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Misplaced Veneration and Misunderstood Technologies

In terms of symbolism the figure of a Japanese pagoda communicates the same message, as do the slabs of stone above the King's Chamber at Giza.

Like a greenhouse a resonant pyramid will slow down some energies when they enter and trap them inside. This causes an echoing effect within the structure and this characteristic phenomenon can be used to create a ninth crystal of ice. In Pyramid Prophecies by Max Thoth (probably a pseudonym), the tale is told of a doctor diving in an area of the Bermuda Triangle. He claimed to have found a crystal ball in a capstone chamber of an underwater pyramid. It was about the size of a softball (give or take), it was very heavy and when held up to light, and countless different-size pyramids could be seen within it.

I am sure that the ball was made from powered glass and doped with a certain isotope of lead. There is a circumscribed human head within each pyramid; the crystal ball was melted within a chamber of the area known as the capstone. The statement is that of a light of an idea, such as which can be seen in cartoon characters above their heads. The ball was melted during the highest point of the sunspot cycle. The inner pyramids were caused by the energy echoing effect in the structure. One way to see this artifact is as a physical representative of the Greek letter omega; this ball is a statement of the last split-second before the big bang, when all is matter. It also resonates with the twelfth sphere (in the lattice structure of the twelve spheres that I have discovered) of Scorpio-Sol, the Sun, which presents itself to the universe as a body that is dying. The last split-second before the big bang is a time of complete and total fullness. The Scorpio can be (blah-blah-blah) full of it, so it is that the crystal ball cannot hold anything for long before transferring it. Returning to the doctor; he said that he used to pass the ball around at get-togethers but at one certain time a woman obviously felt a grand sense of relief after holding the ball while the next woman after taking it crumpled to the floor in agony. Later it was discovered that the first woman had terminal cancer.

Besides the suspected false name of the author, the story has a certain feel about it; not that it is apocryphal so much that it has a sense of a plant, a disinformational concoction. More likely is that the ball was discovered during a super-secret operation involving a deep-diving submarine, and that the occult agency that performed the operation wished to go to a "Limited Hang Out Route," releasing just enough information to add to the quandary that is always being spread so as to keep the common folk in a state of question marks, a place where the elite inner core of secret societies can manipulate them. The liars at the top will often forge or fake a document or book and while the medium is false, the brunt of the information contained within will be largely true. From what I already know the description of the internal pyramids, the heaviness and the ability for the ball to pass on attributes or transfer them fits perfectly with the opposite of the Alpha in this arrangement.

Uranium becomes dead after it loses it radioactivity. This is a contributor to the idea of life and death, Alpha and Omega, Aquarius (Earth) and Scorpio (Sun), the last split-second after the big bang as opposed to the last split-second before the big bang, and the traits of an outer lattice structure on the skin of the ark as related to the inner pyramids of the ball.

In a work of Kabbalah it says that the creator broke all the vessels holding the light in order to begin the process of creation; the ark symbolically captured this trait, it has a semblance of one of the vases that holds the light. (In the act of walking in the steps of the creator-god Abraham broke his father's idols before setting out on his monotheistic quest; and look to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico for a way to manufacture pottery, putting your call in it, and then breaking it to send out your call.) If you remember the optical illusion of the two opposing faces you may recall that if you shift your eyes slightly you can see a shape of a vase between them. In the communications of the ark the lattice structure on the skin of the gold sends out a picture of the structure being in a pyramid even though it may or may not be; it is frozen in this condition and, thus, it can be referred to as being in the Ninth Crystal of Ice. But at the same time, to the universe the space between the faces of the two angels should have continued the pattern of the lattice but instead it presents the picture of a hole. This is where the dictum "nature abhors a vacuum" comes into play. The laws of the universe will always seek balance; if one side of something or another is different from that of another, the natural order will try to bring them both into equilibrium. And the same may be said for the represented nothing of the ark: if a proper call is sent out the totality will try to fill the void. To activate the working ability of the ark requires an emotional outpouring: in the forty-year wandering of Sinai the Hebrews fretted about their clothes and shoes wearing out; the ark reacted by providing the right stuff so as to cause their raiment not to wear out. Then as another evidence: when the Assyrians carried off the ten northern tribes they went on to besiege Jerusalem, so as a reaction to the threat of having the two southern tribes succumbing to the same fate Hezekiah the King went before the Ark of the Covenant and poured out his fear. The end of the problem occurred the next morning: the people of Jerusalem looked out from the walls and saw that the thousands of attacking soldiers were flat on the ground, dead.

