Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Egg

In this paper I wish to communicate the Derdekea(s) to people collectively as well as to the individual. This is an Aramaic word. In the gnostic, Nag Hammadi Library, the beginning words of the codex titled, The Paraphrase of Shem are: "[The] paraphrase which was about the unbegotten spirit."

"What Derdekea(s) revealed to me, Shem, according to the will of the majesty."

The referred to unbegotten spirit is an entity, a body of vibrations and frequencies we all go through while we are in the wombs of our mothers. As I have said in other places, the number of Vud-hey plus Vav-hey is twenty-six, and this—in its sound as an acronym—is accorded the exalted place of being the most holy of holy names in the bible. Tied to this is the string theory that accounts for twenty-six dimensions, and (further) this leads to the number of letters in Hebrew and Aramaic, with their primary letters being twenty-two in number, related to the total of dimensions in the higher orders, while there are four ending letters (called "Sofit") that connect to the dimensional references in our world of height, width, depth and time. And still there is one more caveat: there is actually a fifth ending letter, the Pey Sofit, which is a translator sitting between the higher and lower orders. It is shaped like an outline of a fetus. This letter speaks of the unborn, of the time when we were awash in the vibrations of the totality. It was at this point in our development that we were in a halfway state, neither of the higher or lower worlds but (in paradox) tied to each. But, while many sages have tried to come to a higher level of awareness through the phenomenon of transcendence, using meditation, it is extremely hard to understand prenatal existence; after the trauma of birth we forgot.

The meaning of Derdekea(s) is raindrop, and can mean the collective rain at the same time.

Picture all of our individual souls as raindrops. We are discrete and physically separated but, behaving like glass beads, we can also act as prisms and lenses, and serve to transfer light. Here's the arrangement I saw: it is as if, in our short lives, we fall near to a great light. Next time you see a street lamp in the rain take note of the secondary radiance, a few feet out from the lamp; that is a product of the raindrops near to the source light and the raindrops act as little lenses. There is a collective glow to mankind, but as philosophers far wiser than I have said, "But we are not of the light;" no, the light belongs to the supreme source, even as we carry a spark of divinity within we are merely borrowing it for the duration of our short terms on this planet. And as far as we individually go, remember that according to kabbalah the maker broke the vessels that held the light, freeing it to go where it would. Some souls have much (some raindrops are very near the source) some have a little light (being farther away) and some have none at all. While the arrangement of the raindrops can mentally resonate it comes from the world of the inanimate. If we wish to relate it to something of life we can observe the Weeping Willow tree. Some of the branches are closer to the trunk than others and some are larger. At the same time that we are like raindrops (as our souls) our beings also resonate with a tree of the Garden of Eden, the Weeping Willow.

All this leads to the first sphere in the arrangement of the twelve, the house of Aquarius, the sidereal month that we are entering. The first is resonant to the infant in the womb; it ties to the first circle at the Cydonia monuments on mars, a picture of an Eiderdown Duck's nest, with the tetrahedron on the edge being symbolic of an egg. Each of the twelve presents a signpost in a normal human life. The first sphere is of the earth, the body where new life is being born at all times, while the twelfth one is the sun, the body that presents itself to the universe as a body that is always in the act of dying. This house is known as the water-giver; the fetus is surrounded by water; the last thing that happens before the actual birth is that mom's water breaks. Planet earth has about the same percentage of water on its surface as a human body. The time in the womb begins as we are an egg; the surface of the earth is made of tectonic plates, like floating parts of broken parts of an eggshell. The infant in the womb is a clean slate so it follows that the age we are entering could conceivably involve a process of erasure for most of mankind's systems and methods.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Problems of Man and This Planet

The problems of man and this planet are not difficult to recognize. They are many and appear to be coming together to an end possibly resembling something between an earth-wide denuded Easter Island and the ecological disaster area that is Guam. Still though, even with the evidences being what they are, the vast majority of people go about their business, figuratively digging into a hillside for the resources they can get. Collectively they know, the better part of humanity fully understands that what they are doing is unsustainable and will eventually result in a huge collapse, but the digging continues. And even as there is a highly educated minority trying to find a solution, because they are opposed by numbers far greater than theirs and especially because a real cure will involve taking some drastic actions, only stop-gap measures of a temporary nature are applied.

