Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Full Range of Music

It's impossible to appreciate the full range of music if one has a tin ear or is tone deaf in a frequency or two.

In other places I said that Libras tend to go through life with blinders on. I meant that in terms of the collective senses and not just the eyes. I also said that Isaac was a Libra and he was the tone setter for the sidereal age of Aries, approx. 2100 BCE – to sometime during the life of Jesus. And I pointed out that the book of kabballah called The Zohar says that Isaac was a harsh judge. Traditionally, the image for this house is of the statue of justice with scales or balances in one hand, but this is also the mind of the 8 to 9-year-old and the psyche is childish. Maybe the quote from Jack Nicholson is somewhat appropriate here: "You can't handle the truth" (at least not in totality).

What you become depends upon your focus. The proverb, "As a man so thinketh so is he" comes into play. I would say also that the better the mind is organized, reflecting the world as it truly is, the higher the intelligence. And high degrees of performance do not necessarily indicate intelligence; if they did we would all strive to become idiot savants. Carrying this out further, one thing all of us need to keep in mind is that you become and how you operate in your day to day determinations and judgments depends upon your focus, and at base root this first step of your innermost focus is akin to your own cornerstone; think of it as a first step in a long line of theoretical logic and realize that if any step of logic is incorrect in a string, everything after that becomes more wrong.

The spirit of Isaac produced the thinking process that resulted in the Jewish Torah. The system of sacred law was a work in progress (largely) up until the completion of the Babylonian Talmud, sometime after Mohammed came on the scene. Today there are still refinements but as a general rule they are minor adjustments.

Obviously a judge thinks enough of himself to believe that he can make judgments concerning people and situations. Childish or not, this attitude is a very necessary component in the make-up of human civilization. But this way can cause one with a set of deficient background data to think that he knows, when, in fact, he doesn't. And it is also problematic in that, if his base focus excludes related information the outcome of judgment can be skewed. Plus, we need to add: by the very nature of Law there can be no one pure. If a policeman were to observe you and I in our daily routines (without us knowing he was there) he would find a few misdemeanors and perhaps a felony or two every week. Rabbis will openly tell you that for a person to follow the Torah is impossible.


After the period of the Libra leadership Jesus the Capricorn came along. Every sidereal age comes in a beginning tailored to alleviate a problem that grew up toward the end of the last one. He brought a cure of sorts that added something while allowing for, still, a religious primacy to be afforded for the category of Sacred Torah. The problem of Torah carried out is that being under the law could mean being ever at fault. And, as the following gnostic passage indirectly relates, when you get in a category the definition will come as it excludes aspects of the wider truth and reality. Also, the defining spirit of the box will force you to accept the bad with the good; it'll restrict and limit your freedom and the choices that you may decide to make. (Which is basically okay for the childish mind; they want others to take the responsibilities while they may complain and gripe like little children.) The reactions to any constrictive philosophy are endemic in nature: what goes up must come down; for every positive there is a negative.

From The Testimony of Truth: "As for the Pharisees and the scribes, it is they who belong to the Archons who have authority [over them].

"For no one who is under the law will be able to look up to the truth for they will not be able to serve two masters. For the defilement of the law is manifest; but undefilement belongs to the light."

As I said in my book, most of the physical maladies mentioned in the new testament were probably psychosomatic, brought about by the people living in an atmosphere of harsh judgment, of others and themselves: if you "believed" you were guilty you may exact punishments upon yourself, but when Jesus presented the doctrine of the forgiveness of sin, if you "believed" you were forgiven then there was no need to punish yourself.

I find the basis to be amazingly wrong; this whole mess of the leadership of the white archon (of fear) beginning with Aries at about 4,200 BCE and ending with Capricorn at the beginning of the month of Aquarius can be summed up with the phrase, "If you ask the wrong questions it becomes nigh on impossible to get the right answers." Small minded and childish systems of naming, pigeonholing and labeling are easy to adhere to for the immature mind but they do a terrible disservice: while they had power to exert themselves during the periods of their rule and could force the rest of us to believe it or else, there was no place for amorphous change. With Jesus this is true also: its either (barn) this, or it is (barn) that, defined, fixated, unchangeable and set in stone with no compromise (I'll beat you up first).

Now take a look at the swirling atom, or our own solar system; the galaxies are ever in motion as is the blood in your own veins. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE THAT IS PERMANENT!

The reality of your life is like this: you may be a fireman, for example, but you aren't that – even in the years of your active employment – all the time. In fact, the majority of your time is spent in other activities than what your work requires. Rather than the small-minded box definition of what you are, there are many other descriptive terms that could be applied to you as well and they would be just as valid. And as far as the law goes, the mature mind KNOWS what is right and what is wrong. It is only the unlettered and less intelligent, or those that hold themselves back to an easier (professionally dumb and stupid) level to deal with in life. The normal rest of us should not have to suffer for the three or four kids in class that are of lesser abilities.

