About Joe R.

    Thirteenth child, seventh son; three siblings died and ten survived; I am the last: Born in a flood but reborn in a bakery (translation – Bethlehem) in Israel; born on John the Baptist's birthday, on the day when flying saucers were first termed as such. I was given four names with a total of twenty-six letters; the tetragrammation has four letters with a numerical value of twenty-six; also, one string theory accounts for twenty-two dimensions in dark matter and four lower ones that I see as height, width, depth, and time.
    I attained a semblance of the third eye at the age of thirteen and developed small breasts at the age of fifteen. (The significance can be found in some Hindu iconography.) I re-touched the mystical Garden of Eden at age twenty-five and experienced the God-voice at age thirty-two while in Israel.
    A few years ago a highly respected elderly (108-year-old) rabbi in Israel died, leaving a note to be opened some time after his passing. In his final communication he wrote the name of the messiah as Yoshua. But the focus of a man's mind can color a man's understandings; if fixated enough one may see the Virgin Mary in a taco. Yes, it's true that my conversion name is Yoshua, but there's no such thing as a messiah. Every sidereal age begins with a door opener and usher. That's the role I'm trying to fill.


  1. Hello Joe Richardson...we received a letter from you dated march 18, 2015 inquiring about advertising for your book. You also said that you are trying to get a second edition organized with a literary agency.

    You did not include any contact info on your letter; only a reference to this blog. You can reach us at http://www.mediapartnersworldwide.co - all our contact info (phone, email, contact form) is there when you scroll toward the bottom.

    David at Media Partners Worldwide

  2. Dear Joe,
    I like the name that was given to you.
    The glue of the Universe cannot act but can "create" the urge to act. Hence, the Creator. When action is necessary to bring about a result (cause and effect) the Creator transmits an urge to the One capable of action. Unless there is resistance, the action occurs (Jonah) and even then, it can occur, perhaps with a little more urging. It is within your power to act on any Creative urge that appears to be Divine. Test the waters and then proceed. Good luck, Joe. (My brother's name is Joe.)
    Call me,