Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cycles and Personal Resonance

The end is the beginning is the beginning is the end: A millionth of a second after the big bang there is no matter at all, in the millionth of a second before the big bang all is held in mass. In connection to this recurring cycle we may read a variation of the first sentence of the Bible as, "In the bad fire station were created first the gods, second the heavens, and third the earth." These Kabbalistic alternate understandings can come about since the original Hebrew has no spaces between the words and no vowels; these only are added by the reader in accordance with how the overall meaning can make sense. Yet there may come other ways of translation that can merit consideration.

Extreme errors in understanding can result because the common mind wants answers that are simple, but in actuality the universe is not as easy as desired by humanity; and in this desire for simplicity a departure is achieved, one not in tune with the reality of God. From the micro of quarks and quanta packets and from medium grades of resonance (such as the vibes and frequencies of mankind) to the macro rules and universal laws of math that connect to the behavior of the stars, there is nothing that is disconnected from all else. In Kabbalah it says that the creator broke the vessels that held the light. This is related to the big bang, but it can also have meaning for our own lives: Like Abraham in breaking his father's idols, in our own lives sometimes we must destroy all previously held beliefs in order to be reborn (that is to say, if we aren't satisfied with how we have been fitting in the sociological systems of man as they are). We might also look to the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest. At least one time in their lives they were required to give everything they had away. This is termed "Potlatch" and after doing so the man would be allowed to wear a special headdress and for more than one time identifying attachments were added.

In the examination of the standard translation of the first sentence, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth," we may also take note that for the word God "Elohim" is used. El is the term for god—with a small g—while the eem sound at the end makes for a plural-male meaning. This is why the alternate can be said as gods; and then after that the sequence tells of the heavens, and then the earth. But in truth there are actually four levels. Directly after the big bang there are only the twenty-two dimensions of super-energized quarks. In the past these have been termed "The Aether" but lately have been named Dark Matter. This is the uppermost level and is related to the use of the word for gods in the first sentence. Then come the heavens; this is the realm of all forms of light. Since there are twenty-two kinds of stray quarks, it so follows that the two quanta packet patterns are built of the ten, for the representation of the female principle, and the twelve quarks for that of the male. The understanding of the twelve quark pattern was lost, but the ten can be found in the essair speroat, the ten spheres of Kabbalah (also called the tree of life). Resonance finds male and female in that, first, the male has six spheres to one side and six to the other. It represents the all because there are six macro-ages in the expansion of the stars followed by six ages of collapse toward another big bang. These two sides are in vibratory resonance with the testicles of the male, and since the totality is accounted for we should understand this as a statement of neutrality; there are no more than twelve possible quarks to be found. In the act of creation from quarks to quanta packets the action becomes possible only after certain quarks have lost enough energy to be able to bind together to make quanta packets; and the same follows for matter creation from the quanta packets to mass. When enough energy is lost the patterns of ten and twelve begin to organize themselves: Without knowing how many are required I can still say that when the majority of them are of the pattern of the twelve and the neutral ten, a neutron will be the result. The pattern of the ten is two quarks short and as such can be charged positive, negative, or neutral. So if the majority of the organizing quanta packets are of the positive ten then a proton will be made and if they are of a majority of the negative ten an electron will be the result. Here we may look at the ancient positive-male-light and negative-female-darkness principles. The genitalia of the male is out in the open and therefore in light while that of the female is either on the surface or within, held in darkness. The pattern of the ten is that of an exposed woman: The center line begins at the top with clitoris and then goes downward to urethra, vulva, and then anus—while the three spheres left and right are resonant to the nerve packages of the labia in a female.

From the big bang onward this method of matter creation has been taking place. It will continue until the requisite amount of mass is available to stop the outward expansion of the stars and begin a long period of collapse toward another big bang. At this point in our observations not enough matter has been found to bring about the reversal (only a small percentage, in fact), but this is due to our being so early in this system.

On to something of our own resonances: When Jacob took a nap with his head upon a stone he saw what has been recorded as a ladder with angels ascending and descending to and from the heavens. This was a vision of the fourth creation, that of life. What he saw was a DNA molecule with the powers of the upper dimensions constantly tuning it. I submit that the life molecule is a parasite in a way: Without the assistance of the higher energies the life molecule would merely fizzle out. Now consider that this has a reference to the macro since without being constantly refreshed by the addition of newly created hydrogen our own sun would have exhausted its resources long ago.

All ancient monuments and temple buildings were designed to capture the most positive aspects of this transition from quarks to matter in the same way that the life molecule sparkled in the mind of Jacob. In knowing how everything reflects to everything else, micro and macro become one; the laws of vibratory resonance become applicable across the board.

Even as we have normal connections to the energies that tune our own DNA, we are not satisfied with a "natural" life-span of thirty or forty years. So from the earliest times of the primitives such things as dentistry were invented; we decided that living in a very restricted belt of savanna (as this was the only habitat that suited our fragile physical nature) was not desirable. So the created among us found fire, and began to wear clothing. It becomes confusing because on the one hand were the extremes of the created beings, while on the other was the body of the ancient ones, "the black-headed" or "black-footed ones," that were the creator beings. They practiced non-interference; for the most part, taboos were invented to minimize the mixing of the two main parts, i.e., "If you sail too far to the west, you'll fall off of the edge of the world."

In the overall aggregate you should see the period of time from the first arrival of the ancients (millions of years ago) until now as a long descent. They were at their absolute peak as they traveled here in a hollowed-out (perhaps) moon-sized space ship. Their levels of life technologies were fantastic.

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