I have to think that there is a deeper level of this: behind it is a fear of having to learn because learning requires a period of adjustment in order to incorporate the new data; it hurts to find out that you are wrong (and admit it) and then comes the discomfort of changing yourself to make yourself more correct. But the standard, believing monotheist doesn't have to do this: he is right no matter what.

The answer that Jesus provided was wrong too but it went down a different path of wrong. It involved Capricorn trips to fantasy land using belief as an escape from a tortuous existence. (We're looking at a result of torture-programming and the Stockholm syndrome here.) His was a fractured personality, even in the face of the true God of oneness. Statements involved with not letting one hand know what the other is doing are indicative of darkness, not light. "In my father's house are many mansions" is another showing divisionism, and if that's not enough how about, "I bring a sword of division?" At the least this is a multi-faceted being but with that comes many separated parts. At the least this is Dissociated identity disorder and at the worst we are looking at Schizophrenia. I take it that it was the latter, but controlled enough to become a figurehead for a religion that extolled mental illness, much as tribal man usually views the crazy man as having a spirit from God. Actually there is another category, that of a schizophrenegenic, that probably fits, in that these are the rare kinds of people who can actually cause others to hallucinate and see things that aren't really there.

So in the face of what I perceive to be wrong, how should we conduct ourselves? This starts with a self-evident declaration: In the overall scheme of things we are as insignificant as an ant. To put on a cloak of arrogance and think that the actual creator of the universe would heed anything about us is pure blasphemy. And in the same mindset is that of the less able among us who latch onto some religion or philosophy and, thereby, think they know all that they need. Your blessings mean very little and your curses mean (perhaps) even less. Your systems of categorization are contrived lies made up so as to make a (true and real) very complicated universe conform to your notions of how it all should be so as to serve you and your childish mind. But a good place to start is with each other: be ready to extend to each other the freedom-to-be in all dealings that you are able. We all need to take each other as we appear to be, moment to moment, at face value without stuffing the other guy in some block definition. And give room for improvement; there is none of us that are the same as when we made our last mistake.

In conversations with believers I find that they will always try to drag us into how they define things. In the Navy once I said to a Libra, Christian sailor that carbon dating shows the bible to full of beans (I had not learned the alternate explanations related to the infant in the womb at that time) but he countered with, "Okay, so that's what you believe." I didn't get the tactic at first. It took me years to figure out that in this case "belief" is not the right word. It is a misrepresentation because radiocarbon dating can be checked, tested, proved, compared and verified – but you can't do any of that with some guy walking on water. About five years ago I tried this explanation on another Christian, Libra man. He made a face of displeasure as he held his hands out, palms down, in a symbolic act of trying to push the distasteful information down. From this I came away thinking that (once again) truth and reality do not matter to the monotheistic believer. Everything is a continuous stream of tactics designed for them to not to have any reason to learn anything else. Everything is a game, they live within a lie so as to make it seem that they win and you lose. The know-everything arrogance is a ploy they use so as to be parasites sucking off of you; you get stuck in a position of having to prove yourself right (while they don't have to prove anything) and when you do they may adopt what you have it but only after handing out much grief and insulting arguments; the game is that it is they who stand in superiority, behaving as the establishment Morlocks do: hanging back in their caves, sucking in real people and then devouring all they have while (usually) misunderstanding and getting all they gain wrong. Real and normal people have nothing to gain in this lopsided, unfair game. It is you who will take the responsibility of change upon your shoulders; in that way the lower grades of humanity can rise without having to actually learn (and take on the pain and discomfort of change).

The most important point of my overall presentation has to do with the resurrection of temple observances conducted at sacred sites. The spiritual matrix of mankind has many tactics that it can use to prevent change. If what I have to offer does become more widespread there is no doubt that any and all of their tools will be used against it. As an example, they will bribe and (or) blackmail their whoreagents that will do or say anything they are ordered to do or say, e.g., Paul of Tarsus. Then, down the line, if they can't out-and-out destroy it they will co-opt it and (or) corrupt it in any way they can. (I do fervently hope that temple observances that I recommend will allow for a milder, more understanding mindset between people. To come to the ancient understanding of Osiris means a wedding of science and religion. It's quite possible that the present-day human is unable to do this. But in opposition to this concern, however; it seems that I am surrounded by people that think they are, at least, like (and equal to) me, if not superior, while I must be a moron. In terms of Apocalypse (no, I still haven't given up hope for this; maybe I should) I certainly hope to organize a true weeding of the garden so all of this ilk will have the opportunity to prove their higher abilities (of course Samson knew he was going to die too; it's just that, out of his hatred and anger, he didn't give a damn). We've all heard the expression, "You can't get there from here;" perhaps by the use of the temple rites we will find an intermediate path that will allow us to actually "get there." Maybe the future will find people beyond permanent boxes of uncompromising branding. But in the meantime the normal is surrounded by parasites.

We all need to learn this: l am all those things you have called me, and I am none of those things you have called me.

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