The ark and the crystal ball were both fabricated in a pyramid or in two pyramids located at Giza. After making it the resonant spot for the ark was atop a small mountain in northwest Saudi Arabia. The tops there are all blackened. Even today this can be detected, and this is where the tale of The Burning Bush comes from. The belief of its fabrication in the desert is bizarre and has no basis in theoretical understanding; the best of the Hebrew workmen certainly adorned the artifact and they created the movable tabernacle, but that was all. Nine of the ten plagues were caused by the mere moving of the ark from its resonant place: the Prince of Egypt had help from a brother in his secret society, Jethro, and from a few of the helpers of The High Priest of Midian. But the tenth plague was brought on by Moses going before the ark and expressing the fears that he carried concerning the elite of Egypt; so it was that the ark reacted by slaying "The First Fruits." (Don't be bamboozled; I am writing about a very advanced technology.)

Another thing about the ark is its ability to make its group of possessors virtually unconquerable in war. After Manasseh put an idol in the temple the guild moved the ark to Babylon, then it was relocated to Persia because of the promise to allow the temple at Jerusalem to be rebuilt; after that it found a temporary home in assisting Greece and in particular, Alexander the Great, but its last stop was in the area of Arcadia or Acadia. In Holy Blood Holy Grail the painting of The Shepherds gives the occult hint. The grave of the ark is along the line of the Golden Mean Spiral that begins at Giza.

Technology has often been misunderstood to be of a religious nature: see the vision of angels at Mons in Belgium at the beginning of World War I, in August, and the apparition of The Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal, in nineteen seventeen and realize that both were made possible by earlier forms of holograms; realize that the elite of the Earth always have technologies that are two or three steps ahead of the common people, but they almost always use them in dark ways so as to control the sheep of the masses. Here I am referring to the terrestrial technologies that make flying saucers possible, as well as to crop circles and cattle mutilations.

The act of venerating a technology as if it were of the realm of religion should be called "The Cargo Cult Syndrome": The natives of the Western Pacific saw the gods come; they flew in the bellies of gigantic birds that had skins that reflected the sun like a pool of still water. And the gods brought amazing gifts of spam, Hershey's bars and Wrigley's chewing gum. But one day they left. The people did a lot of soul-searching and decided that they must have displeased the gods in some way. So in an effort to bring them back, out of bamboo they began to build mock-ups of radio towers and planes in jungle clearings, reasoning that if the gods saw familiar things maybe they would come to their presence again and they would be able to bask in their glory once again. (Of course this is not confined to World War II, nor is it restricted to any people such as the natives of New Guinea. You can see depictions that Zecharia Sitchin presents in his works, those showing the god in all his glory while the people of Akkad and Sumer went around naked; and from this you may remember that the creation myth and the tale of the great flood were recorded in the land between the rivers long before they ever showed up in any writings of the Hebrews. Can one look upon these most ancient artworks and not think of the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed?)

As a subtext I wish to add a clarification concerning the second temple. Save for the sacrifices intended to placate the Most High God, all other activities point to something else: as does a national bank, the temple collected taxes in the form of the half-shekel. Walk into any bank today and you may be able to get a safety deposit box; this is related in that the temple did provide safety for the deposit of valuables, for a fee. And besides those two banking-related activities, in order to bring in more funds stalls were sold to money-changers and sellers of sacrificial animals. We must connect the Sadducees here: they were the caretakers of the temple precinct and, as such, knew of the secular operations behind the fa├žade of worship. Because they were privy to the knowledge of loans made at interest to foreign powers, they were at least agnostics if not downright atheists.

The elite count on you having a short attention span and they know you as a herd that will turn aside from any information that implicates the leaders and authorities as long as you get your entertainment and are not starving (bread and circuses). So it is that I warn you to keep Fukushima in mind even as the news goes to other places; realize that the warning of the loss of the rain forests proceeds at a pace far greater than when the problem was initially reported. Also, something happened to cause Mad Cow Disease: what caused it and what made it go away? Finally, only recently were two buzzwords invented as potential fund-raisers for the parasites involved in particle research. The two words are "God Particle."

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