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The Egg

In this paper I wish to communicate the Derdekea(s) to people collectively as well as to the individual. This is an Aramaic word. In the gnostic, Nag Hammadi Library, the beginning words of the codex titled, The Paraphrase of Shem are: "[The] paraphrase which was about the unbegotten spirit."

"What Derdekea(s) revealed to me, Shem, according to the will of the majesty."

The referred to unbegotten spirit is an entity, a body of vibrations and frequencies we all go through while we are in the wombs of our mothers. As I have said in other places, the number of Vud-hey plus Vav-hey is twenty-six, and this—in its sound as an acronym—is accorded the exalted place of being the most holy of holy names in the bible. Tied to this is the string theory that accounts for twenty-six dimensions, and (further) this leads to the number of letters in Hebrew and Aramaic, with their primary letters being twenty-two in number, related to the total of dimensions in the higher orders, while there are four ending letters (called "Sofit") that connect to the dimensional references in our world of height, width, depth and time. And still there is one more caveat: there is actually a fifth ending letter, the Pey Sofit, which is a translator sitting between the higher and lower orders. It is shaped like an outline of a fetus. This letter speaks of the unborn, of the time when we were awash in the vibrations of the totality. It was at this point in our development that we were in a halfway state, neither of the higher or lower worlds but (in paradox) tied to each. But, while many sages have tried to come to a higher level of awareness through the phenomenon of transcendence, using meditation, it is extremely hard to understand prenatal existence; after the trauma of birth we forgot.

The meaning of Derdekea(s) is raindrop, and can mean the collective rain at the same time.

Picture all of our individual souls as raindrops. We are discrete and physically separated but, behaving like glass beads, we can also act as prisms and lenses, and serve to transfer light. Here's the arrangement I saw: it is as if, in our short lives, we fall near to a great light. Next time you see a street lamp in the rain take note of the secondary radiance, a few feet out from the lamp; that is a product of the raindrops near to the source light and the raindrops act as little lenses. There is a collective glow to mankind, but as philosophers far wiser than I have said, "But we are not of the light;" no, the light belongs to the supreme source, even as we carry a spark of divinity within we are merely borrowing it for the duration of our short terms on this planet. And as far as we individually go, remember that according to kabbalah the maker broke the vessels that held the light, freeing it to go where it would. Some souls have much (some raindrops are very near the source) some have a little light (being farther away) and some have none at all. While the arrangement of the raindrops can mentally resonate it comes from the world of the inanimate. If we wish to relate it to something of life we can observe the Weeping Willow tree. Some of the branches are closer to the trunk than others and some are larger. At the same time that we are like raindrops (as our souls) our beings also resonate with a tree of the Garden of Eden, the Weeping Willow.

All this leads to the first sphere in the arrangement of the twelve, the house of Aquarius, the sidereal month that we are entering. The first is resonant to the infant in the womb; it ties to the first circle at the Cydonia monuments on mars, a picture of an Eiderdown Duck's nest, with the tetrahedron on the edge being symbolic of an egg. Each of the twelve presents a signpost in a normal human life. The first sphere is of the earth, the body where new life is being born at all times, while the twelfth one is the sun, the body that presents itself to the universe as a body that is always in the act of dying. This house is known as the water-giver; the fetus is surrounded by water; the last thing that happens before the actual birth is that mom's water breaks. Planet earth has about the same percentage of water on its surface as a human body. The time in the womb begins as we are an egg; the surface of the earth is made of tectonic plates, like floating parts of broken parts of an eggshell. The infant in the womb is a clean slate so it follows that the age we are entering could conceivably involve a process of erasure for most of mankind's systems and methods.

As a radioman part of my work in the Navy involved codes. Over time, the more I studied the first parts of the bible the more impressed I became by the elegance of its cryptography. The ancient ones that originally put it together were known as "The Black Headed Ones" or "The Black Footed Ones"
werealso called "Enlil" or "Ananaki," and the level of genius that they put into this code is astounding.

All letters are important. As a start I will discuss the great and small alefs as they pertain to the first sentence of the bible, and I will touch upon the meaning of the Torus Worm. (For a more complete picture you should see my book, The Once and Future Age, and I suggest that you research these two letters and the Torus Worm on internet sites as well as in written works.)

