrise you crash them both together at the edge of a ditch or arroyo.

But if you do not seek to send out a sub-conscious call you only need to bring your pottery to the site, erect your booth, and then sleep inside of the structure after you paint your pots. Your conscious call will also be when you smash the pots (or even a single pot).

In this system resides the body of Osiris. This is a technology applied (of maleness) that works best if a religious mindset (of femaleness) is achieved. In most ancient times Osiris was seen as a body of knowledge, one that united both male and female principles.

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