Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tetragrammation and the Alien Grays

For those interested, here's more information about the "exploding electron": Besides what I have said about this phenomenon already the magnetic lines of flux appearing around an electrical conductor should be seen as particles of quanta and (or) quarks that were previously electrons. I do not know how the problem is handled in university physics classes but as far as the US Navy was concerned, in the radio/electronics schools I attended nothing was said about the process of how actual waves are formed and then transmitted from an antenna. Of course what I have is speculation presented for the future investigator to either refute or verify, but with the tools of logic that I possess my theory is that when the electrons reach the outer edges of an antenna they cannot go back so they explode and organize themselves into peaks and troughs of waves (controlled by the frequency of the carrier wave). This is why, in some experiments they can be seen as particles and in others as waves, why both are valid understandings in the Quantum Theory. And in this same category, this idea is what is behind the operation of the Nazi Bell (see The SS Brotherhood of The Bell). The resonance is such that the exploded electrons cannot return to the conductive material of the bell. They are forced to remain in limbo and, as such, form a vortex that tends to draw more power from dark matter than it uses for its operation. The experiments using the bell preceded the building of flying saucers. The key to understanding is in the powerful force field surrounding the craft. It is strong enough to form a bubble. This keeps the normal laws of the universe at bay so that it can zip here and there without the law of inertia slamming crewmembers against a bulkhead. I'm sure that you know about the monks of Agarthi and Shamballah, how the Nazi party began to send ambassadors to their people in the early 1920's, and that they had in their possession writings that told of an ancient technology used to build a flying craft, one using mercury and iron as a basis for its propulsion. According to Trevor Ravenscroft in The Spear of Destiny Hitler's boys brought more than four hundred of these monks out of Tibet. They were called, The Green Men, for the color of the robes they wore. But toward the end of the war, since they were in the eastern part of Germany, they all committed suicide as the Russian troops advanced.

The point is that flying saucer ufos are of a terrestrial, manmade, technology. (Besides that, I'm sure that the so called "alien grays" are an offshoot of humanity.) There is a massive psy-op program at work here. Advanced technologies are misused so as to keep the common masses in a state of quandary. It was discovered long ago that if the people are in this mindset they become easier to control. Crop Circles and Cattle Mutilations are in the same boat. The reason why the writer of Chariots of The Gods(?) became authorized is because, in the work he asks question after question while giving very few answers. And in the category are many advances technologies used throughout history, employed so as to gain control over the thinking processes of the common people. Here I refer to "In Hoc Signo Vinces," writing on the surface of the low lying clouds projected (probably) from a brightly burning potassium or magnesium fire in a cave a few miles away, with a metal template in front of the cave—the writing cut out of the material. Also, there is the case of the "Angels" seen at the battle of Mons in 1914. This phenomenon and the so-called "Miracle at Fatima" were made possible through the use of a primitive form of a hologram. (The inner core throughout history has had technologies a few steps beyond those known of in the main-stream.) Reason for Fatima: only five percent were attending church.

Lastly in this, since I'm not sure my second letter got through, I'd like to give some information about the Tetragrammation of Vud Hey plus Vav Hey (usually mistranslated as Yawaeh or Jehovah).

Again I want to refer to another episode of Family Guy (although I can't cite the exact show as you did). This one begins with Mayor West on Jeopardy. Alex Trebek brings up the mayor's answer (in the form of a question) for final jeopardy but has trouble pronouncing it since it appears to be incomprehensible. But as soon as he mouths the word, poof, he disappears. After that, the camera shifts to Adam West who says, "In order to send him back to the fifth dimension where he belongs you have to make him say his name backwards." This gave me a very good laugh as I watched, but after a moment or two I thought of something: There have been scores of biblical scholars over the centuries that have tried to make some kind of sense of the most holy of the names of God. It came to me that, to my knowledge no one had ever tried to look at it backwards.

There's an Australian man that I heard, as a guest, on Coast-to-Coast AM a few years ago. I mentally referred to him as Professor Backwards because he likes to take famous people's speeches and play them in reverse to see if there are any hidden meanings. From other sources (to numerous and lengthy to mention here) I see how many of our memories are stored in reverse and how they can be resurrected in dream-state.

While in Israel, in 1982 as I recall, I took a nap in the afternoon and had a dream/vision that included head photographic shots of all sorts of people, all different races and colors, scrolling across the sky. Then, just before I woke up my own inner self said, "It's Hawaii." And upon reaching consciousness I found myself saying, "What the----?"

The tetragrammation, when sounded out backwards, can be rendered as Haw, Vah, Ee. This cannot be seen in absolute perfection since Hebrew has no vowels and it is left up to the reader to guess them according to the context of the sentence. But I must point to the grass skirts the Hawaiians wear and remember the Garden of Eden story. The migration across the Pacific Ocean could have taken hundreds of years, and its beginning could have been in the land between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates at about 4200 BCE when civilization seemingly sprang up out of nowhere. Zechariah Sitchin in his books, shows the earliest pottery artworks with the natives of the area with no clothes while the "gods" look on in all their finery. Later depictions have the people in grass skirts. And then there is that intriguing statement that The Big Kahuna came out with perhaps twenty years ago. It was an oral teaching handed down to him that "Where we came from everything was red." Of course Mars is red and there are many monuments at Cydonia that point to a possible civilization many, many years ago.

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