Draw a line from upper left to lower right, about three quarters of an inch long and at a descending angle of about sixty degrees. Now, on the left side of that line come up about one third of the way from the bottom and make a smaller line beginning at the joining of the first line and going away at about another sixty degree angle from it, to stop at the same lower point as the first line. What you have done
is to present a picture of the idea of a source root that all the letters are made from, this, symboIic of the roots of the tree of life. This is not an actual letter but rather a beginning. Understand—however—that if it is flipped, it becomes the letter tsadie, the last letter of the first sentence of Genesis. Besides this connection there is a resonance of process that presents a figurative understanding to the beginning of life within the womb.

The source, or root, is an unfertilized egg.

Hold up your right hand with fingers together, your pinky away and your thumb facing you. Make a lopsided letter U with your thumb being the short side; now bend the top of the letter to the left, enough so its approximation can fit to the upper right part of the proto-letter. What you have done with your hand is to create the letter, bet. Add it to the first depiction and the result becomes The Great Alef. Aramaic, Canaanite and Hebrew agree: bet is for byeet, translated as house. This first letter is the first one of the first sentence of the bible. It presents a picture of the first unification and, as such, is accorded the numerical value of one. This is what happens when the father's sperm fertilizes the egg; it
is a statement of, "Build your house upon the roots of the tree of life." Many rabbis say that from this letter of oneness comes all creation. As far as life is concerned I agree, but I say that the inanimate universe came first, then the life molecules of RNA and DNA (trillions upon trillions of combinations could have been tried in a reality so very vast) appeared and they connected themselves to the process of falling energies from dark matter that go on to create real, four-dimensional mass.  This is what Jacob saw in his vision while sleeping with his head on a stone: a ladder of DNA and the angels rising and falling, tuning the molecule. Without these adjustments carried out courtesy of the higher orders of energy, falling in value to eventually become matter, the basic life molecules would fizzle out.

The Nile was known as "The River of Life." Water from above touched the limbs of this pattern equated with The Tree of Life first at the south, with the roots of the tree/river being at the river delta to the north. The main settlements of the Hebrews during their long sojourn there were in The Land of Goshen. This is in the delta region and returns to the statement, "Make your home upon the roots of the tree of life."

The fertilized egg, as the great alef, attaches itself to a wall of the womb of the mother. Then the root part of the first letter twists away and rights itself to become the Tsadie at the end of the first sentence of Genesis. At the same time the letter Bet part of the first letter drifts away from the Tsadie to become the first spoken letter of the first sentence, and what is revealed as the contents of the egg are the rest of the letters between these two eggshells mentioned. In accepted translation the rendering is: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." And we cannot let the significance of numerology get past us: the letters between the eggshell of Bet and Tsadie number twenty-six.

Over the next week of the creation process in the womb, each day will connect to the resonances of the descriptions of the first through sixth days as found after the initial sentence. As it is now there is a great misunderstanding. This is NOT a presentation involving the macro-creation; it is given to show how, day-for-day, the resonances are achieved in the womb during the first week, and how they connect to the creation AS IT EXISTS, AS IT EXISTED BEFORE YOU CAME INTO BEING AND HOW IT IS NOT DEPENDENT UPON YOU IN ANY WAY. YOU ARE, IN FACT, DEPENDENT UPON IT. As it is now, the supreme arrogance has thought that the system is a confirmation of how the creation happened for them instead of realizing how we become involved in a process of learning how to conform to God's truths and realities as they are. Life is actually a parasite on the universe and it sits on a throne no greater than a flea or a louse, or a leech.

The first sentence is a figurative that resonates with a literal happening. The ancient ones knew that they would have to inter-breed with their creation. Their genetic material had to become rejuvenated. Even with all of their knowledge and tricks they were deteriorating anyway. Genesis chapter six tells the story in a way, "The Sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair, etc." And in this movement it was understood that a descent was in store. We are at that nadir now. So know that this first sentence was actually a programming device; it can grab a person at his deepest levels without the subject even knowing that he is being held. It was arranged as such to provide a first building block of survivability during the long period of darkness and as an obstacle that would have to be overcome for a higher grade of mankind to rise above in order to regain his place in the universe.

In the womb there were no sentences to be read. We had no contact with the words of Torah for the seven-day creation sequence. The only thing we had were the internal letters from our parents and then we reached out to find the parts of the vibes of the universe that fit with them.

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