Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Myth of Osiris

I submit that the myth of Osiris is the tale of an ancient body of knowledge, one that united religion and science. In the mind of modern man science is over there and religion is a far-away something else, but that was not the case long ago.

It is understood that the equator of a rotating body has slightly less gravity than the norm but what lies beyond, as a next step in logical reasoning is not considered: this lesser amount than normal becomes an entity unto itself and to neglect the concept is equivalent to saying that negative numbers do not exist.

Each planet in our solar system transmits this phenomenon outward to all other rotating bodies in proximity. It becomes a ripple or weakness in the fabric of space/time. Even while this is an aspect of science that can be verified by measurements upon our own planet I have met with much resistance because along these geographic lines there are evidences that connect to religious incidents of the past. I personally answer the problem by saying that , from a place of weakness in our own four-dimensional world, can come an ability to bridge the gap and reach the higher orders of energy (or dark matter) using certain prayers, rites and rituals, in effect, to slightly influence the creation of matter from dark matter in ways advantageous to the seeker. Taking the simplified tribal view, yes, there are such places as sacred sites.

Anywhere along the two lines I mention there can be simple gravity measurements taken and in sophisticated computer labs the study can be computerized, perhaps leading to another branch of mathematics, but before anyone goes there I'd like to make public what I know and offer a rougher but simpler test.

The first curve to mention begins at the Giza Plateau in Egypt. The peaks of the three main pyramids form an arc of a golden-mean spiral. This line of a lesser-than-normal gravity caused the area to become a plateau. Because Cairo, in the ancient tongue of the area, means Mars, my attention is drawn to this planet. While the red planet is of a desert it seems right to think that it's transmitted influences upon another body would help to create desert climates. The hot and dry winds that sometimes blow up from the south and into Cairo are called Chamsin When they come in it is with ions in the air. This atmosphere can set many people's teeth on edge and can cause aberrant behavior. I know these winds as Sharav. While living on the Golan Heights our kibbutz used to experience them once in a while as they blew in from where this same line comes down through the land between the rivers, Tigris and Euphrates. Remember, Mars is the god of war. Connected to the bothersome nature of these times of the year is how, during the Turkish rule, certain punishments for crimes were relaxed somewhat if the infractions took place during a time of these hot, dry winds. Read the story of David's adultery and you'll see that he, first of all, neglected his kingly duties in not going off to war, and if you understand that it happened during a time of a Sharav perhaps you'll get a more complete picture than the standard biblical tale gives.

The golden-mean spiral begun at Giza traces out for a long distance; I could speculate about a translation to the fifth dimension but I really don't know why these lines take on the pattern that they do upon arrival on the earth. And this will seem strange to many: from their reference points the lines see themselves as straight and the curvature of the planet below as flat. This could be why some people still believe the earth to be flat. If a mind connection to any of these lines is achieved the person connecting could come to think this way.

As a next step in investigation I ask any and all people with the means to either verify or refute this hypothesis. The test requires a low-powered laser set to emit the pattern of a golden-mean spiral, and a large globe of the earth, the bigger the better. Aim the spiral at the globe and by turning, twisting, varying the distance and angle, see if you can get these following sites to line up: Ancient Babylon (with its gravity-defeating hanging gardens) the land between the rivers (where Nimrod built his tower) Mt. Ararat (where Noah's craft alit) the island of Santorini, aka Thera (that blew up during – I'm sure – the time of the Hebrew's exodus from Egypt) the area of Arcadia, over the sea to the peninsula near to the site of ancient Carthage (helped to form by the influences of lesser than normal gravity). Then the line bends toward the east and goes over a small mountain in NW Saudi Arabia, just after crossing the Red Sea. This mountain has landmarks nearby that connect to the biblical Mt. Horeb; on top, the rocks are burned black, mindful of the tale of the burning bush. From there it may go through the environs of St. Catherine's Monastery, where tradition says Moses went up to get the law, but actually, if you read your bible closely you'll see that he had to go up twice, the first set having been destroyed after the golden calf incident. On the way to Giza it looks like the line also passes over much of the northern coast of Egypt. And the closer it gets to the plateau of the three pyramids, look for temples along the way.

Appropriately enough, the second line I wish to point out begins at or near to Corkscrew, Florida. The Keys are an evidence of the lesser amount of gravity aiding in their formation. They are not perfectly on a golden-mean spiral due to local tides and currents influencing their placements. From the outside in start at Yellowstone National park. From there the line goes to the south and barely touches the headwaters of the Gulf of California; then it turns eastward to the monuments near to Mexico City; from that point the line transects at least more than one step pyramid as it turns northward to go through the Bermuda Triangle.

