Monday, August 11, 2014

Two Witnesses

Morning, Bill. You want to hear something off the wall?

Well why not. You're pretty off the wall anyway.

Nostradamus used the name Mabus in a few of his quatrains. Many folks have interpreted it as the name of the, so-called, third antichrist. Well, Ray Mabus is the Secretary of The Navy. Of course now that we know of one with the name, nothing will happen with him or anyone else even close to the same name.

Yeah. And blah, blah, blah; we're supposed to be in the rein of the last pope too, according to some monk named Malachi. So, it's 2014; wasn't WW III supposed to start sometime in the late '90s? Yeah, it's all  that "Boy who cried wolf" stuff, fear programming.

And then there was Y2K. That was a big whoop-dee-do nothing.

I'll say. I do think there is a matrix of man, but it's all so connected to the wrong. There was that "Harmonic Convergence thing in the late '80s that came to nothing again. Anyhow, this matrix thing is managed from the top. Whenever you see those people wearing masks at demonstrations they are not anarchists. Those are paid provocateurs. They are there to cause as much violence as they can. That way the police will have an excuse to use the nightstick, and the viewer of television will see the otherwise peaceful demonstrators as a mob bent on destruction.

Now I got another: What about the tabloids? They are owned by some of the secret societies, lodges, very wealthy elite, and intelligence-gathering organs. And get this: They do not make money; there is no profit to be made and even though they lose money still, in a capitalist society they remain on the shelves. The reasons being, they spread disinformation, they can provide a place for secret codes, and they can also be a threat to anyone in the limelight: Either you play by our rules or you'll get exposed.

I'm thinking of how everything gets twisted, perverted, or corrupted by the authorities: The true meaning of the "Occupy Movement" could be found in South America. Originally it was about laid-off factory workers taking over their old plant and running it, effectively and for a profit, with no management. Definitely the elite can't abide by anything thought up by commoners so they perverted the meaning and corrupted it into The Occupy Wall Street Movement, with no goals and no achievable ends in sight. They are experts at mass manipulation; over time they knew that the thing would lose steam.

We can't ignore the big dog in all of this. What about all the hoopla that was made over 12/21/2012? Dude! I was hoping and praying for something to actually happen – anything to overturn this mess. Hey, honey, how about a refill? Thanks.

It makes sense to think that the reason Joe Stalin blew up the Tsar's oil fields in 1905 was because he was ordered to do it by the big powers, such as John D. Rockefeller. And, referring back to how they always ruin any movement of the people: It was Charles Manson's job to destroy the Hippie Movement, and he did real well. And the street revolution in St. Petersburg in March of 1917 was genuine, so to nip it in the bud they called on Lenin to ride the train. He could be handled.
Hey man, did you ever notice how a great prognosticator comes into the limelight(?): There will be many who build him up; they'll cite the instances of the past where he was spot-on. Okay, so you start paying attention to him and what he is saying about the future only to find out over time that nothing the fraud has said has come to pass.

The Zippo lighter company.

What's that got to do with anything?

Yeah; I just remembered that my dad had an old Zippo lighter. Supposedly they had a lifetime guarantee so he sent in the one he had from way back because it had a broken wheel or something. He sent it in; they sent him back a new lighter. And the reason I bring this up is because it's an example of a very rare instance of something working "as advertised." It is extremely difficult today to find something that is not a fake, fraud, or counterfeit in some way.

This is not new, though: You should realize that lying is the mainstay of civilization. Without it there would be no entertainment, politics, economics, or religion. Remember all the stories of youth? The truth is that the Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy are still with us in many different guises. Really, when I think about it I can't find much of anything that is not lying.

Now you hit the nail on the head. This is why I want the Book of Revelation to play out. But this is part of what I mean by this screwed-up matrix we labor against: When you want something really bad, you'll never get it. And here's another sort-of "Murphy's Law" to consider: No matter what is said about the future, most of the time if you have heard and considered it then it will never happen. It's like quantum mechanics: The mere act of observance will cause it to change.

Well for sure, of the people, by the people, and for the people is a lie. It was and is all about special interests. And getting back to Old Murphy again, if voting machines can be rigged, then they are rigged. Does it seem that every president from Clinton on is dedicated to destroying America? Now they have little kids coming over the border. Most of them are from Central America, which means they had to cross over the thickest part of Mexico. They are being escorted, helped to become illegal immigrants to this country.

You have to ask the man with the alias about that, and while you're at it, you might throw in a question about "Fast And Furious." But deeper than that, just who is it who put this programmed Manchurian Candidate up for election in the first place?

Okay, okay, all these things we're talking about are important but there is one overriding problem that trumps them all: The fact that we're nearing the figure of Seven Billion people on this planet, and together we are all burning up the natural resources. Now, while we all know about this, who is going to be the one to hit the stop button? Most of us try not to think about it, or invent facts such as everybody can fit in the state of Texas. So, other than a madman releasing terrible diseases in airports, we're left with Pray to Jesus, or God, or The Virgin Mary. But I think that if I had the means I would hit the button, knowing that there is no one else who could pull the plug.

Yeah, dude, but it's easy for you to say since you don't have the means. We're just two old farts drinking coffee in a restaurant.

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