Man tries to mitigate his negative impact on the earth but this is rather like an addict taking an array of pills rather than going cold turkey. Here's a fundamental law: When man seeks to add to his efforts in an attempt to help or assist nature, in the long run everything will only get worse. Collectively, humans are the uneducated and inept sorcerer's apprentice. In our present zeitgeist the evidences seem to be overwhelming: nothing is working toward a positive for Homo sapiens; he continues to operate in the same mindset, even though its systems show themselves not able to offer any other ideas. So programmed is he that he will attack revolutionary ways and will reject them out of hand without testing, checking or verifying any proposal that might be even slightly out of the box. Insanity. But added to that is a metaphysical and religious evil that is welded to the veneration of darkness. The practitioners know of no caste; those of orthodox religion and the ones of science fit right in with the masses. In Platoon Chris cites a quote: "Hell is the impossibility of reason." I would add that it is now a place where emotionalism overpowers logic. The enemy is exasperating because of the tactics and tricks employed instead of a desire to implement the truth. The people of darkness find it easy to attack the light with a negative set of how people fee/.

In this paper I want to present a possibility based upon the biblical holiday of Succoth, or Feast of the Booths. A booth can be a resonant cavity and, therefore, can be tuned in size so as to communicate with other, more powerful and useful frequencies. The microwave oven works by tuning the size of its waves to the water molecule and then vibrates it, producing heat in the material placed inside. This is an example of vibratory resonance. Another is the piano tuning fork: if you vibrate a b-flat one and then put it in close proximity to another of the same size, you can then put the first one down and hear the same tone out of the second one because of its passive resonance to the first vibrating one.

The Cornerstone of Creation

Most of the traditional monotheistic drive is about an attempt to divert responsibility by way of having a plausible excuse. No matter, whatever you do, the highest authority says that you will be at fault. The God of the Bible says that it's not his problem; I guess I gotta hurt you again. There's always an excuse for punishment; there's always an excuse for not following up on any positive promises. And, at the same time, the adherent tells this god that it's his fault, his responsibility.

This gets everyone nowhere; the source of Aries war: (two six year olds in a playground argument: Is too. Is not. Is too. Is not.). To grow up, to transcend higher than a previous age of immaturity we need to conform to the universe as it is, not as how you would like it to be. (This may be a good place for a cornerstone, a beginning ethos for the sidereal month to follow.)

The rest of the powers do not know what good or evil is. Positives and negatives do not necessarily have any meaning outside of how they echo and reflect to the other powers. A kabballist knows this to be true: Power can be garnered using good, but (I would say that) in an age where the negatives reign supreme the attribute of the good suffers from a contrived, incorrect definition. And, going further, it probably is a manifestation of childishness that so many people are obsessed with the search for the good. This is a trap. Over and over the proofs have historically repeated: When it comes to finding any essence of God the good you can't get there from here, and if you try the outcome will be delusion caused by irrationality and wishful thinking. Of negative powers are the fake, the fraud and the phony. They require that the proponent live in a world of lying and thereby require the seeker to live in the same world. As an example of this, look to all of the radio and television evangelists. They may get people to feel better about themselves but this is what escaping from reality by the use of dwgs or alcohol or the invention of a fairy-tale world can do. As it is now, from the top of all establishment organs, lies are invented. Then new lies are concocted to cover up for previous lies. The ideal for the powers of darkness is an environment of pure torture. In that atmosphere people will run from the God of Reality to a contrived, happy-land. CoId truth: Ultimate truth doesn't care how you feel. At the end of this sidereal age of Pisces we are all in an extremely dark pit, a nadir that we have descended to over the course of the last hundreds of thousands of years. From this terrible place of darkness I think I can see a handhold here and there. So, even though what I write may be rank speculation, still I will tell of it since I know that nothing that comes from the top can be trusted in this age we are in. Not for me or mine—it is too late for most of us—but for others to check, test, and verify-or-refute.

There is a line from the easternmost monument at Cydonia, a line of the sunrise about four hundred and fifty thousand years ago, this line on mars was achieved as it reached on the day of the summer solstice from the tetrahedron on the crater rim (farthest to the upper right; known in its time as the House of The Rising Sun, or The First Circle) to the four, equidistant pyramids (Called the Red Cross, The Red Square, or sometimes, The Grinder or molar) at downtown, city center. The perfection of the powers of Cydonia pushed along the evolution of Homo erectus on earth at approximately the same time.

It's not a question of chicken or egg, of first or last; in this case both united and became one. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke introduced the idea of a large, stone monolith as the frequency-generating device. The basis is correct, but it is an oversimplification. Reality is like this: No matter where you start, you will always be in the middle. Complicated, but there are some paths to take.