In this instance I believe we are looking at the influences of Jupiter. This planet presents a picture of a huge ball of swamp gas and it seems logical to think that it could affect the surface of the earth in a way mirroring that attribute. Such is the current paradigm that the majority of people can't see this as a physical something at the same time that its being there has an effect upon the human mind. Remember that little fellow that erected Coral Castle by himself (?) somehow cutting out and moving huge blocks with no special tools? Quite possibly he achieved a mind resonance with the power of the Florida line. And if you make a clear template of the Giza Plateau, showing the relationship of the sphinx to the line, when you overlay this template on the Corkscrew line in Florida you'll be able to see where the giant sphinx of Atlantis was. In the halfway state between awake and asleep, I had a vision of it one night. It was so large, between its front paws was a harbor that could be occupied by many sailing craft. I believe it to be between 300 and 600 feet under the modern surface.

But Šēṯ (read Seth, the son of Adam, the father of Gnosis, the founder of Sodom and Gomorrah—according to many Gnostics) cut up the body of Osiris and spread its parts over the face of the earth. So today, in each a small way, the Baptists and the Chemists are right; the Astronomers and the Hindus are correct too; each may have a tree of the Garden of Eden but the forest has been lost.

Once in a while, over more than six decades, I would hear someone say that humanity needs a new paradigm. This theory may bring light to many but it is not new. "There is nothing new under the sun."


The reason why the sun has not burned out, with the amount of hydrogen available for its usage, is because it is ever in the process of gathering in new fuel, courtesy of the stray quarks of dark matter coming together to form matter (as hydrogen) in our four-dimensional world.

The reason why not enough mass has been found to reverse the red shift of light coming from the outermost stars (and begin a long period of collapse) is because this mass has not been created yet.

The reason why 19.47 degrees repeats as an anomaly in a few places of our solar system is because it is the angle of refraction between the higher and lower orders of energy. We can see this angle's manifestation at the sunspots, the Hawaiian Volcano, Olympus Mons on Mars, and at the spots on Jupiter and Neptune. The dimensions of dark matter are rarefied, like air, while our world is made of thicker stuff, comparable to water. When you see a fish in water it is not where your eyes tell you, but is offset by a representation of this phenomenon of refraction.

A Transposition of Einstein's most famous formula, in this case written as E over C squared equals M, shows the relationship pertaining to the creation of mass from the coalescing, super-energized quarks of dark matter. In their realm these disconnected quarks travel faster than the speed of light, but when they organize to become quanta packets they become subject to the laws of light. Quanta packets are actually a half-way house or membrane between the higher dimensions and our world. Without resurrecting parts of the old aether theory we are left without a medium for the transfer of wave energies. In truth, the dark matter is the aether and the aether is the dark matter.

The reason why an individual electron cannot be detected as it flows from atom to atom in a conductor is because it explodes and returns to its previous state as a cloud of super-energized quarks, leaving our four-dimensional world for the barest of instants before coming together once again at the valence orbit of the next atom away from the electromotive force.

The universe is redundant: see an atom and the resemblance to a solar system; imagine a set of building block parameters that finds equivalent expressions in micro, in medium grades of expression and in macro—all based upon the same core principles.

The string theory that accounts for twenty-six dimensions is correct. The rabbis who say that the creation is an ongoing process are also right.


  1. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your letter.
    You have clearly put a lot of thought and work into your interesting book and blog, though much of it makes little real sense to me.
    You are right that many establishment lies can be produced by governments, by religion and by science. And that bits of truth are also produced by these.
    Distinguishing the truths can be difficult. I myself found a good place to start as being the 1600 Latin book of William Gilbert called De Magnete - but the two english translations produced to date are poor translations. I hope to produce an improved translation by April 2015 that will be referenced on my website
    Regards Vincent Wilmot.

  2. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your interesting second letter.
    I do see trying to unify different ideas as a generally worthy aim, as you clearly also do.
    But I also see most early human ideas as being based on human imagination, and so largely not compatible with more recent ideas regarding science facts based on actual observation and experiment on the actual universe.
    I do however think it can be useful sometimes to try applying even wild imagination to understanding science facts based on actual observation and experiment on the actual universe. Its usefulness can be chiefly in suggesting new observation or experiment that can give new facts and new technology.
    So I am hopeful that your ideas might point someone to new observation or experiment that might give some new facts and new technology or new ideas.
    Regards Vincent Wilmot